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Are you tired of a crash diet like the pineapple or strawberry diet? Do you want to workout your body in a targeted manner? Then our guide for nutrition, fitness and health can help you. Find out what is really important when it comes to weight loss, muscle building and a healthy lifestyle! It offers you a large selection of topics with current and informative articles.

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Weight Loss

With the right diet, sufficient exercise and serenity, the figure you want! We explain to you the concept behind the most popular diets, introduce you to the best foods and products for your diet and show you which strategies and tips can help you lose weight successfully. Whether for muscle building, a low carb diet, for weight loss or for a specific diet: Here you will find your personal nutrition plan.


The latest food trends reach us every day via Instagram & other platforms. Every single diet has its own approach, different rules and products that land on the plate. But what is it exactly? We have dealt with the most popular nutrition trends and provide you with the most important information and practical tips for your everyday life.


Whether you are a fitness freak or a beginner when it comes to training, you will find a lot of information and tips on our website: How much protein should strength athletes eat? Why can’t I lose weight and build muscle at the same time? How do I correctly do the basic exercises like squats or deadlifts? We offer you detailed answers to these and many other questions based on scientific studies and expert opinions.

Fitness Equipment & Clothing

Which fitness tracker is right for me? How do I recognize a high quality treadmill? We have dealt intensively with the criteria and properties of good fitness products and show you what is important when it comes to it.