Fitness Equipment

A healthy and well-formed body is the goal of many people. Nowadays, the majority of people pay attention to a balanced lifestyle and enough exercise to find a balance to everyday stress.


However, it is never too late to start exercising and keep your body fit! You do not necessarily need to register in the gym, because there are numerous fitness equipment available on the market for home use or for on the go. So that you don’t lose track of things, our comparison tables tell you what you should pay particular attention to. After all, you want to avoid that your fitness equipment breaks after a short time or does not meet your requirements.


In our well-stocked fitness category, we also compare products for children so that you can encourage athletic ambition and virtues such as discipline and endurance at an early stage. Regardless of whether you are a layman or a professional: Our analyzes provide you with important details so that most questions will be answered after reading the reports. Perhaps you are also considering starting a new sport and would like to find out about possible accessories in advance?

best jump ropes

Jump Rope: Test & Reviews

The skipping rope is still very popular with children and adults. Therefore, our team has seen various tests on the Internet. This resulted in a list of the best as well as ratings for length, handles, accessories and other passages. A good rope is characterized by an optimal balance between its own weight and flexibility. …

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best home gyms

Home Gym: Test & Reviews

The multi-gym appeals to several muscle groups such as the back, legs, arms and buttocks. For the best list of multi-gyms, our team of experts included various tests from the Internet and considered user weight, weight block, number of functions and much more. Best Home Gyms Questions to Consider Before Buying A Home Gym Design …

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