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Yoga Bags: Test & Reviews

Author: Manuel Heitmann

Coach & Fitness Expert

Welcome to our great yoga bag review. Here we present you all of the yoga bags that we have tested. We have compiled detailed background information for you.

We want to make the purchase decision easier for you and help you find the best yoga bag for you.

You can also find answers to frequently asked questions in our guide. You will find important information on this page that you should definitely pay attention to if you want to buy a yoga bag.

Questions to Consider Before Buying A Yoga Bag

What is a yoga bag?

A yoga bag is a variant of the classic sports bag. Often the focus is on transporting the yoga mat, which is why the yoga bags adapt to the rolled up mat in their shape. This shows the practicality of the simple and colorful designed yoga bags that are available.

Thanks to its practical format, the yoga bag is the perfect means of transport to carry the mat and other items with you. The bags are often equipped with additional compartments and some features.

Our yoga bag test showed that many of these bags have adjustable straps and additional pockets. Secure locking systems ensure that the contents are not lost, regardless of whether the bag is carried in the trunk of the car, whether it is carried over the shoulder on the train or clamped on the luggage rack of the bicycle.

A yoga bag is a variant of the classic sports bag. Often the focus is on transporting the yoga mat, which is why the yoga bags adapt to the rolled up mat in their shape. This shows the practicality of the simple and colorful designed yoga bags that are available.

Thanks to its practical format, the yoga bag is the perfect means of transport to carry the mat and other items with you. The bags are often equipped with additional compartments and some features.

Our yoga bag test showed that many of these bags have adjustable straps and additional pockets. Secure locking systems ensure that the contents are not lost, regardless of whether the bag is carried in the trunk of the car, whether it is carried over the shoulder on the train or clamped on the luggage rack of the bicycle….

How does a yoga bag work?

The yoga bag works as a practical transport system, whereby there are two main variants. The roll-shaped yoga bag is particularly well-known because it stands out visually from the classic sports bags.

The yoga bags, which are similar to the design of the other sports bags, are less noticeable. Here, the yoga mat can usually be attached to the side using a special attachment. For this purpose, a clip fastener or a Velcro tape is attached to the outside of the bag.

The hard-wearing and flexible material can easily be pulled around the mat in the typical roll shape. If the size is right, that shouldn’t be a problem. Most of the yoga bags from the 2020 test are made of cotton or plastic materials such as nylon or polyester. In some cases, linen bags are also available, which underline the sustainability through their natural texture.

For the necessary comfort and easy handling, most yoga bags are equipped with carrying straps that can be adjusted in length.

In addition, the bags often have small and larger secondary compartments, often with locking systems. So you don’t lose your valuables if the bag is thrown in the trunk or falls on the way to the yoga studio.

Some of the yoga bags have a reinforced base. This gives you even more security, because no moisture can penetrate from below.

The yoga bag is an essential part of both the convinced yogis and the newbies. The roll-shaped bags in particular are very handy and show other people that you are passionate about yoga. As a portable yoga system, the mat is integrated almost immediately and can easily be taken with you. This works when traveling on vacation or on a weekend trip to see relatives. The yoga bag should of course not be missing on the trip to the yoga workshop. With its light weight, it hangs loosely over the shoulder so that you still have your hands free.

Practically, there is always the ideal yoga bag for the different formats of yoga mats, as our test shows. As with the mats, there are also pockets in various widths and lengths. When looking for the right yoga mat and the right yoga bag, you should be careful that the mats can have different sizes when rolled up. So it’s not just about the length when choosing the right bag. In addition to the size, the designs of the mat and bag can also be harmoniously coordinated.

Advantages & areas of application

As a transport and organization aid for the yoga mat, the yoga bags from the 2020 test are a practical solution. Whether it is the roll-shaped bag or the sports bag with Velcro or clip system, these two models offer enough space for the yoga mat on the one hand, and on the other hand you can also store the other accessories and yoga clothing here.

In case of doubt, the yoga bag should always be a little larger than the mat so that it fits perfectly and the material is not stressed too much. In this way the life of the yoga mat is significantly extended.

With a yoga mat bag you always have your mat with you, but you hardly notice the light weight. Carried over the shoulder or on the back, the hands remain free, so that it is no problem to go shopping after the yoga class. Unlike conventional bags, the yoga bag is tailored exactly to the size of the mat, and the strap can be adjusted to the individual size. This makes transport easier and offers a lot of security in many ways.

If you carry the yoga bag with you, you can do without another bag due to the additional compartments, because the wallet, keys, cell phone and other small items can also be safely stored in the means of transport.

If necessary, the yoga bag can also be used to carry other sporting goods, regardless of whether it is a wheel system or a sports bag with fastening clips. Such a yoga bag can even be used as a small travel bag. If you like, you can also clip the yoga mat onto it so that you don’t have to go without your yoga sessions on the weekend in the country or with friends.

What types of yoga bags are available?

