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Running Shorts: Test & Reviews

Author: Manuel Heitmann

Coach & Fitness Expert

Those who like to be active in sports will most likely have running shorts in their closet. But when it comes to running shorts, there is a large selection: Which is the best in the test? It can be difficult to weigh up! In the following we would like to give you more information about running shorts. A wide variety of models have been compared and tested in an external test.

Questions to Consider Before Buying A Running Short

What is a running short?

As the name suggests, running shorts are suitable for sporty running or jogging. The cut and material of running shorts should create optimal training conditions for the runner. With so many running shorts to choose from, buying the most suitable running shorts for the runner can be difficult. A suitability test in the form of a fitting before buying would be ideal.

What types of running shorts are available?

There is a large selection of running shorts for both men and women, the main differences being in length or width. A comparison of long and short sports pants shows that the long version is the best choice for the cool season. The short version, on the other hand, is suitable for warmer temperatures or indoor training.

When juxtaposing long and short sports trousers, it is noticeable that the shorter versions are both tight-fitting and slightly wider. The long variant is always close-fitting, otherwise the run could be hindered.

Information on the leading manufacturers

There are many suppliers of running shorts. The similarity is amazing, but there is no trace of congruence or agreement! Therefore you have to compare the whole offer in a test.

The evaluation of an externally made product test shows that the most popular brands are Nike, Odlo, Gore, Airtracks and Skins. Running shorts from Skins came off as the best running shorts in a test comparison table.

How are running shorts tested?

Comparison portals buy different models for a running shorts test and test them in a test run. Various criteria are observed in such an experiment. Among other things, the material is subjected to an analysis in the test. In the test there is a broad control of the function and material of running shorts.

Three criteria for comparison

Especially with such a large range, it is essential to compare different running trousers in a test. In a product test, an attempt is made to find a comparison winner based on various criteria. Important criteria in the test are material, fit and equipment.

  • The material should ideally be breathable.
  • When it comes to the fit, experts recommend tight-fitting sportswear, as only then can it be really breathable.
  • The equipment, for example in the form of a zipper pocket, can make running shorts even more practical. It quickly becomes clear that when trying out running trousers, a trial in the form of a practical test is inevitable.

Common flaws and weaknesses

When surveying previous customer opinions, the most common defects in running shorts are poorly processed material, a not true-to-size fit, the fabric, the transparency of some running shorts and faulty processing.

Nevertheless, we would like to inform you at this point that you can avoid such defects by trying them on before buying and examining the running shorts, for example by assessing the material. The comparison of different models is also important at this point.

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