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Running Shoes: Test & Reviews

Author: Manuel Heitmann

Coach & Fitness Expert

In terms of looks, the running shoes have improved significantly over the past few years. The simple and simple models have become real design objects in today’s households. This has gone so far today that many people are really eager to build their own, albeit small, collection of running shoes.

Questions to Consider Before Buying A Dumbbell

What are running shoes?

For many people, sport is a good opportunity to recover from the stress of everyday life and work, and running or jogging is certainly one of the most popular options. In order to be able to achieve the best support and results, the right equipment plays a very important role, especially the shoes.

As a rule, the athletes here rely on special running shoes to ensure the best comfort and support. This is especially true when running, because the stress on the joints is immense. In the long run, this can not only be very exhausting, but also cause discomfort and health problems. The shoes have a special padding and a specially adapted sole, which relieve the joints while running.

How do running shoes work?

The principle of a running shoe is on the one hand very simple, but on the other hand the principle is also really ingenious. In general, the shoes hardly differ from other variants on the market, the closest relatives are certainly the classic sneakers.

The task of the running shoe is to guarantee the runner optimal support when practicing the sport, to achieve the best results and at the same time to keep the comfort as high as possible. The running shoes are of course completely closed and thus offer effective protection against external influences and a secure hold thanks to the firm binding with laces. The shoes are usually made of a breathable material on the surface to ensure that the air can continue to circulate while running.

A special feature and technical masterpiece at the same time, however, are usually the soles of modern running shoes. On the one hand, these offer very good feedback on any surface and thus maximum control even in difficult conditions and at high speeds, but on the other hand they should also relieve the joints and bones of the runner during sport.

Because the entire weight rests on these two elements when running, and this can be very strenuous, especially in the long run. With a soft and slightly springy sole, the shoes offer optimal conditions to still relieve the joints and make walking easier.

A large part of the energy that is generated with every step while running is absorbed directly by the sole with the right running shoe and passed on to the ground. As a rule, great emphasis is placed on weight in the production of running shoes.

The modern shoes of the well-known brands are accordingly light today and only put minimal weight on the foot.

Advantages & areas of application

The modern running shoe can primarily score with numerous advantages and has delighted users on the market for many years. One of the greatest advantages and one of the important reasons why many users decide to use special running shoes for sports and running is certainly the high level of comfort.

Because in combination with the soft padding and the special sole, the modern running shoes offer the wearer the best support and maximum performance with every use. Everyday use is also no problem for the running shoes, because of course you can also run very comfortably on the shoes when shopping, walking or working.

In terms of looks, the running shoes have improved significantly in recent years. The simple and simple models have become real design objects in today’s households. Today this has gone so far that many people are really eager to build their own, albeit small, collection of running shoes. With the great variety on the market, this is really possible, because there are countless different designs and looks to choose from.

From the simple and simple variant in black and white to the colorful and eye-catching design in a light green or a striking orange, the selection could hardly be greater, both the well-known brands and the less well-known manufacturers are increasingly focusing on the Optics and ensure impressive results here.

Both in professional and in private sports and of course especially when running, the running shoes are of course usually used most often. This is where the advantages mentioned come into their own; in these areas of application, the athletes mainly rely on the high-quality and comfortable variants of the well-known manufacturers and brands.

In the private sector, however, the running shoes have another great advantage, because here the shoes have become a popular companion in everyday life.

The combination of an attractive look and high wearing comfort play a very important role here and ensures that running shoes are a must today in leisure and everyday life.

What types of Running Shoes are available?

If you look around the market as a customer, you will quickly find that there is a very large selection to be found here and that it actually leaves nothing to be desired. Here, the models and variants are not only available in different designs, but above all the technology used plays a very important role in buying the right shoes for effective and practical running.

The biggest differences of course relate to the soles used, especially today. At the same time, these have the greatest influence on comfort and actual use. The soles differ in technology and in the variations, among other things there are models with a large and powerful profile. Among other things, this ensures better grip and grip when running on wet and slippery surfaces.

For the sake of completeness, the different designs and optics should of course also be mentioned here, because these represent a large part of the actual differences. Different colors, shapes and patterns are available here.

How are running shoes tested?

