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Vibration Machine: Test & Reviews

Author: Manuel Heitmann

Coach & Fitness Expert

The vibration training promises quick effects in a short time. There are several studies that confirm muscle gain faster. A vibration plate is no magic device, but requires discipline and sweat. As our evaluation of customer reviews shows, those who exercise regularly and pay attention to their diet are the most successful. The instructions for use are often criticized. In addition to our recommendation for the best equipment, we have put together plenty of help and information in our guide texts for the right training.

Questions to Consider Before Buying A Vibration Machine

What is a Vibration Machine?

After a short inspection, comparison or juxtaposition, a vibration plate looks like an ordinary cross trainer in congruence. The differences are after the control and, compared to the cross trainer, for the most part inside. There, motors make the base of the plate vibrate. Depending on the model, there are also some setting functions. However, after an examination and in congruence, the use per se does not differ from other training devices. Even with a vibration plate, common exercises are used, which the sports equipment according to the sample, practical test and experiment should only reinforce.

How does a vibration machine work?

Inside a vibration plate there are several motors that can make the plate vibrate very precisely. These vibrations are transmitted to the user and his muscles during training. The vibrations try to compensate for this requirement by countermoving. According to the experiment, this process loads significantly more muscles than during normal training. Thus, even short training units, after a rehearsal in the context of a practical test, achieve maximum effect potential. However, it is a mistake to believe that you can lose weight with a vibrating plate without your own power. Even with vibration plates, users have to be active themselves in order to achieve results on the training surface.

The vibration plate can make the workout easier or shorter, but it cannot do all of the work. Staying fit without initiative remains a dream. Do a test yourself or even a test run on a disk and make a decision after a thorough inspection during testing.

Advantages & areas of application

A vibration plate with a training surface can be used wherever conventional training equipment is used. Many fitness studios have already discovered the vibration plates for themselves as part of a suitability test, product test and product test and are now offering the plate to their members. Studies and studies have shown that the advantages of a vibration plate can also be used at home. The greatest advantage of the vibration plates is the strain on the muscles, which humans, with a few exceptions, cannot consciously control. As a rule, only 60% of all muscles can be moved at will, according to a survey in a scientific study. The remaining muscles function automatically and above all regulate the stability of the body. According to an analysis, over 100 muscles are solely responsible for stabilizing the back.

With a vibration plate, all muscles are used, according to a survey in a product test due to the many vibrations during training. On the one hand, this ensures higher calorie consumption and, on the other hand, better definition of the body muscles. Compared to other sports equipment, training on the plate is somewhat more strenuous than on the classic route. Inexperienced people can work up a sweat after just a few minutes, according to a control during the aptitude test. However, this is not necessarily a disadvantage, but can be used much more as an advantage. 10 minutes of daily training on a vibration plate replace training units of around 30-60 minutes. With a vibration plate, everyone saves a lot of time considering the optimal use. According to the test results, this is of particular benefit to all people who have barely had time for an extensive fitness workout. Make an evaluation of the products yourself and do a vibration plate test to quickly choose a comparison winner! Comparison tables are recommended and helpful when making a purchase decision!

What types of vibration machines are available?

Vibration plates with a training surface are available in a wide range and therefore you have to weigh carefully and test which plate passes according to your own vibration plate test. In addition to the plate, classic models also have handles, which visually come close to the popular cross trainer. The advantage is that many different exercises, in comparison or side by side with a cross trainer, are possible on a vibration plate. Nevertheless, users are not only dependent on floor exercises. Some vibration plates with a test grade of “very good” also have a computer with an LCD display or come with an integrated Bluetooth speaker. The intensity of the vibration on the LCD display can be adjusted with the computer. This is similar to the menu on an elliptical machine. Useful information such as the duration of the training or the estimated calorie consumption can also be read on the LCD display in accordance with your own goals. A disadvantage, however, is the size. Some models are very powerful and cannot easily find a place in every apartment. In terms of price, the devices don’t exactly cut a good figure. High-quality models with an LCD display and with a test grade of “very good” can cost up to 3,000 euros.

Those who prefer to spend a little less will find an interesting alternative in simple vibration plates. These do not have any gadgets such as handles etc., but only consist of a simple plate and have no resemblance to the features of the other models. Such devices are available at a favorable price-performance ratio. However, this only allows exercises on the floor, such as push-ups or sit-ups. The desired effect is also achieved with this variant, in accordance with the expensive models with LCD display described so far. The small vibration plates are particularly recommended for those who are not yet sure whether the device should be used daily and continuously. However, if you have already gained some experience and are convinced of sports on vibration plates, you can invest a little more and buy a comparison winner from a vibration plate test!

What are oscillating vibratory machines?

Oscillating vibration plates, i.e. vibration plates that move back and forth, particularly address the transverse muscle parts. In evaluations and tests, they are often referred to as rocking plates, because those who do sports rock on an oscillating vibration plate rather than vibrating back and forth. In a personal vibration plate test, you can test this component and compare it with other models!

The movement is more natural because the user always shifts the weight from one leg to the other while walking and does not jump with both legs at the same time. Oscillating vibratory plates are therefore especially used for

and suitable for weight loss.
In general, a distinction is made between vertical vibrations, 3-D vibrations (triaxial) or oscillating vibrations (alternating sides). Different muscles can be addressed depending on the direction of movement. In the comparison table under the point “Special features” you can see the type of vibration movement with which the externally tested vibration plate works.