In the yoga bag test we were able to discover a third carrying system in addition to the two main types: the carrying strap. First, however, we would like to take a closer look at the actual bags and check their advantages and disadvantages.

The various yoga bags are characterized by their practicality and long service life. They are specially tailored to this area of ​​application, but they can also be used for other routes if necessary. This distinguishes them from normal sports bags or from large shoulder bags that lack the special fastening elements or that are not suitable for the transport of yoga or exercise mats due to their shape.

The roll-shaped yoga bag shows at a glance that a rolled-up mat is being transported here. It is typically made of a thin but robust material such as cotton, linen or nylon. It is closed with a zipper or a drawstring at one end. The drawstring system has a certain resemblance to a duffel bag.

In many models, the shoulder strap can be adjusted, and there are sometimes useful extra compartments to store keys, cell phones and other small items. The larger roll-sized yoga bags also have some storage space to accommodate a drinking bottle, possibly light yoga clothing and a towel.

The disadvantage of these rolls is that they can only be used up to a certain mat width. Before choosing such a yoga bag, it is important to check the size.

The combined yoga and sports bags have a large main compartment that offers space for sports clothing, a towel and other things. Here, too, there are often additional compartments for valuables, which can be found more quickly thanks to the interior division. In these yoga sports bags, the mat is usually attached to the side or top. The yoga mat can be secured with straps, a Velcro fastener or clips so that it does not come off while on the move.

These yoga sports bags are mostly made of cotton, polyester or nylon, sometimes a mixture of these materials. Depending on the condition, the carrier bag can be waterproof. Although it offers more storage space, you are tempted to pack it full, so that the weight is significantly heavier overall. You can choose to carry the sports bag on two handles or on the shoulder strap.

The shoulder strap can be used as an alternative to the yoga bag and is used to simply carry the rolled up mat over your shoulder. It does not protect the yoga mat from external stresses, but is only designed to transport it. It holds the mat in place as a narrow band or a wider strap. These straps are often only suitable for a certain diameter of the rolled up yoga mat, and it is not protected from rain or other dangers.

What do I have to look out for when buying a yoga bag?

In order for the yoga bag to become a reliable, sporty companion, you should make sure that you choose the right size. Furthermore, it is important to correctly assess the way to the yoga or fitness studio or the environmental conditions. Anyone who often walks through the rain or is on the move through difficult terrain needs a dirt and water-repellent nylon bag. If, on the other hand, you go through the city or you always go by car, then a nice cotton bag with colorful embroidery is an option. This really makes something so that you can show off a little with it.

It is often useful to have a few extra pockets to stow your wallet and other small things. This way you can leave your handbag at home when you go to the yoga class.

Many beginners want a trendy yoga bag with a great look. The beauty of the accessories promotes motivation right from the start. Meditating in combination with physical exercises is particularly enjoyable when the yoga equipment fits together harmoniously. Decorative red and orange tones or soft light blue, everyone has the opportunity to choose the ideal equipment from the variety of yoga bags and other accessories.

But the yoga bags should not only look good, they should also meet functional requirements. To do this, you first have to think about what you always carry with you. The combination of yoga and sports bag is ideal for those who want to transport all of their yoga clothing and a few more. However, if you only take the mat and, if necessary, a drinking bottle, the cylindrical bag is sufficient.

There are a few things to check before you buy. The quality of the workmanship says something about the life of the bag and the care instructions provide information about the materials used and how best to clean it. A wide shoulder strap makes it easier to transport, which is particularly useful when the yoga bag offers a lot of storage space. The locking system should be robust and smooth-running, and it often makes sense to choose a water-repellent material.

Where is the best place to buy my yoga bag?

In sports shops and in special shops for yoga needs, you can get personal support from the sellers. They are happy to put together a complete set of equipment if you want to do yoga for the first time.

They also tell you what things you definitely need and what you can do without at first. In contrast to buying in a store, you are not persuaded to do anything when ordering online.

However, many Internet buyers feel overwhelmed by the glut of supply. Then a call to the service team of the online shop can help to find out about the suitability or the recommendations.

The functionality of the yoga bags from our test comparison is often not immediately apparent at first glance. Therefore, the explanations provided by the sellers are as useful as the detailed descriptions available on the internet. In order to directly compare those bags that are eligible, you can compare these products with one another on the Internet. This makes the purchase decision particularly easy.

The product features as well as the prices are clearly shown through the online comparison. On this basis, you can immediately see which yoga bag suits your individual needs. For some users, special features are important, for others the standard models are sufficient: The Internet lists the respective features and thus helps with the selection.


This practical comparison option makes ordering on the Internet much faster than buying in a store. You don’t have to visit several shops first, you can save a lot of time by browsing through the search engines or shopping portals. In addition, when shopping in the sports shop, there is a risk that the yoga bag you want is not available, so you have to come back in two weeks. When ordering online, you will be informed immediately about availability.

