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Shred Diet: Lose Weight With The Cult Diet

Author: Anne Jonson

Diet & Nutrition Expert

The so-called shred diet promises to lose weight within six weeks without getting hungry. But is that really possible? And how well does the shred diet work in everyday life? We took a closer look at the concept behind the shred diet and explain it point by point.

The term shred means something like “to shred”. In this case, it is the stubborn love handles that should simply be “shredded” by the six-week diet. The diet innovation by doctor and bestselling author Ian K. Smith includes a metabolism concept that was developed on the basis of scientific studies and, according to Smith, should guarantee quick and long-term success – without going hungry! Sounds unbelievable? The doctor goes even further and promises: “6 weeks, 2 dress sizes, 1 sensation”. The shred diet is aimed in particular at people who have already lost weight, but who no longer want to drop the last pounds to their desired weight.

Since the publication of his book “SHRED – the successful diet without starvation”, which was only a few weeks later on the bestseller list of the “New York Times”, Ian Smith has been considered a weight loss expert, and he was even named by the US President Barack Obama appointed to the Health Council.

The principle of the shred diet

The success of the shred diet is based on eating four small dishes and snacks with precisely timed breaks of three to four hours instead of fewer large meals. Due to the constant constant supply of food, blood sugar and hormone levels remain constant throughout the day. In addition, the meals should be varied. The rule is: no drink and no food twice a day! The order of the dishes should also be different on the following day.

Another important cornerstone of Shred is a varied sports program. Smith recommends a 45-minute sports workout five times a week, ideally in a combination of endurance and strength training.

Shred diet: 6 weeks, 6 phases

The concept of the shred diet includes a tight, six-week nutrition and training plan that includes individual phases that build on each other with different focuses:

Week 1 – The departure: In the first week, four small meals are eaten to get used to it. There should be breaks of three to four hours in between.

Week 2 – The Challenge: In the second week, two of your daily meals should consist of soup, smoothies or protein shakes. The first challenge for the metabolism begins here, as significantly fewer calories are absorbed.

Week 3 – The Metamorphosis: In this week three of the four daily meals are already consumed in the form of soups, juices or smoothies. Thanks to the nutrient-rich meals, the body absorbs many vitamins and minerals, which is why you do not feel tired or tired despite the small amount of calories.

Week 4 – The upswing: In this phase you can already have two fixed meals again. Pasta, bread and rice are now also allowed again.

Week 5 – The Liberation: In the last four weeks, fat cells in particular should be broken down. Now there is a risk that toxins stored there will get into the blood. It is therefore essential to avoid any toxins such as nicotine and alcohol in the fifth week. Instead, drink tea or artichoke juice, for example.

Week 6 – The Triumph: Now you can treat yourself to more high-carbohydrate meals again. Soups or smoothies only have to be put on the table once a day.

At the end of the sixth week you can decide whether shredding has brought you the success you want or whether you want to extend your shred diet. In the latter case, however, you have to start again at week 1, as each of the phases builds on the previous week.

Summary: Shred Diet

Whether shred can be implemented for everyone seems questionable. The strict implementation of the program requires a fixed daily schedule, the right timing and sufficient preparation time. Some dishes have to be prepared the day before. With four different meals, this can be a big challenge for professionals or anyone with a family to support.

It is also doubtful whether you can actually lose two clothes sizes in the prescribed six weeks and whether such a rapid weight loss can last for a long time.

In general, however, the basic idea of the diet program cannot be dismissed out of hand, because it contains varied and nutrient-rich meals, which on the one hand ensure that the menu does not become boring and on the other hand regulate blood sugar and hormone levels. In addition, regular exercise is also an important step on the way to achieving your desired weight.

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