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Lose Weight With Green Tea: Tips About The Natural Diet

Author: Anne Jonson

Diet & Nutrition Expert

Have you tried everything, but the stubborn fat just won’t go away? Do you feel tired and want to finally see success? Then try to lose weight with green tea. Even if it sounds strange at first, several studies have proven this effect.

And it’s not just green tea that has many other positive effects on our bodies. For example, the caffeine it contains makes you perky. In this article we will introduce you to the essential functions of green tea and give you tips on how to prepare and best take it.

  • When making green tea, three things are important: the correct dosage, water temperature and steeping time. The rule is one teaspoon per cup and the water temperature should be between 80 – 85 ° C. In addition, you should not exceed a brewing time of 3 minutes.
  • Green tea not only supports you in losing weight, but also in many other situations, for example it prevents diseases or has the well-known anti-aging effect.
  • The combination of exercise and green tea has been shown to be particularly effective against excess fat. However, it is also important to consume green tea regularly.

Why is green tea healthy?

The cult drink, originally from China, is considered a gentle stimulant, healing drink and fountain of youth. It inhibits inflammation processes and protects our cells from free radicals through a high number of polyphenols, the so-called epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG).

Among other things, this antioxidant has a blood pressure and cholesterol-lowering effect. It also reduces fat absorption, thus lowering the absorption of carbohydrates in the digestive tract.

What you need to know about green tea

Before we give you tips on the optimal diet use of green tea, you should acquire some background information about this tea.

We have compiled the most important questions for you and answered them in the following section.

How to prepare green tea?

  1. Take a teaspoonful of green tea leaves. If you plan to make more than one cup of green tea, use 1 teaspoon of green tea leaves for each cup. So for 4 cups of tea you use 4 teaspoons of tea leaves.
  2. Now put the measured amount of tea leaves in a sieve and set them aside.
  3. A stainless steel pot or pan is best for heating the water. You can easily measure the optimal amount of water by filling your cup once and pouring it directly into the pot. Now temper the water to 80 ° C to 85 ° C. This is an important factor so that the active ingredients of the tea can develop ideally. The water heats up quickly, so be careful. If it does start to boil anyway, turn off the stove and let it cool down.
  4. Now place the sieve over or in the cup / vessel. If you use a sieve on top, note that this can also be completely covered with water.
  5. Now pour the hot water into the cup / vessel and let it steep for 1.5 – 3 minutes. The brewing time depends, among other things, on your preference. The longer the tea brews, the more intense and bitter it becomes, so it is advisable to have a spoon ready at the beginning and to taste a spoonful of tea every 30-45 seconds to find out the perfect brewing time. The maximum steeping time should not exceed 3 minutes, however, as the green tea is no longer edible due to the bitter substances.
  6. Now take out the sieve and put it aside. The finished tea can be sweetened with, for example, a teaspoon of honey. Milk is not used in green tea.
  7. Stir in the honey and let the tea cool for a few seconds. Now you can enjoy your cup of green tea.

Can I lose weight with green tea?

Green tea is considered an ideal diet supporter. Several studies show that green tea has a special role in burning fat. The fat killer supports the burning of existing fat tissue. It does this by converting food energy into stimulating body heat.

Such a process is called thermogenic. The substances improve the body’s metabolic rate and use extra calories.

In addition to the improved metabolism, the bitter substances in green tea, the catechins, also release heat and increase fat oxidation in the body.

This is also proven by the study by Chantré and Lairon. The effectiveness of a green tea extract was assessed. After 3 months of consumption, a weight reduction and abdominal girth of almost 5% each could be measured.

The consumption of green tea is particularly effective in combination with endurance sports. A 16 – week study showed a loss of 36.6% belly fat and a reduction of 27.1% in body weight.

Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG)

A study for nutritional research looked at the effects of epigallocatechin gallate, or “EGCG” for short. This antioxidant is found in high concentrations in green tea. It has been shown to reduce body fat gain by boosting fat burning and reducing the amount of food in the intestines.

Which green tea is the best fat burner?

In order to achieve the best possible result, not only one type of green tea should be consumed, but a combination of several types.

Mixtures with steamed Japanese green teas such as Sencha and Gyokuro are particularly recommended.

Besides those, Bancha is a great option when combined with matcha and benifuuki powder. An additional supplement would be the South African hoodia tea, which acts as an appetite suppressant. The balanced distribution throughout the day unleashes the efficiency of the fat killer.

Sencha tea
It has a very positive effect on the liver, cardiovascular and immune systems. In addition, the lipid metabolism was particularly stimulated.

Gyokuro tea
It improves the sugar metabolism and is also one of the more widely used natural remedies for kidney diseases.

Bancha tea
Obesity can also result from over-acidification of the body. This tea supports you in creating a more alkaline environment. It also helps you build a healthy intestinal flora and combats pathogenic intestinal fungi.

Is green tea powder, it has a very high amount of antioxidants and fights free radicals. In addition, the metabolism is stimulated and the basal metabolic rate increased.

Benifuuki powder
Has special bitter substances that promote cell metabolism and have a positive effect on the liver The powder has also proven to be a remedy for allergies.

Hoodia tea
This tea originally comes from the Kalahari Desert in South Africa and Namibia. It was taken on longer hunting trips or during famine. Not only is it the perfect appetite suppressant, but it has the property of being mood-enhancing.

Anti-aging effect

In Asia, the green tea business is not only flourishing in the food industry, but also in the cosmetics sector. Oral feeding of green tea has been shown to improve skin texture. 

In addition to the anti-aging effects, the skin’s own sun protection is increased.

Women between the ages of 35 and 60 drank a liter of green tea every day for twelve weeks.