The only disadvantage of ordering online is that you don’t have the product right in front of you. So you can’t touch the material, and the screen display can cause slight falsifications of the color. However, if you don’t like the yoga bag, you can usually simply return it. You may have to go to the nearest post office for this, but depending on the shipping method, you can also have the return picked up.

Useful accessories

The yoga bag itself is seen as a kind of important accessory that can be used in yoga and, if necessary, in some other gymnastics or sports. As a further accessory to the yoga bag, the yoga mat must of course first be mentioned. It is indispensable for the various exercises, regardless of whether they are performed sitting, lying or standing. So that the mat and the bag fit together, you should pay close attention to the dimensions and, if necessary, read the recommendations of the manufacturer and seller.

In addition to the yoga bag and mat, you will need a few other parts for the yoga class in the studio or for the exercises at home. If possible, clothing should be soft and supple without pinching anywhere. Some like the wide yoga pants, others prefer the tight, flexible pants. There is also a wide range of tops for oversized shirts and slim tops.

Other yoga equipment includes a small towel and a water bottle. Depending on the yoga style, the towel is less used to wipe away sweat and more as a kind of cushion or support for certain exercises. The drinking bottle ensures that you drink enough. Because although yoga sometimes looks relatively relaxed, you shouldn’t forget to keep your body hydrated. The perfect yoga bag offers so much storage space that you can easily accommodate all of these utensils in it.

Yoga accessories include a few other extras in addition to the yoga bags and towels. There are special yoga blocks and straps that have been developed to facilitate or supplement the exercises. A meditation cushion and a special yoga blanket can also be used. Small elements such as eye pillows or massage rollers are not necessarily part of yoga, but in certain situations they have proven themselves due to their helpful functions.

The well-known brands provide some additional products for cleaning and maintaining the yoga bags and the mats. This allows the materials to be cleaned gently so that you don’t feel disturbed by the stains from the last time during yoga.

Yoga bag alternatives

The yoga bag was specially developed for the demands of yoga, but the previously used sports bags can of course still be used as an alternative today. However, the normal sports bags or backpacks usually do not offer enough space for the yoga mat. This protrudes at the top and can therefore be easily damaged. The mat is also not safe from rain if it is not completely shielded by the bag.

The already mentioned shoulder strap may be a solution for those who only have a short way to the yoga studio. It ensures that the mat stays rolled up and also allows you to carry your yoga equipment over your shoulder. This is a clear advantage over the simple straps that only hold the yoga mat in its rolled-up shape. Therefore, the simple straps or straps are only suitable for use at home, when the mat is put away after use.

Frequently Asked Questions: Yoga Bags

Do I really need a yoga bag?

You may be able to do without a yoga bag if you do the yoga exercises at home. However, if you go to the yoga studio regularly, you should not just throw the yoga mat loosely in the trunk or clamp it under your arm. The mat can suffer from such treatment. It is better to stow the roll mat in the pocket to save space and to be able to use both hands free during transport. You can do this with a shoulder strap.

Many yoga bags from the test can also be used for other occasions. This does not only apply to the sports yoga bags, where the mat is fixed on the outside. Such a multifunctional bag is definitely a sensible purchase.

How does the strap work on the yoga bag?

In many yoga bags, the shoulder strap has a length adjustment. So you can adjust the strap individually so that the bag doesn’t hit the back of your knees but also doesn’t offer too little space for your arm and shoulder. Some of the bags also have two longer straps that make it possible to shoulder the weight like a backpack.
With the yoga bags in roll form, removing the mat is particularly easy. Especially the models with a zipper on the long side can be opened quickly so that the yoga mat can be removed.

The very simple belt systems also serve as a backup for the rolled up yoga mat and as a carrying system. Operation is easy here too….

How to clean the yoga bag?

The care of the yoga bag depends on the material from which the means of transport is made. In general, it should be sufficient to wipe the bag every now and then with a dampened sponge or cloth. A soft brush can also help to remove small spots of dirt.

The cotton yoga bags can generally be washed in the washing machine. Before doing this, however, you should read the care instructions carefully so that the colors or any imprints do not fade. When the manufacturer states that the bag is “washable”, one should be careful and it is better to clean it by hand. Here, too, the tips on any impregnation or recommended care should be taken into account.

What about the sustainability principle with the yoga bags?

Those who are interested in yoga often orientate themselves towards an environmentally conscious and sustainable way of life. In connection with this philosophy, there are beautiful, regional products or bags with a fair trade seal, which are precisely tailored to the needs of yogis.

With the appropriate certificates, you are on the safe side if you rely on economically responsible production. The sustainability of the yoga accessories matches the holistic mindset that is stimulated in this area. The philosophy of yoga does not only refer to the concentration exercises and the balance figures, but also to the choice of yoga bag and clothing. Organically grown quality materials and social compatibility are therefore closely linked to the subject of yogis.

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