What do I have to look out for when buying a vibration machine?

When buying a vibration plate, your own needs and test reports play a major role. There is an individual model. Rather, it comes down to personal expectations. Inexpensive equipment is often sufficient for simple exercises. Anyone who is passionate about training and who has high demands on the functionality of the vibration plate should choose a device with additional features or a comparison winner in a vibration plate test.

The quality of every vibration plate is important because it is a not inconsiderable investment. Therefore, hasty purchases are to be avoided. Information about the quality of the workmanship and the materials used can be found in vibration plate tests.

Can I lose weight with a vibration machine?

Under the right conditions, a vibration plate can definitely help you lose weight. Compared to normal training, users consume significantly more calories when exercising, which can also result in increased weight loss. It is particularly important that the training takes place regularly, otherwise the project of losing weight cannot withstand. A few minutes of exercise on set days are far more effective than particularly intensive but one-off training. In addition, when losing weight, attention must be paid to proper nutrition in addition to training. Eat a balanced diet and avoid sweets and soft drinks as far as possible. Ultimately, even the best exercise won’t help if you add too many calories to your body.

If you want to lose weight with your vibrating plate, it is also important that you approach it with the right expectations. The devices cannot work miracles. They can only support you in your project. So don’t expect the pounds to drop after a few days. Especially in the beginning, the weight can even increase, as the body forms new muscles and muscle tissue is heavier than fat tissue. However, if you take your time and consistently exercise regularly over a longer period of time, you will notice after a few weeks that the body is significantly better defined. With proper nutrition, the weight also tumbles more and more over time. In addition, after the first difficult weeks, you will find that your training is getting easier every day. You will become better and better at losing weight over time. With a little routine it is easily possible to intensify the training without getting out of breath too quickly. This allows even greater successes to be celebrated.

So don’t put too much pressure on yourself, especially in the beginning, when dieting or exercising. Slowly approach your own personal pace and make losing weight a long-term task. It takes a little longer, but you get a lot more of it. If you continue training after you have reached your desired weight, this will allow you to stay slim and fit all your life.

Useful accessories

In order to be able to adapt your own vibration plate even better to individual needs, there is a large selection of suitable accessories. You will also find out if you compare different gadgets on the Internet. Mats, straps, support handles and pillows are particularly worth mentioning. With such things you can have your vibration plate individualized in every detail. Additional articles are useful for specific exercises depending on the sport.

Castors are also available for some vibration plates, with which the sports equipment can be moved very easily and without applying force. This is particularly useful if the vibration plate has to be taken out of the closet for training


Vibration Machine Alternatives

The classic cross trainer is still an alternative to training with a vibration plate. Although it demands a little more work from the user for the same results, the devices are available at significantly lower prices. Crosstrainers are often also easier to use. They are definitely a good place to start for anyone who has never exercised regularly. Anyone who has already gained experience with training on classic training equipment can cope with the vibrations of a new vibration plate noticeably faster and easier.

Exercising in a gym is less of an alternative than a supplement. Here you enjoy the advantage that you have a variety of devices to choose from and that you can also take advantage of the guidance of professional coaches. A good workout is always as varied as possible. Thus, many different body regions can be trained as possible, which also affects the body weight.

Unfortunately, there is no alternative to the vibration plate that could adequately emulate the same training effects. The already mentioned trampolines have a similar effect to a certain extent, but this fact is almost completely irrelevant for training. You will notice that when you compare the models with one another. So if you want to enjoy all the advantages of vibration plates during training, you can not avoid purchasing a suitable device.

Frequently Asked Questions: Vibration Machines

Which vibration Machine is suitable for osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is the breakdown of bones that can begin at the age of 30. It is also often responsible for later broken bones in old age. To counteract this, you can do a training session with a vibration plate. Due to the vibrations, this is particularly gentle and has a stimulating effect on the bones, joints and muscles. A vibration plate with a frequency of 30 to 35 Hertz or a vibration plate that is integrated in a fitness device is suitable for this.

How often should I use the vibration Machine?

The duration varies depending on the reason for the training: There are also other factors such as age, fitness, weight and endurance. For older people who suffer from osteoporosis, for example, 5 to 20 minutes of training per unit are sufficient. You can train 3 to 5 times a week.

When should I not use the vibration Machine?

The good thing about a vibrating plate is that it can be used by young to old. However, people who haven’t exercised in a long time should take the whole thing a little more slowly. In addition, pregnant women, epileptics, people with an artificial hip and patients with a cardiac pacemaker should ignore vibration training.

What does a vibration Machine do?

A vibration plate can be used in very different ways. E.g. as a whole body vibration, whereby the feet, calves and thighs are mainly trained. Individual parts of the body such as the upper and lower arms or legs are also happy to be observed: the muscles are gently stretched. The vibration plate is therefore an ideal addition to strength training and can be used as an effective massage.

How many hertz should a vibrating machine have?

A simple vibration training should start with a Hertz frequency of 30 to 35 Hertz. If you are already more practiced in this training, you can also increase the frequency. Then 40 Hertz is the best choice. Some devices also offer 60 and more Hertz, which are especially recommended for professionals.

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