The running shoe test deals with the modern and, above all, the very popular models on the market. For a meaningful and clear assessment, the running shoe test draws on various factors and aspects, on the basis of which the assessment is then made.

This is particularly useful if you are insufficiently familiar with the subject of running shoes, but still want to have a suitable pair. In this case, the running shoe test is a very good indication of a suitable and appropriate choice. In the following, we would like to show you which points and factors play a major role in the running shoe test.

The quality of the materials and the workmanship play a very large role in the running shoe test. After all, the new running shoes should be able to withstand all the stresses and strains of everyday use without problems, and this is only possible with the appropriate quality. The running shoe test takes a particularly close look at the seams, and the general selection of high-quality materials is also considered here. The rating in the running shoe test is of course better, the better the quality.

Of course, the comfort or fit should not be missing in the running shoe test. Because this point has a very big influence on the actual evaluation in the running shoe test. The more comfortable the shoe is in the test and the more it can convince when worn in the running shoe test, the better the rating for the corresponding models on the market will of course be.

The price-performance ratio is another essential part of the final evaluation in the running shoe test. Because thanks to this point, all models have a good chance of an excellent rating and a corresponding recommendation in the running shoe test. Because the focus here is not only on general quality and equipment, but all these properties and performance are always compared in the running shoe test in relation to the actual price thanks to this point.

The running shoe test creates significantly more transparency.

What do I have to look out for when buying a dumbbell?

So that the shoes can ultimately meet the high demands of running, you should definitely consider a few points when buying and choosing.

A very important point is of course the comfort in combination with the general fit. Because the running shoes usually carry the entire weight even over a longer distance, especially when jogging the load is significantly higher. The shoes should be neither too small nor too big for this area and for this application, in the best case it is best to try out several different models to find your personal favorite.

You should of course also like the look and you should also take a close look at this when buying. Because of course you should also like to put on the shoes, and this is always the case if you also like them optically. The fact that the running shoes are available on the market in almost countless variants is of course very practical.

The right design should then also be found for your taste.

Information on leading manufacturers

Large brands and well-known manufacturers now occupy the largest part of the market and offer customers a particularly large selection. For a better overview, we would like to briefly introduce you to the seven leading manufacturers.


The company is one of the largest manufacturers of sportswear and co. On the market at all. Accordingly, the modern running shoes can of course also be found in the extensive range in different versions.


Asics offers comfortable and high-quality shoes for everyday use. The look also plays a very important role here, bright colors and eye-catching patterns are anything but rare here.


Of course, Puma should not be missing from this list. The company is active in both private and professional sports and the shoes offer optimal support for this.


Good running shoes at an affordable price – that’s Brooks’ claim. With their modern look and high wearing comfort, the shoes are the first and best choice for many.

New Balance

New Balance is a relatively young brand that now has many fans and is also very present in the area of running shoes with many models.


Today, Adidas is one of Nike’s biggest competitors and has a correspondingly large and solid position in the market. The high-quality shoes offer maximum comfort and an attractive look combined.


Even if Reebok is no longer as dominant in the market as it was in the past, you will of course also find numerous running shoes in good quality and with the usual elegant look.

Where is the best place to buy my running shoes?

If you too decide to do more sport and rely on modern running shoes for optimal support with every step, then you have a great advantage when buying today. Because you as a user can of course freely decide whether you would prefer to select, order and buy your new shoes in a specialist shop or in an online shop.

Because both on-site and online, you can expect both positive and negative aspects that make a choice more difficult for many users than it really should be. So that you do not suffer from this problem when looking for the right running shoes, the following article gives you a look at the advantages and disadvantages of shopping on site and on the Internet.

If you are price-conscious, but at the same time do not want to do without the good quality and excellent support from the high-quality running shoes of well-known brands and major manufacturers, the online shops are definitely the better choice for you.

Because here you not only expect new promotions and discounts, but also in general the chances of a real bargain are significantly greater here than is the case in most specialty stores on site. And you don’t even have to go to great lengths to find really good and cheap offers in the vast expanse of the Internet. Because if you wish, others will take over this complex and exhausting task for you on the Internet. The popular price search engines also work excellently in the area of ​​running shoes.

