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Resistance Bands: Test & Reviews

Author: Manuel Heitmann

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Welcome to our great Resistance Band review. Here we present you all of the Resistance Bands that we have tested. We have compiled detailed background information for you.

We want to make the purchase decision easier for you and help you find the best Resistance Band for you.

You can also find answers to frequently asked questions in our guide. You will find important information on this page that you should definitely pay attention to if you want to buy a Resistance Band.

The best-known exercise band on the market is undoubtedly Thera-Band, which has already become something of a synonym with the brand name. With over 1,000 reviews, the “original” is also one of the most popular latex straps on Amazon, but there is now stiff competition. Sets with different strengths are particularly popular. Our team used external tests to determine which exercise bands are the most popular and have proven themselves as a portable mini gym in practice.

Fitness - this is how body and mind stay healthy

Fitness not only strengthens the body, it also enables a better quality of life. The sporting activity has a liberating effect, helps you to relax and at the same time contributes to your own body being healthy and strong.

Fitness is possible with very simple exercises, but it can also be endurance, coordination and muscle training, and contain gymnastic or dance elements. Mental wellbeing is just as important as improving physical conditions.

Balance and harmony are the goal of fitness programs, while the effect is often positive in all areas. Those who keep fit are more efficient at work and in everyday life and can cope with stress and other stresses more easily.

The health aspect should of course not be overlooked. A little fitness a day or several times a week has an impact on the metabolism, the cardiovascular system and the muscles. This in turn often prevents a heart attack or excessive weight gain.

Fitness can basically take place anywhere, with or without auxiliary equipment. The exercise band is one of the space-saving and flexible variants that can be used anywhere. Fitness is often combined with a balanced diet so that an all-round program can take place that makes the body feel good.

The exercise options are to be adapted to your own needs. Depending on the type of sport, gender and age, there are very different or comparable ways to keep fit. Many fitness studios and sports clubs offer extensive development opportunities.

There is also increasing education that improves quality of life through nutrition and fitness. Endurance, coordination, responsiveness, strength and flexibility are strengthened, so that concentration and performance are also increased.

Fitness can prevent illnesses as well as help to recover from illnesses. Statistics even indicate that fitness is helpful in cancer therapy, e .g. if the lungs or intestines are affected.

On the other hand, the fact remains that obesity and a sedentary lifestyle can lead to serious diseases. It starts with simple back pain caused by poor posture or long periods of sitting and ends with heart and blood vessel diseases.

The great thing about the fitness program is the ease. Compared to pure strength training, which usually takes place on a weight bench or is strengthened with additional, often unhealthy supplements, fitness can be a very joint-friendly and joyful form of sporting activity, which can be strengthened or weakened in the powerful execution at your own discretion without losing effectiveness.

Questions to Consider Before Buying A Resistance Band

What are resistance bands?

When doing strength training and building muscle, it is important to address different muscle groups to different degrees. The exercises have to be varied so that the muscles are stressed again and again and the body does not get used to the execution of the training. If, on the other hand, monotonous processes are carried out, regardless of the amount of effort, the exercise becomes easier and easier, but muscle building is also interrupted.

Muscles have to be stimulated, preferably through the heavy use of individual parts. This is perfectly possible with an exercise band. Muscles also need resting phases in which the actual build-up takes place. The use of an exercise band can be used very individually and adapted to the respective training situation.

An exercise band is an elastic band that is available in various colors and is usually made of latex. The market also has latex-free variants for allergy sufferers.

Despite its effective effectiveness, the exercise band saves space, fits rolled up in one hand and can therefore be used at any time. The different models are available in sizes between 1 and 3 meters in length. The end of the tape can then be equipped with a handle or a loop. Some models are provided with a clip that allows the strap to be closed. The possible uses are all the more versatile.

The different colors indicate the degree of strength and resistance. The more firmly the exercise band is made, the stronger the resistance during use. Depending on the brand, the strengths vary between 4 and 8 different degrees.
The strength of the tape itself can also be changed individually by simply grasping the exercise tape for a shorter or longer time or using it as a double-gripped tape.

This is not only useful in strength training, but is also often used in rehabilitation and physiotherapy. Exercise bands have proven to be very efficient and effective after operations or for rebuilding various muscle groups. This is also due to the fact that this variant strengthens the body, but the joints are spared when used. Exercise bands are also used for warming up or for various stretching exercises. In this way, not only can strength training be completed, but stamina can also be strengthened.