The result was significant: skin moisture, protective function of the skin as well as its elasticity and density increased significantly. In addition, there was an improvement in texture, the skin less rough.

Anti-aging effect at a glance

  • 25% higher sun protection
  • 17% more moisture
  • 16% less rough
  • 12% higher protective function
  • 6% more density and elasticity

Green tea as an alternative to coffee

Green tea is not only healthy and helps you lose weight, but also helps you wake up. The caffeine it contains has an activating function. However, you will not feel the same effect as with coffee, since it also contains theanine.

This active ingredient weakens the caffeine slightly, so you are less nervous and jittery. Green tea therefore has less caffeine content than morning coffee, but still wakes you up.

Protects against diseases

The high number of EGCG acts as a powerful antioxidant and protects against free radicals in our body. Not only an improved immune system is possible, but also cardiovascular diseases or a stressed liver can be improved by, for example, “Sencha green tea”.

The drink also provides potential cancer prevention.

Improve cognitive skills

Studies have made the discovery that green tea has positive effects on the human brain. It improves the cognitive abilities, through a more effective networking of the different brain areas.

In particular, the tea improves the performance of the working memory, i.e. the working memory of the brain. Thus, there is the possibility to prevent psychiatric disorders such as dementia.

Does green tea have any side effects?

Basically, green tea has no negative effects on the liver. However, an overdose has an acutely toxic effect on the liver cells and can thus cause liver damage.

Green tea is not just green tea. There are different varieties and each type shines in a different area. Therefore, find out exactly what which plant does.

Another study found that regular consumption of green tea caused a higher risk of type 2 diabetes in the Asian population.

You must not combine green tea with foods that contain iron.
When enjoying this tea, it is important to ensure that a combination with a meal rich in iron is not recommended. Otherwise the highly concentrated antioxidants in green tea lose their effect and the body cannot absorb iron either.

Failure to observe this rule can lead to severe iron deficiency. Thus, when consuming meat, you should consider green vegetables such as broccoli and lettuce, beetroot as well as legumes; during and for a certain time after consumption; green tea should be avoided.

Lose weight with green tea: tips & tricks

In order to use the full power of green tea, we have a few tips here that will help you.

Read them through carefully and write them down if necessary. The times of intake could be particularly interesting for you.

Bags, leaves or capsules: how does green tea work best?

In order for a large amount of flavanols to be released in the tea, you should use leaves – not bags. Studies have shown that the amount of secondary plant substances increases the longer green tea is brewed. And with it the possibility that enjoyment will help you lose weight.

Buy good quality tea leaves
Studies showed that the number of flavanols increases the longer green tea is brewed. The best possible result was achieved with an infusion with 100 ° C hot water and a steeping time of 7 minutes.


Flavanols have a positive effect on our blood vessels and thus contribute to an improvement in cardiovascular function. At the same time, they increase the elasticity of our blood vessels and reduce the risk of high blood pressure.

The ideal brewing time from the studies though contradict the preparation recommendations for green tea. Which says: green tea should be brewed with 80 to 85 ° C hot water for a maximum of 3 minutes. This is because after 3 minutes a lot of bitter substances get into the tea and most of us can no longer enjoy it.

That is why we recommend that you keep the maximum duration of 3 minutes to enjoy the tea – otherwise it tastes too bitter and you could be tempted to sweeten it with sugar – which in turn reduces the slimming effect.

How much and when should you drink green tea?

It is recommended to drink a cup of green tea in the morning (Gyokuro), noon (Sencha) and in the evening (Bancha), taking into account that the tea should not be combined with food containing iron. Matcha should also be taken 2-3 times a week, which increases the basal metabolic rate, boosts the metabolism and eliminates free radicals.

In addition to the basic consumption, you can also carry out a 4 – week cure for liver activation and appetite suppressant. You can activate the liver with the particularly bitter green tea powder Benifuuki. You can also use the South African hoodia tea to reduce your appetite and improve your mood.

But don’t just drink green tea! Overdose can have side effects.


  • Supports in the diet
  • Anti-aging effect
  • Coffee substitute
  • Prevents diseases
  • Improves cognitive skills


  • Liver damage from overdose
  • Risk of type 2 diabetes increases in Asians
  • Consumption with meals containing iron destroys the antioxidant effect
  • Long steeping leads to bitter substances

Can I drink cold green tea for weight loss

If you don’t feel like having a warm tea, we can calm you down. Green tea can also be drunk cold and does not lose any of its beneficial properties. You can also use it to make ice cubes and enrich other drinks with it.

If you’re worried that you won’t use yours regularly and that it could break down as a result. You can also freeze the dry tea. However, you have to ensure that it is packed airtight. Otherwise it will go moldy after a few days after thawing.

Summary: Green Tea Diet

Green tea has many positive properties and supports our body in many different situations.

It is not only a diet supporter, but increases our resistance to diseases or prevents them. Thus the immune system is strengthened and has positive effects on cardiovascular problems, a stressed liver or for the prevention of cancer.

It also improves our cognitive abilities, especially our working memory, and creates better connections to brain areas. So it might be an interesting product to prevent dementia.

Another positive aspect is the alternative to coffee. Green tea not only contains caffeine and wakes you up, but also theanine. This active ingredient weakens the caffeine slightly and reduces the nervousness and restless sensation that coffee brings with it.

The anti-aging effect is also an interesting feature of green tea. The signs of aging of the skin can be prevented, but there is also a clearly positive difference in retrospect. The skin gains more elasticity, moisture and sun protection and rough areas become soft again.

All in all, it takes a little time to get used to the taste and the daily routine, but the result can definitely be seen.

In addition to consuming green tea, we also recommend exercising strength or endurance training in order to achieve your result faster and more efficiently.

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