Simply enter the model you want and let the search run. In just a few seconds you will find the currently cheapest price and can complete the order with just a few clicks and with little effort. If you buy it in a local specialist shop, it looks very different, of course. Because here it is not only much more difficult to compare different offers, but you also usually have to expect higher prices for the models you are looking for.

The situation is similar when it comes to the selection of the numerous models and variations in the area of ​​running shoes, because here too the Internet is clearly ahead with its extensive range of products and shops. Because if you want to find exactly the right running shoes for your, perhaps somewhat unusual, taste, you are simply dependent on a large selection with different models.

Many specialty stores cannot meet this high, but very important requirement for logistical reasons alone, because the space on the shelves is clearly limited here. On the Internet and in the online shop, it looks very different for you as a customer, because a selection consisting of hundreds of models is anything but rare and certainly one of the great advantages of ordering over the Internet.

Incidentally, the chances on the Internet are of course also significantly greater for you if you are looking for an extraordinary shoe size. Because large shoes for women, small shoes for men and other cases can unfortunately only rarely be solved and found in a local specialist shop, so that usually only one order is possible here. The extraordinary sizes and variants are also available directly on the Internet and can be ordered with just one click. Shopping can hardly be easier or faster today.

The modern logistics and a well thought-out concept also make it possible for you today that you do not have to wait long for the long-awaited delivery of the new running shoes. In most online shops, the delivery time is only a few working days if you order on time, so you can wear the shoes for the first time and try them out while doing sports a short time after ordering.

And if, contrary to expectations, the new shoes do not fit you or the color suddenly no longer suits your taste, this is no problem at all when ordering on the Internet. As a customer and consumer, you always have a statutory right of withdrawal with a period of two weeks, which begins with the successful delivery to your door.

Within this period you can cancel the order and the contract with the provider and operator of the online shop without giving reasons, you then withdraw from the purchase. In this case you will of course get all of your money back for the purchase of the new running shoes and you can then go straight to the search for a better or different model. In many cases, shipping back to the provider is free of charge for you, which is now part of good customer service when ordering over the Internet.

All you have to do is prepare the package and post the return, and the provider will take care of the rest of the process.

Make sure that the running shoes fit correctly

If you too can hardly wait to use the new, high-quality running shoes to practice your sport, of course we don’t want to stand in your way. Nevertheless, as a user, you should make sure that you apply the following two steps so that the new shoes can really meet your own requirements and offer the best support while running.

Step 1

Today’s shoes consist of a modern mix of different materials, which on the one hand are very robust, but on the other hand also have to be properly cared for and protected. This is especially true for modern plastics, which are being used more and more today in the production of shoes. The advantages of these materials are of course obvious, because on the one hand they are very robust, on the other hand they are also very light and offer a very high level of comfort. However, moisture and rain are a major burden for this material, because moisture can accumulate here quickly and makes problem-free use very difficult. In order to avoid this problem, you should impregnate the entire surface before using the new shoes for the first time. Thanks to this, the shoes can then be used in any wind and weather without having to reckon with problems.

Step 2

When used for the first time, modern running shoes are usually a bit stiff and of course not yet optimally adapted to the wearer. This only comes with time and with the first movement. In order to get a good overview before the first professional application, you should complete a more or less short test round with the shoes. It is then also advisable to use the right shoes on different surfaces and to test them here. Stones, mud, dirt roads and more should be confronted with the shoes so that you are well prepared for all scenarios here.

Useful accessories

When running, of course, the running shoes generally offer optimal support straight from the factory in order to relieve the joints and optimize the results when running.


But of course there are still a lot of accessories on the market that you as an athlete and wearer of modern running shoes should not do without. We will now show you the indispensable parts from the area of ​​accessories and more so that you can make the use of your running shoes even more comfortable and individual.

Although the manufacturers usually already use special insoles inside the running shoes, these are not really the optimal choice for every user and for every runner. In addition, there are sometimes significant differences between the numerous variants, which should be taken into account when running. If you find out quickly after the first use that the included soles cannot provide the desired support or comfort, this is no longer a major problem today.

Both on the Internet and in specialist shops you will find a wide selection of alternative soles that can be easily inserted and used in running shoes. Different versions of the insoles are available for you and your running shoes, among other things they differ in hardness, in the choice of materials and above all in the general shape. There is an individual variant for every type of foot and run, if you wish you can of course also be advised on this topic.

