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Sports Shoes: Test & Reviews

Author: Manuel Heitmann

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 Our excellent consumer portal has selected the best dumbbells based on external tests and our evaluation of customer reviews. As it turned out, the round classics are the most popular. Good workmanship, easy changing of the panes and a comfortable grip are important.

Questions to Consider Before Buying Sports Shoes

What are sports shoes?

When running, jogging or walking in particular, the feet bear the greatest strain during sport.

The right shoes are then responsible for the fact that the feet can be significantly relieved and, for example, no pain or problems with your own feet are to be expected even after a strenuous day with a lot of sport.

Sports shoes have not only developed significantly in recent years, but the demand from users in the market has also continued to increase.

Today, almost every well-known manufacturer of high-quality shoes has corresponding models on offer and would like to consciously address the large target group.

In addition to the look, the shoes have also changed significantly in terms of functionality, because modern soles and elaborate concepts for effective suspension are simply standard in most models today. The modern sports shoes of today are ultimately true marvels of modern development.

How do sports shoes work?

The principle behind a sports shoe is usually very simple, but of course also very effective. Basically, the numerous models on the market hardly differ from the classic shoes, which of course should not be missing in society.

The only difference: The shoes are of course optimized for the high loads and demands of sports and fulfill their actual function here. Because, among other things, the joints have to be relieved so that they are not damaged when running or long walks.

With a soft padding and a specially optimized sole, most models do this really well. Another important point in modern shoes is the binding, because they hold the foot securely in place.

Advantages & areas of application

The main advantages are in terms of comfort, because the shoes are also very well suited for continuous use. The soft padding and the high-quality sole offer the best support for the wearer and user during sports.

Another advantage is the large selection of different models, which differ mainly in their appearance. Colorful colors, eye-catching patterns and more are available here for every requirement.

The areas of application are divided into the private and the professional area, because here the sports shoes are of course used particularly often. It has long since ceased to be the case that modern shoes are actually only used for sports; rather, the shoes are now almost universally applicable.

Precisely because of the high level of comfort and the pleasant wearing properties, the shoes can be seen again and again in everyday life and are very popular with users.

What types of sports shoes are available?

In general, the type of sports shoes on the market is much smaller than it appears at first glance. The sports shoes test shows this again and again, because among other things, the numerous models differ mainly in their appearance. However, there are of course some differences. These are particularly evident in their suitability for different sports.

Whether football, tennis or classic jogging, the right sports shoe is available for almost every sport today. There are also some differences between the sexes, because of course there are precisely optimized and suitable sports shoes for everyday use on the market today for women, men and children.

How are sports shoes tested?

The sports shoe test is used especially with the large selection on the market today. Because the sports shoe test then ensures that you can get a good overview here.

Of course, a comprehensive comparison plays a very important role here. To ensure this, various factors and points are used in the sports shoe test. In the following paragraph you should find out which aspects these are in the sports shoe test.


The quality plays a very important role in the sports shoe test. After all, the shoe is subject to high loads in everyday use. In the sports shoe test, the general quality in combination with the selection of the materials and the processing of the materials is examined in detail.

The consequences of the sports shoe test are of course very simple, because the better the quality, the better the rating for the corresponding shoes.


Another very important point is functionality. If the shoes are easy to put on and take off, for example, through a wide opening, this is positive in the sports shoe test. The same applies if the laces can be tied comfortably and hold them well in everyday life.

All of these are points and aspects that ensure a good rating in the sports shoe test. However, it can of course also happen that the models cannot convince in the test, in which case a devaluation takes place.

What do I have to look out for when buying sports shoes?

When buying the new sports shoes, many users are completely overwhelmed due to the very large selection. Because, of course, some models can be recognized directly in the optics, which certainly meet your own requirements, but it becomes more difficult when it comes to functionality and of course comfort.

So that even as a layperson in this large and broad area, you still have the opportunity to quickly find the right sports shoes for your own demands and needs, we present the important aspects that play a major role in the selection and which ones You should definitely pay attention: Nothing stands in the way of the successful and quick selection of the new sports shoes.


Among other things, the right size naturally plays a very important role. Because both a shoe that is too small and one that is too big lead to significant restrictions in use. While the shoes that are too small naturally squeeze, the user slides back and forth in the shoes that are too large and a secure hold is no longer guaranteed. If possible, you should check directly on site whether the shoe really fits in the desired size, or whether another choice should be made here.


