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How Does An Effective Workout Plan Look Like?

You can find many free workouts and training plans to imitate on the Internet. But what does a good training plan actually look like? What does it have to contain? We’ll tell you.

We could say that for the beginner any training is better than no training at all, but that would only be half the story. Because beginners in particular should train according to their level of training in order to avoid injuries.

However, if you train moderately as a beginner, the statement is still true. In the first weeks and months, beginners can celebrate successes even without a fixed plan. This is because your body adapts to the new loads very quickly at first.

As soon as you notice that there are no further successes, it is time for a fixed training plan. This helps you to structure your training, to improve further and to overcome plateaus.

Common mistakes in training plans

When you sign up for a gym membership, you often end up with an impersonal training plan. Mostly it is just a briefing on the various devices and a training recommendation, how often you should do which exercise.

Often there is no specific target with appropriate intermediate stations and individual exercises. The planning of your training units is also usually up to you.

No wonder that many customers simply feel left alone in the gym and do not manage to achieve their goal in the long term.

This is what a good training plan looks like

When creating your training plan, a good trainer not only pays attention to your goal of “losing weight” or “gaining weight”, but also defines it more precisely and makes it measurable. It also addresses your problem areas and weaknesses and makes sure that the training plan is designed so that it fits into your day.

Regardless of whether you want to lose weight or gain weight, train in addition to a certain sport or build muscle after an injury, it is usually always your goal to get “stronger”. It doesn’t have to have something to do with massive muscle growth.

For example, you have to train very differently for large muscles than for your strength endurance. Women in particular do not have to worry at all about getting large mountains of muscle from training with weights.

Of course, it cannot replace working with a personal trainer. But you can have a plan that adapts to your needs even without a trainer.


  • A good training plan is tailored to your goal.
  • It gives you structure and helps you to improve further.
  • A training plan should contain more than just a brief introduction.
  • Your training plan has to fit your everyday life.
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