Powder or talcum powder is usually used to maintain the exercise bands so that the models stay supple and training over a long period of time is possible. Since the exercise band is heavily used during powerful exercises, it must be correspondingly robust and tear-resistant.

How does a resistance band work?

Due to its material and tensile strength, the exercise band proves to be the ideal training device for at home or in the gym. Handy and practical, daily use can enrich life and create very different training methods. The exercise band can serve as a dumbbell replacement and build up the muscles in the arms, neck, shoulders and neck, strengthen the legs or be used for body stretching.

The exercise band is used with both hands or by attaching it to a stable surface. The effect takes place through the resistance and the use of your own body weight.

Since no heavy weights are used here, but a very powerful training is possible, the joints are spared and at the same time the motor skills and balance are improved. Gradually, muscles can be built up or the body can be kept fit with simple exercises. The load is low, the effect is great. The entire body is toned and weight is lost.

The actual functionality is based on simple methods. The material of the band is stretched through the use of various exercises, the resistance increases, the muscle strength must be increased. This allows force to be exerted on very specific areas.

Both beginners and professionals are equally addressed in order to incorporate the elastic band into their own training program. In competitive sports and soccer, the exercise band is just as much an accompanying piece of sports equipment as it is in physiotherapy.

By fixing the exercise band with the hand, foot, hip or on supporting objects or other equipment, not only different forces can be exerted, but the direction can also be changed. The body is strengthened in its sense of balance and mobility. The speed with which the tape is pulled means that several muscle groups are reached and used. Targeted exercises address, for example, the back, arm, leg, abdominal, shoulder or buttock muscles.

That makes the application very versatile. Women and men train different muscle parts and have different demands on the training result. Most of the time, a female body should be toned, lean and fit without building excessive muscle, while the male body aims for endurance, strength and muscle building.

In contrast, the buttocks, leg muscles, back and various problem areas are trained in a similar way. This can be done with very simple and gentle methods or as a complex, powerful and demanding exercise. In the same way, the use of an exercise band always remains a preventive measure for a healthy constitution, and can help against postural damage and chronic pain.

Each color represents a certain thickness of the drawstring. The way it works is based on progressive resistance. This means that the actual growth of the muscles only takes place when the stimulus is exerted and overloaded, while too little strain has no effect. With the increase in strength, muscle growth takes place, as the body feels compelled by the stimulus exercise to compensate for the physical strain and adapt the muscles to it.

With the progressive resistance a corresponding training is meant, which is gradually increased in the load. Very special exercises offer intensified physical training that works with resistance and obstacles while using your own physical strength and weight.

With the exercise band, all aspects are balanced by the elasticity and the material thickness, while the resistance can be increased further and further. Progressive resistance training is contrasted with exercises with variable resistance. Such are z. B. performed with a facia roll or an exercise ball.

Athletes use movement and specifically targeted resistance requirements with weights or the exercise band to prepare for the area of ​​sporting stress, including runners or soccer players. In the field of fitness and weight training, exercise bands are generally used to build up and strengthen the entire musculoskeletal system. The training is usually accompanied by fat loss and toning of the body parts, whereby a sense of balance and mobility are promoted.

With a view to the body structure and the functions of the muscles, it can be summarized that muscle fibers that are permanently activated do not continue to grow. Hypertrophy, i.e. the growth of muscle parts, on the other hand only takes place through stimulus and resistance. The entire body is then strengthened in the muscles, which in turn offers better protection for organs, joints, tendons and ligaments.

The so-called passive musculoskeletal system is never as capable of regeneration as the muscles themselves, which form the active musculoskeletal system. With stress and increasing age, the joints generally wear and tear, which can be limited somewhat with fitness and sport. The wear and tear of the joints will always have negative effects on life and everyday life and must therefore be reduced with preventive training methods. This can be implemented through muscle building and strength training with the exercise band, while the muscles built up through progressive resistance then also serve as insulation and buffer. Injuries can be prevented, while strengthened muscles always serve as protection.

Advantages & areas of application

The place of use is just as varied as the areas in which exercise bands are used. Training at home is ideal. The exercise band can be used just as well on the go, in the fresh air or in the fitness center. The handy and practical format allows it to be used even when traveling or on vacation. At the same time, the exercise band can be integrated into professional life and the lunch break can be restructured to improve performance.

The exercise band in training

In functional training in particular, exercise bands prove to be an efficient piece of sports equipment for improving coordination and muscle building.

What will gradually become apparent when using exercise bands in different resistance levels is not only improved posture and a strengthened body, but also the gain in willpower, performance, self-conquest and body control. Those who train daily will automatically get to know their own strength and limits so that they can learn more about themselves.