Another practical part as an accessory plays more of a visual than a functional role. Because the laces of modern running shoes not only offer a simple and safe way to close the shoe effectively, but also take on an important and clear visual aspect in some models. If you also value this point in your running shoes or if you just want to add a color accent, you should consider buying the appropriate shoelaces in any color you like.

Of course, the laces are very cheap and therefore a simple and effective way to give the new running shoes an individual touch and to enhance them optically.

Running Shoes Alternatives

Unfortunately, the special models for running do not always meet the tastes of the users and the desired or suitable models are not always available here. As a rule, however, this should not be an obstacle in the search for a good shoe, because the market today is particularly diverse and ensures a wide variety that offers the right variant for every taste and every requirement. We would like to help you find the right shoe, even if the classic running shoe may not be the right variant for you. We are now introducing you to two good alternatives that leave a good impression both in sport and in everyday life and can immediately score with many advantages.

The first alternative is of course the classic sneaker. Here the selection is significantly larger, you can buy different models, sizes and designs without any problems. There is probably no other area on the shoe market today that is as diverse as classic sneakers.

These are of course optimized in terms of functionality and comfort with a view to practicing different types of sport and for this very reason, for example, have a special sole that can offer the best conditions, high comfort and maximum safety under different conditions. At the same time, with the sports shoes, of course, you also have the option of developing your appearance completely freely.

No matter whether on-site in a shop of your choice or on the Internet, from a simple shoe in plain black to a colorful version with a striking pattern, there is a suitable look for every taste.

Another suitable alternative for extensive use in everyday life, sport and work are the modern sneakers. These are enjoying increasing popularity today and have become an indispensable part of society for both men and women. Because on the one hand the shoes offer a very high level of comfort when wearing and also in the long term, but on the other hand they are also very modern and visually appealing. As an alternative to running shoes, the sneakers are of course more limited to optical aspects, because they are only suitable for running to a limited extent.

However, the sneakers are optimized for use in different scenarios, so they can be used in everyday leisure as well as in the professional environment.

How to take care of your running shoes?

Proper care plays a very important role in running shoes, especially when they are used regularly, because they should still be able to offer the comfort you are used to in a few months. Given the high loads that these shoes have to cope with again and again, this is of course a very high requirement. The following ten tips will help you with the optimal care so that you can enjoy your new running shoes for a long time.

Tip 1

In the event of a simple defect, of course, you don’t always have to throw away your own running shoes, for example if a small defect occurs. In any case, you should have the necessary repairs carried out by a real specialist to ensure good results.

Tip 2

The shoes adapt to your individual step and foot, and it should stay that way. For this very reason, you should definitely refrain from lending your own running shoes.

Tip 3

If possible, you should avoid slipping in and out of your own running shoes with closed laces, as this puts an unnecessary and very high load on the materials used.

Tip 4

When buying, you should make sure that the shoes fit very well and are neither too big nor too small. Because both variants cause increased stress on the shoes and can quickly cause clear marks and defects on the new shoes.

Tip 5

The manufacturers use special insoles for modern running shoes for more comfort and safety. However, these absorb a lot of sweat and dirt over time and should be cared for accordingly. Very practical: the soles can usually be exchanged or washed out with little effort.

Tip 6

Many running shoes today are so robust and stable that they can often be cleaned in the washing machine if desired and this treatment is not a problem at all. This is particularly useful for stubborn dirt.

Tip 7

After a run over hill and dale you should always remove the coarse dirt immediately. Because this soiling can then be wiped off without problems and with little effort.

Tip 8

Sweat in summer and regular use create unpleasant odors. So that the shoes don’t start to stink quickly, you should let them dry and ventilate in the fresh air if possible.

Tip 9

The shoes should not be exposed to harmful influences when you are not using them. This includes, for example, moisture, but permanent sunlight can also quickly leave traces and influence the visual impression of the new shoes.

Tip 10

As a rule, modern running shoes today are made of synthetic materials, which are on the one hand very robust, but should still be properly cared for. In this case, for example, you should completely impregnate the surface before using it for the first time.

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