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What Is Testosterone? – Facts About The Hormone

In every gym it is known as the “anabolic hormone”. But testosterone can do a lot more than just make your muscles grow. We’ll tell you what this hormone is all about.

Testosterone is a hormone that is naturally produced in the body in men, but also in women. It is involved in a wide variety of processes in the body. Among other things, it influences the body structure and development as well as blood formation.

In the sports industry, the hormone is known as what is known as “muscle growth hormone”. This is initially correct because testosterone has an anabolic effect in the body. It stimulates the protein metabolism and thus ensures better muscle growth.

However, to get faster results while exercising, testosterone abuse is not a solution. Because with an additional testosterone supplement, the body’s own production of the hormone is automatically reduced. This balancing mechanism ensures that there is no excess hormone in the body.

5 tips to boost your testosterone

The suspicion of a testosterone deficiency or the desire for rapid muscle growth should by no means lead to uncontrolled supplementation. There are various testosterone cures, such as taking testosterone tablets, however, such measures should always be discussed with a doctor.

Testosterone can also be stabilized or even increased by natural means. We have put together 5 effective tips for you:

Healthy fats

The consumption of good fats, such as nuts or avocados, also promotes a healthy testosterone balance.

Get enough sleep

Getting enough sleep is important for a stable testosterone balance. 


More testosterone is released during training. So if you are hardworking and do some sport every now and then, you are doing exactly the right thing. 

Vitamin D

Sufficient vitamin D contributes to the normal maintenance of muscle function. However, the sun shines less, especially in colder seasons. With  vitamin drops you secure liquid sun rays for your immune system. Simple application. For every everyday life.

Healthy Diet

Last but not least, we also recommend a healthy and balanced diet. In addition to your hormonal balance, this is essential for your general well-being. You should eat at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day.

Testosterone deficiency

As men get older, testosterone deficiency can develop. In younger years, however, a deficiency is very rare. The first symptoms usually appear between the ages of 40 and 50. Year of life. The first clues can be mood swings, sweating or decreased muscle strength. If you suspect a testosterone deficiency, we recommend that you consult a doctor for a testosterone test.

The effects of a testosterone deficiency vary and depend on individual living conditions. Hair loss, decreased muscle strength or a disorder of the libido can result from a deficiency.

Summary: What is Testosterone

  • Testosterone is an endogenous hormone that is produced in both men and women
  • The testosterone effect is versatile
  • It is involved in a wide variety of processes in the body. Among other things, it promotes protein metabolism.
  • A testosterone deficiency usually only occurs between the ages of 40 and 50. Year of life
  • Sufficient sleep, a healthy diet and exercise can stabilize the hormonal balance.
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