Mind and body are gradually brought into line with one another. Gradually, certain limits are also eliminated or exceeded, as strength and demands increase. This always has a positive effect on your own motivation and performance.

Your own willpower will be able to prove itself in many ways in life and show your own potential, which can be better used. Challenges and difficult situations can also be mastered much easier, while the athletic physique is an accompanying positive side effect.

Satisfaction with your own appearance promotes self-confidence and also brings a much confident demeanor. Combined with a balanced diet, your own health is also promoted.

When using an exercise band, the entire musculoskeletal system is always addressed, which in turn is helpful in physiotherapy and rehabilitation. The exercise tape has proven itself in these areas since the 1970s and was an American invention. The positive effect particularly concerned the strengthening of the muscles and improvement of the overall posture.

Training with exercise bands with different tensile strength lowers blood pressure, increases endurance, improves balance and stimulates the metabolism at the same time. A very efficient fitness training can be created from this combination.

The therapeutic effect

In the field of physiotherapy, the exercise band is usually supplemented with various accessories to make it a little easier to use. There are various foot straps, reinforced handles or door anchors and hooks with which the band can be attached.

In the therapeutic area, of course, mobility and flexibility are primarily to be strengthened. There are well-founded exercise programs with varied training, whereby the balance is then specifically improved with a trainer, often combined with other training equipment or a massage.

Here the exercise band is also used specifically for pain therapy. Discomfort in the back, shoulder, arms or legs is gradually eliminated with light-weight bands.

The exercise band is also used in the area of ​​various disabilities, whereby a model with very little pulling force is selected that strengthens attention, concentration and flexibility.

Exercise band for fat burning

Due to the excellent combination of exercise and muscle training, the exercise band naturally helps optimally with weight loss, can be used in conjunction with a diet or as a pure training aid for burning fat. Here more endurance training is tackled, whereby more calories are burned. The movement and the resistance caused by the exercise band increase consumption, so that fat reserves are broken down and at the same time the metabolism is stimulated in order to gain new energy.

The metabolism always needs energy for the effort and uses energy sources such as B. certain fatty acids, which are then converted into energy in the body. In order to start this transformation, a sequence of movements is necessary, which are operated with a lower energy expenditure. This in turn is possible with exercise bands in the low tensile force range. Here, training over a longer period of time is necessary, whereby it has been scientifically proven that the fat metabolism is involved in the supply of energy in the body through reserve deposits. If this is cranked, fat is burned faster. Each exercise is reinforced by the exercise band and can become more intense.

What types of resistance bands are available?

Beige resistance band
This is the easiest variant for beginners, the elderly, the disabled, children and for people with severe pain. The degree is often given as “extra easy”.

The beige tape brings 1 kilogram with 100 percent elongation, 1.5 kilograms with 200 percent elongation.

Yellow resistance band
The yellow color is indicated as “easy” and is ideal for beginners or for people who want to start again with sporting activity after an operation or injury break. The yellow ribbon is also ideal for seniors or children.

With a 100 percent stretch, 1.3 kilograms are achieved here, and 2 kilograms with 200 percent stretch.

Red resistance band:
Red stands for “medium” and is suitable for athletic people, beginners and advanced users. Women prefer the red or green ribbon, while men mostly resort to the stronger variants of blue or black color.

The effort is 1.7 kilograms with a 100 percent stretch, 2.5 kilograms when the band is stretched 200 percent.

Green resistance band
Advanced and professionals use the green ribbon with the indication “strong”. The average is reached here, the resistance is 2.1 kilograms with a stretch of 100 percent, with 2 when the double effect is achieved.

Medium strengths, such as the red, green and blue ribbons, are also excellent when you want to increase your strength. The flipping can then be maximized again and increase the resistance.

For the medium to strong ligaments, the body should be well trained and the athlete should be familiar with stretching and the warm-up phase.

Blue resistance band
The blue variant is indicated as “very strong” and is ideal for advanced and professionals. If you do a lot of sport, go to the gym several times a week or jog every day, you are well advised to buy such a model. The increase in strength is 2.6 kilograms with a 100 percent stretch and 3.9 kilograms when it is stretched 200 percent. The double laying of the exercise tape already reaches the strength of the professional and extra strong tapes.

Black resistance band
The black ribbon is “extra strong” and suitable for professionals and strength athletes. Anyone who trains a lot or does a daily training program can use the necessary elasticity for muscle training here. The force ratio is between 3.3 kilograms with 100 percent elongation and 4.6 kilograms with double folding.

