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What are supplements?

Supplements are used to supply nutrients to the body in addition to or even as a substitute for natural food. A large sub-category of supplements are dietary supplements, which are considered food according to European guidelines. Supplements or food supplements can be used in many ways and have numerous effects in the human body.

How can supplements be used?

To give you a better overview of the thousands of useful and less useful supplements, we have divided our presented products into different categories. In the following we present our subdivision and already go into more detail on some selected supplements. If you would like to find out more about individual products, you can do so on the respective category overview.

Supplements to increase performance

Performance enhancement supplements can, for example, increase your physical or mental performance enormously over a short or long period of time. Such food supplements are often helpful, especially for competitive athletes. An example of a performance enhancement supplement is the booster. Boosters usually consist of “stimulating” substances such as taurine or caffeine and are consumed shortly before a sporting activity.

Food supplements

Strictly speaking, all supplements are food supplements. In our sub-category dietary supplements, we would like to introduce you to specific products and substances that, for example, stimulate your metabolism or digestion. These supplements are quite difficult to categorize, which is why we chose this more general category.

Another component of dietary supplements are vitamins. Vitamins and minerals are involved in numerous processes in the human body.

Supplements for a better well-being

The supplements in this category will help you to increase your general well-being. This can be done, for example, by increasing the quality of your sleep.

Protein Powder & Shakes

Protein powder and different types of shakes can play a very different role in everyday food. While the protein shake is used to build muscle for some, it helps others to lose weight. That is why we have divided these two product types into their own category and can thus clearly present all types of shakes and protein powders to you.

Summary: Supplements

The topic of supplements is huge and so is the selection on the market. With our classification, we want to help you find the best supplements for your everyday life. If you have any questions about other supplements that we do not cover in our articles, please do not hesitate to contact us.