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5 Fitness Myths Debunked

Fitness myths are widespread. In this post, we’ll clear up 5 common fitness myths and explain what it’s really like.

Situps help to lose weight on the stomach

“I only have to do sit-ups to lose weight on my stomach”

A misconception that many beginners still believe. Situps work your abs, that’s right. But that alone is not enough to get rid of the belly fat and expose your six pack.

In order to lose weight, you need a calorie deficit. This means that you have to consume fewer calories per day than you use up through training and exercise. So your body is forced to fall back on its energy stores, your love handles.

Now your body doesn’t just fall back on the love handles just because you’re doing situps. Unfortunately, you cannot influence where you lose weight first. In addition, sit-ups on their own only consume few calories.

Cardio workout for weight loss

“Cardio is the best way to lose weight”

Are you one of those people who can be seen for hours on the treadmill, stepper or stationary bike? Cardio is just one way to burn calories, and it has one major downside. You lose weight, but you also lose muscle mass. In the end you are thin and still not in shape.

The better way to lose weight is weight training. Because here you build muscles that give your body a beautiful shape. You also burn a lot of calories when doing strength training with weights or training forms such as HIIT. At the same time you build your muscles. These muscles automatically increase your daily calorie consumption even when you are not exercising.

Fat is only burned after 30 minutes

Fat only becomes fat after 30 minutes “Fat burning only begins after 30 minutes”

It is correct: Fats, like carbohydrates, are used as an energy source right at the beginning of exercise. Your body can use carbohydrates after a few seconds, while fats are only available after a few minutes. burned

Misunderstanding muscle growth

“The muscles grow during training”

In fact, during exercise, it looks like your muscles are growing. But what looks like growth is actually just increased blood flow to your muscles. The so-called pump effect.

Real muscle growth only begins once you have stimulated growth during training. Then your body needs enough proteins from which it can build new muscle mass. But that only happens if you give him some time to recover now. This principle is also called supercompensation.

Stretching makes muscles shrink

“By stretching your muscles shrink”

A myth that works as a welcome excuse for anyone who likes to skip the pre-workout warm-up. Stretching ensures better mobility and this in turn helps you to perform many exercises better. So you can train the desired muscle more specifically. That is why we recommend a short warm-up with dynamic stretching exercises before each training session.

It is correct: muscles that are stretched over a longer period of time of more than 30 seconds can then generate less force. Dynamic short and easy stretching warms up the muscles and prepares them for the load.

Summary: Fitness Myths

  • Sit-ups will work your abs, but they won’t help you lose weight on your abs.
  • Cardio burns calories, but it doesn’t help build muscle or get you in shape.
  • The fat burning starts right at the beginning of the training, it only takes a few minutes longer to provide sufficient energy.
  • Muscles don’t grow during training, but rather during the recovery phase.
  • Stretching makes you more flexible and easier to move.
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