Silver resistance band
“Ultra strong” is the silver bracelet, which is rather unsuitable for beginners, children and seniors. Stretching with this tape is difficult and comparable to heavier weights. The tensile force is between 4.6 and 6.9 kilograms per stretch.

The silver exercise band can be used in competitive sports or when accompanied by a trainer or physiotherapist. However, it is not recommended for home use.

Golden resistance band
It looks similar with the golden ribbon. This model is really of high resistance and only suitable for professionals and competitive athletes. It reaches maximum strength and is therefore very difficult to pull apart. The increase in strength can be up to 9.5 kilograms.

Other variants:
Some manufacturers offer a set of very specific colors that should be visually appealing. In the set, the assignment of colors is not so important. Most of the time, the necessary information for “light”, “medium”, “strong” and “ultra strong” is available.

In addition to the color, length and width also play a role, albeit a marginal one. The length is available between 1 and 3 meters. The width is usually around 15 centimeters, but it can also be wider. There are thick and narrow ribbons, which are then available in stores with the names Deuserband, Flossingband, Theraband and similar terms. The thickness of the exercise band also depends on the type of material. Most of the particularly tear-resistant models are made of latex or natural latex. There are also variants made of plastic, rubber, satin or rubber.

There are also differences in the ends of the exercise bands. These can be provided with loops or handles, making them easier to use. In addition, exercise bands can often be closed with a corresponding hook and extended in use.

The loop band or Deuserband has loops. Another variant is the suspension trainer, which is based on a similar principle. A carabiner is used here for attachment, while the band consists of two interlaced ropes and is similarly stretchable as an exercise band.

What do I have to look out for when buying a resistance band?

With a good exercise band, it is primarily important that it is tear-resistant, robust, made of good material and can be used in a variety of ways. The offers are numerous. Different models and colors refer to a certain variety of applications, which also differ from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Some sports equipment of this type are classic, others are improved by innovative ideas. The extensive range therefore contains exercise bands for very different requirements and tailored to the user. There are strengths and lengths for beginners, advanced and professionals, for children, young people, adults, for young and old people. That in turn doesn’t always make the selection easier. Nevertheless, certain criteria and characteristics can be observed.

Branded product
In order to ensure longevity and safe use, exercise bands from well-known manufacturers should be used when purchasing. These have proven themselves in practice and often also in the medical field and can then be purchased in different lengths and strengths as required.

Color and strength
Our exercise band test shows that the choice of color plays a significant role and should be adapted to your own body fitness, especially when used. The color is therefore less a question of taste, but rather refers to the required force.

It is not advisable to overestimate your own physical strength. The choice should be made carefully on an exercise band that both challenges the body but does not overwhelm it.

The color should also match the use itself. Light starches are better suited for pain therapy. Medium or stronger bands are useful for strength training.


The colors are classically uniform, but can also differ greatly with the numerous offers from different manufacturers. Where z. B. in the usual area the green ribbon stands for medium to strong resistance, some manufacturers offer the green color as a light exercise band. Certain design products have a completely different structure, in which the color is then irrelevant. Here, however, the information on the strength is available as a designation.

Length and width
Over the average range between 1 and 3 meters, there are also exercise bands for very special use, which then measure between 5 and 6 meters. These are well suited for rhythmic gymnastics, gymnastics or dance. The competition size is the 6 meter limit.

Material and elasticity
Most exercise bands are made of latex and thus offer optimal stretchability and flexibility with simultaneous tensile strength. The material is robust enough to do a very strong strength training and can be stretched accordingly and often.

If you have an allergic reaction to latex or want to use other materials, you can choose between rubber, rubber or flexible materials with a rubber insert.

Single tapes or set
If you want to train intensively with an exercise band in order to gradually increase your performance and specifically build muscle, you are usually better off with a set. These are offered in several degrees of strength, with the number of ribbons then varying between 3 and 8 pieces in different colors. The set then allows all tapes to be used in different ways. The increase in strength can also take place gradually.

As a single exercise band, the appropriate strength and quality of the product is important and can be used specifically for whole-body training.

Where is the best place to buy my resistance band?

Exercise bands from various manufacturers are available in specialist shops, in sports shops or on the Internet. Since only a small amount of advice is required for the purchase, ordering on the Internet is not only easier, but often also much cheaper.

Many dealers offer discounts and special prices because there are no costs for personnel and rent. In addition, there is more competition on the Internet due to the large number of offers, so that the goods are not only cheaper, but also have to be of high quality at the same time.

