Fitness Clothing

In the fitness clothing section you will find out everything you need to know about your new clothing for the next training session. We’ll show you which clothing is best for which sport and what should definitely not be missing in your closet. We’ll also show you what you should pay attention to when buying.

best fitbit

Fitbit: Test & Reviews

Are you looking for a high-quality fitness tracker that will drive you to top athletic performance? Then you should take a look at the products from Fitbit, because they are market leaders in the field of fitness trackers. With these you can control not only your athletic performance, but almost anything else. Our Fitbit Recommendations …

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best running watches

Running Watch: Test & Reviews

While pulse measurement was only considered reliable in conjunction with a chest strap for a long time, the hand sensors on running watches were surprisingly accurate in external practical tests. The GPS guidance, however, can be expanded. The wirecutter (New York Times) had marathon runners and running coaches test different watches for 360 kilometers. Garmin, …

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best pedometers

Pedometer: Test & Reviews

The pedometer monitors the wearer’s daily physical activity and is very popular in the fitness sector. For our list of the best, our team checked various tests on the Internet and was therefore able to rate displays, data, synchronizations and other gadgets. Best Pedometers Questions to Consider Before Buying A Pedometer What is a Pedometer? …

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best gym bags

Gym Bag: Test & Reviews

The sporty drawstring bag has hardly changed since it was invented. However, some gym bags have been expanded to include an extra shoe compartment or a zip pocket and gym bags are also available in waterproof and a large selection of designs. The models that you see in our comparison table are all available in …

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best sports bags

Sports Bag: Test & Reviews

The sports bag is indispensable for athletes, offering space for drinks, clothing and shoes. For our list of the best, our team of experts examined various comparisons and tests on the Internet and included ratings for volume, material, straps and much more. Best Sports Bags Questions to Consider Before Buying A Gym Bag What is …

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best knee braces

Knee Brace: Test & Reviews

Whether promoting healing, preventive protection or pain relief: knee supports are in demand. The market offers many comparison winners with an attractive test rating. Not just an evaluation of study or analysis is enthusiastic. Use our comparison table – we have compared important tests. Best Knee Braces Questions to Consider Before Buying A Knee Brace …

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