Another important point is of course comfort. After all, the new sports shoes should be used directly and for a long time in order to offer the necessary comfort, you should take a close look at the purchase here.

Both the padding and the sole are very important for comfort. You should make sure that the sole is adapted to the respective wearer so that the corresponding comfort can really be guaranteed.

Where is the best place to buy my sports shoes?

If you can no longer do without the comfort and the impressive appearance that modern sports shoes can offer you on the market today, you are of course welcome to choose the right models, taking into account the points mentioned and with the help of the sports shoes test.

As a customer looking for the right shoes, you generally have the choice of where and how you want to process your purchase. Because sohowl on the Internet in the online shops as well as in the shops on site, the sports shoes of the well-known and large manufacturers are available to you.

Both when buying over the Internet and when shopping directly in a local shop, you as a customer can look forward to advantages, but at the same time may have to accept disadvantages. In the following, we would like to briefly introduce you to which points speak for which variant and what is the right choice for your purchase of the new sports shoes.

If your taste is a bit unusual or if you want a different model, apart from the classic and simple variants, there is often no way around the Internet. Because the online shops that offer you a very large selection of sports shoes usually have significantly more models in their range than is the case in local shops. As a customer, you benefit from a very large selection on the Internet that you will certainly not find on site.

However, this is not only useful in the case mentioned, if you have a somewhat unusual taste, but also in another case that you might be familiar with from everyday life when buying new shoes. Because many people nowadays have big feet. In general, this is of course not a problem in the first place, but it can quickly become a problem when buying and looking for new shoes.

The problem is actually not the general availability, because most manufacturers, especially the well-known companies and brands, are aware of this fact today and offer most sports shoes in very large sizes for this very reason.

However, the demand here is of course much lower, which is why the sports shoes in the larger sizes are unfortunately not available in many local shops.

Here again, buying over the Internet is in demand, because here the sizes are available in a much more extensive selection. As a customer, you not only have the opportunity to buy comfortable shoes in the right size, but you can also develop your choice and taste completely freely. Most large retailers, such as Deichmann, also offer high discounts in the online shop with a suitable voucher.

If you as a customer have found the right sports shoes in the large selection on the market, you would of course like to make the purchase as easy as possible. If you also attach great importance to this point, you should again decide to purchase over the Internet in one of the numerous online shops.

Because here you benefit from very good service and simple and very fast processing. Thanks to the modern logistics of most providers and online shops, it usually only takes a few days until you can receive the new sports shoes at your front door.

At the same time, you as a customer have another and very great advantage with every order over the Internet, which can play a major role in the decision for the right variant. Because of course, even with a careful and actually suitable selection of the new shoes, it can happen again and again that they no longer meet your own requirements after the purchase or that they are uncomfortable and uncomfortable when worn for a long time, for example.

As a customer, you usually only notice this after the shoes have been delivered to you and after you hold them in your hand. In this case, of course, you would like a quick and easy return, which, however, can always be a bit more difficult in a local shop and is often associated with a lot of effort. However, it looks very different if you have ordered your new shoes directly over the Internet.

Because as a customer you always have a statutory right of withdrawal, which is always available to you with every purchase. This is always there for you with a term of 14 days, starting from receipt of the delivery, and can of course be used in the cases mentioned and in the event of problems with the delivery.

In this case, simply send the new sports shoes back to the supplier within the deadline, and you will usually get the money back within a few days.

And you have another advantage with the simple and fast processing, because the return shipment is usually kept particularly simple and fast so that you have as little effort as possible.

The provider will then usually take care of all the important steps and will also cover all costs for you. You will usually receive a label for shipping, with which you can then send the new sports shoes back directly and free of charge.

Good sports shoes are expensive, and of course this is especially true when you choose models and variants from the well-known manufacturers on the market. So it’s no big surprise that customers are always looking for the cheapest price and always try to save one or two euros when they buy. Even with these demands, buying over the Internet is exactly the right choice, because here you benefit from very good offers and very affordable prices.

With the models that cost well over one hundred euros and much more, this great advantage is of course particularly evident.

At the same time, of course, you also have much better options on the Internet to carry out a comprehensive comparison of the various offers from the numerous providers and online shops. For this you can not only become active yourself, but also use the relevant search engines and the specially optimized offers.

Because of course there are search engines today that search the Internet for you in search of the best and really cheapest offers. To do this, simply enter the keywords or the products you are looking for and within a short time you will receive a comprehensive result in which you can see the cheapest offers at a glance.