An order on the Internet is possible at any time, while delivery is quick and uncomplicated. The warranty claims are the same as in specialist shops, but the selection is considerably larger.

In turn, direct advice is possible in specialist shops. Most shops offer certain brands, so the range is a bit smaller. To do this, the goods must be in stock, which is not always the case.

Sports shops often combine direct shopping with additional offers on the Internet. The goods are described in detail and identified in terms of their advantages and properties.

What has proven itself in recent years are the customer opinions, which can be found under each product and indicate how the purchased goods have proven themselves in practice. This in turn leads to an even higher quality that retailers must ensure that they offer their goods under the best conditions.

Delivery is usually free of charge or with additional offers. A set of exercise bands can then be just as cheap as the individual band. The order can be exchanged at any time and saves time, money and effort when buying online.

Useful accessories

Many exercises with the exercise band take place lying down or in contact with the floor. Therefore, it makes sense to supplement the training with an exercise mat on which the exercises can then be carried out safely and easily.

In order to make the application more versatile, there are clips, hooks, anchors and buckles with which the exercise band can be attached better on the one hand, and can also be used as a closed model on the other. In addition, the training can be intensified with weights or balls.

For the transport of the exercise band, there are special zipped pockets in stores that are particularly space-saving, protect the exercise band from dirt and abrasion and are also stylish in design.

Resistance band alternatives

As an alternative to the exercise band, various sports equipment are available in stores that either complement the application or achieve a similar effect.

Instead of an exercise band, dumbbells or weights can be used at any time, but they do not have the stretching effect and versatility that an exercise band offers.

Even better is a suspension trainer, which makes training more versatile with loops and has established itself as a trend in many fitness studios. There are certain exercise programs that are specially designed for the suspension trainer. The exercises are increasingly aimed at full body and balance training, which takes place in connection with rope, loop and your own body weight. Similar to the exercise band, the resistance is also used here to build up the muscles. Additional balance training strengthens the deep muscles.

In addition to the exercise band, stability trainers, a top, a tilting or balance board, a ** trampoline ** or an exercise ball can be used. Here, coordination, balance and strength are specifically trained, and the mobilization of soft tissues and joints is improved.

A pull-up bar can also be optimally combined with an exercise band. The tape is wrapped around the bar and is used to intensify the various movements and pull-ups. The exercise band can also be used to stabilize and cushion the body.

Frequently Asked Questions: Resistance Bands

Is there a risk of injury when using an Resistance band?

Compared to other sporting activities with the same or a similar effect, the risk of injury with an exercise band is of course correspondingly low. The safety of use also goes hand in hand with the quality and brand of the product. Your own exercise band must also be well cared for and checked for any cracks or damage before use.

The material is often latex or a similar form of plastic or rubber. This makes the exercise band very robust and tear-resistant, but not safe from damage. Sharp-edged objects, whether shoes, jewelry or objects to which the exercise band is attached, can cause holes or tears.

Although the effort required is comparable to that of other fitness equipment, the resistance is controlled by the user and with their own body weight. This means that the risk of injury is extremely low and the effort required can be influenced at any time. Nevertheless, care should be taken to maintain a correct and straight posture and to be sufficiently warmed up for the training. Otherwise, the exertion of force can lead to distortions that can be felt in the muscles and limbs.

The exercise band should also not be used if the muscles are sore. Here the muscle fibers need a corresponding regeneration time.

What are the benefits of Resistance bands?

The exercise band has a clear advantage due to its space-saving shape, length, flexibility and great effectiveness. Targeted exercises can strengthen the overall condition, strengthen endurance, build muscles, improve balance and mobility.
Individual muscle areas can be worked on directly without the expense of expensive fitness equipment, while the effectiveness remains similar.

The exercise band can be used to train anywhere, and the body can be kept fit and healthy. Exercises can be intensified so that even more calories are burned. The exercise band also helps optimally with weight loss.

What should be considered when determining the length of a Resistance band?

The length basically determines the ability to fold, double or wrap the exercise band in another shape. This always increases the pulling force and thus the effort.
Exercise bands are available in lengths between 1 and 3 meters. Beginners, children and seniors do not need very long models, as the exercises are usually relatively easy and the pulling force does not necessarily have to be increased.

With the short straps between 1 and 1.5 meters, many exercises can be performed that can be performed not only with your own physical strength, but also with counterweights.

Longer models, on the other hand, can be better adapted to your own needs and can also be cut if the length is unfavorable. In addition, the exercise bands can then be made shorter or shorter to increase the elasticity.

The set usually contains different colors and lengths.

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