With just one more click, you as the user also have the option of ordering the new sports shoes directly over the Internet and having them delivered to your own front door.

Useful accessories

As a rule, the sports shoes are of course very often in daily use and are used accordingly often. You now know that shoes are not only used for reasons of comfort, but also for aesthetic reasons. With the right accessories, you ensure an optimal addition and then ensure that you can use the new sports shoes even more effectively. You will find out below which accessories these are and what role they play in everyday life.

If you attach great importance to the appearance, the alternative shoelaces as practical accessories for the sports shoes are perhaps a good choice. Of course, as a rule, all models that are available on the market for you as a customer today already include the laces, but these are rather simple models.

Colors like black and white are available here and are mostly used. Many users are looking for more color in life and want to set a color accent with their sports shoes.

This is of course no longer a problem, because the shoelaces are available in a very large selection and in almost every color on the market today for interested customers. In addition, the laces are very cheap and available both in specialist shops and on the Internet and can be purchased here for a few euros.

Another practical accessory that is especially available and popular with sports shoes are the soles, which are inserted directly into the sports shoes. On the one hand, these should provide more comfort by significantly cushioning the step when running, jogging and sprinting, for example.

The soft padding ensures that the foot is significantly relieved, especially on long journeys and frequent use, and that there is no need to fear pain in the evening, for example.

Another big advantage is especially the case if you have ordered your new sports shoes on the Internet, for example, and they are, contrary to expectations, slightly too big. In this case, it is then possible with the soles to reduce the free space in the shoes again, thereby preventing slipping.

Sport Shoes Alternatives

Whether for personal taste or for practical reasons, the sports shoes are not always the right choice. The reasons for a rejection of the shoes in different situations are of course many and varied, but this fact is of course no longer a major problem, especially today.

Because of course you as a customer will find a very large selection of suitable alternatives on the market, which are also the good choice for perfect use in everyday life. In the following, you will find out which alternatives these are and which advantages they offer.

If you use the sports shoes not only for the actual sport, you of course have a very large selection. Because today the sports shoes are a fashionable accessory on the market that also looks very good in everyday life. At the same time, of course, comfort also plays a very important role. But of course you don’t have to go directly to the actual sports shoes to benefit from these advantages.

There are modern sneakers on the market today that can score with the same advantages. Because the modern sneakers from well-known brands and manufacturers are on the one hand not only very modern, but above all very comfortable. Even walking for a long time without any problems is not a problem at all.

And the sneakers on the market also have another great advantage, because unlike the sports shoes, they can be used in different areas without any problems. Because while the classic sports shoes are mainly used in leisure time and, of course, also during sport, the situation is very different with high-quality sneakers.

The models have an elegant and high-quality look, which is actually very well suited for use at work. In combination with a casual leisure appearance, the sneakers in the right color and with the right choice are also accepted in a rather fine and upscale environment and can be worn here without problems.

How to treat your sports shoes correctly

Basically, it doesn’t matter whether you have decided to buy the new sports shoes in a local shop or have decided to buy the new shoes directly over the Internet in one of the numerous online shops, because of course you will probably hardly be able to do so after buying them waiting to test the new shoes for the first time and experience the high level of comfort.

And when you then hold the shoes in your hands, you are definitely tempted to put them on straight away and run the first lap with them. However, this is not a good choice, because first you should take a few steps so that the shoes meet the high demands both from you and from the point of view of everyday use. In the following, we would like to briefly introduce you to the steps involved.

Step 1

Pre-treat the materials appropriately

The shoes on the market today are made of very high quality and robust materials, but of course you should still take good care of them so that the shoes can meet all requirements and are in very good condition even after a few weeks and months of daily use . The treatment of the materials in this first and very important step is very important and at the same time very simple. Because in most shops directly on site there are corresponding sprays, which are ideally suited for this purpose. The entire surface of the new sports shoes is generously sprayed with this spray, then the shoes only have to dry and the treatment of the materials is immediately completed. It couldn’t be easier or faster.

Step 1

Break in the shoes

The best and most extensive fitting of the new sports shoes actually doesn’t help much, because the comfort and fit change significantly over the course of use. In this case, you should make sure that the new shoes offer the best comfort and really adapt to your own feet with a thorough break-in. Among other things, you should really challenge the shoes here, use in different areas and environments is a very good choice. Among other things, it is recommended for you as a user to run a bit faster with your shoes. Here you also have the opportunity to test the actual comfort.

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