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Punching Bag: Test & Reviews

Author: Manuel Heitmann

Coach & Fitness Expert

You don’t always have the time and desire to go to a gym, but still want to reduce stress and work on your body? Then a punching bag might be the right solution. You can either hang it up at home or if you don’t have space, buy a standing punching bag that can be easily moved.

In our big punching bag test 2020 we will introduce you to the different types of punching bags and answer all your questions about punching bags. Including which filling material might be suitable for you, how much a punching bag costs and how big and heavy it should be at least.

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Quick Overview

  • You can buy a punching bag in different shapes. Among other things, you have the choice between hanging and standing punching bags.
  • You can choose between hard and soft fillings for your own punching bag. This means that you can choose between numerous fillings, such as leftover fabric or sand.
  • You can use a punching bag for every imaginable training session. But buyers often use it to reduce stress or for boxing or kickboxing training.

Best Punching Bags

Best canvas punching bag

The professional training device “Canvas” is a medium-sized, hanging punching bag that has been manufactured to a very high quality. Above all, the high-quality black canvas leather immediately catches the eye. In addition to its actual purpose as a training device, you can also use it as a decorative object in your home.

This punching bag has a height of 100 cm and a width of 30 cm. This means that it weighs 25 kg, which is mainly due to the felt and textile residue filling. Thanks to the successful combination of a medium-sized punching bag and the very well-rated filling of felt and textile scraps, this professional punching bag can only be recommended for every boxing enthusiast.

Best punching bag with stand

The “Pro Punching Stand” from Bad Company is a special variant of the boxing pear and impresses above all with its height-adjustable training insert. It can be used for kicks as well as for punch training and has a high quality boxing pear.

With the “Pro Punching Stand”, Bad Company has developed a medium-sized boxing stand (160 x 49 cm) that is not too heavy due to its fabric filling. The total weight of this training device is 30 kg.

Best punching bag for professionals

The “White Tiger” from Bad Company is a professional boxing set that not only supplies you with a punching bag but also the right boxing gloves. In addition, special attention was paid to quality when choosing the jacket material and high-quality canvas leather was used.

The medium-weight punching bag (25 kg) from Bad Company has a height of 100 cm and a width of 30 cm. It is also filled with felt and textile scraps by the manufacturer. When attaching the “White Tiger”, Bad Company also relies on a very resistant and stable suspension, consisting of a chain and snap hook.

Best punching bag set

With the “DG04”, ScSports has brought a punching bag set onto the market that is a perfect beginner’s set in the boxing sector. However, this box set can also be used by professionals, who hereby have a cost-effective alternative, with high quality standards, to the common punching bag models.

The DG04 from ScSports is a small punching bag with the dimensions 80 x 30 cm and a weight of 25 kg. This relatively high weight is achieved by filling with scraps of textile. The small punching bag from ScSports is ideal for every home and has a high-quality filling that is hard enough to complete regular punching bag training. The manufacturer also delivers the right gloves free of charge for this purpose.

Best punching bag for kids and teens

This youth boxing set consists of a punching bag, boxing gloves, boxing bandages and a matching bag and thus provides the perfect basis for starting training. The sack is made of synthetic leather. This is characterized by its durability and tear resistance.

The filling is made up of scraps of cotton fabric.
The nylon straps attached to the suspension as well as the steel rings and snap hooks ensure quick and easy, but safe assembly. The gloves included are 8 oz. The cotton bandages also protect the wrists.

Questions to Consider Before Buying Punching Bag

Are you considering buying a punching bag, but are a little overwhelmed with the selection and the various offers? Then you have come to the right place, because we explain to you what to look out for when buying punching bags.

What is a punching bag?

A punching bag, also known as a sandbag, is a training device that is used by boxers and other martial artists to train their punching and kicking technique.

Punch bags are usually cylindrical and have an outer skin made of leather, synthetic leather or nylon. They are either attached to the ceiling with a chain or rope, although there are also models that are attached to a stand.

Which punching bag is right for me?

Basically, when buying your own punching bag, you should make sure that it suits you. That means, you should ask yourself whether this punching bag corresponds to your wishes for a training, the design and the available space.

There is no right or wrong when choosing a punching bag! However, you should pay close attention to what demands you place on a punching bag and what level of training you are.

It is very important that you know exactly what your punching bag should be filled with and which type of punching bag suits your training needs. Because depending on your training goal, you should choose a different type of punching bag. Take a look at our list of the advantages and disadvantages of each type of punching bag.

You can also determine the design of your punching bag yourself. You have numerous options in terms of color, shape and material, as there are now a large number of suppliers with a large range of martial arts items. So let yourself be inspired and choose the right punching bag for you.

is a punching bag suitable for me?

In principle, a punching bag is suitable for everyone. No matter whether you are a woman, man or child, training with a punching bag has many positive effects on health.

When buying, however, you should pay attention to whether you are a beginner or a professional. We will explain what you should consider in the following.

Is the chosen punching bag suitable for beginners?

Have you just started boxing with the sandbag? Then you should consider the purchase criterion “suitable for beginners” before making your purchase.

This factor shows all punching bags that are suitable for use by a boxer in the early stages. This means that you can be sure that training with this punching bag will not overload your joints and that you can do a training that meets your athletic requirements.

Is the punching bag suitable for professionals?

With this factor, it is important to what extent the punching bag is suitable for use by a professional. That means how robust is the material, the filling, the fastening or the base?

Not every punching bag is intended for use by professional boxers. Above all, you should pay attention to how firm the filling is. The stronger this is, the more suitable it is for professionals, as it can compensate for large impact forces.

However, if the filling is very soft, e.g. B. if an inflatable punching bag is filled with air, it is not suitable for professionals. Training in this case is very ineffective and not fun for a professional.

What is the point of a punching bag training?

What does training with the punching bag bring you? There are a number of answers to this. Basically, however, it can be said that muscles, joints, etc. of your body are strengthened by this training. In addition, with an intensive punching bag training you can also reduce the aggression built up during the day.

Did you know boxing is a great way to relieve stress?
Internal aggression is reduced in a constructive and safe way. However, it is important that you wear the correct equipment so that you do not get injured and your boxing training actually remains harmless.

Training with a punching bag is like balm for body, mind and soul. You will not believe this? But this statement is absolutely true if you look at what you can achieve with your punching bag training.

With this training you can increase your physical performance enormously by strengthening your muscles, tendons, bones and joints.

This happens by adapting your body to the training on the punching bag. With every further training, for example, your muscle strength adapts more to the conditions of the resistance during the training hits on the punching bag and is thus stimulated to growth.

In addition, you can also let out all the emotions on your punching bag. For example, if you are in a bad mood or frustrated, you can quickly relax again with a punching bag training. Then the world looks completely different again.

You can also combine your training on the punching bag with running exercises.

This not only trains your punching power, but also improves your footwork and endurance at the same time. In addition, you will get a feeling for the distance to an imaginary opponent faster because you are constantly on the move.

What other boxing items are important for training on the punching bag?

When buying a punching bag, you should also make sure that you don’t just fixate on the boxing device itself. Because the use of boxing gloves is very important for the practice of this sport.

The reason for this is the high risk of injury if you start boxing without gloves. This risk can be minimized by using simple tools.

Once you’ve bought a punching bag, you’re good to go. That is the common opinion. However, this assumption is not entirely correct. Because in order to be able to do boxing training without injuries, it is advisable to buy other boxing items.

This includes boxing gloves, for example. A punching bag is in most cases characterized by a more or less hard punching bag filling, which can cause abrasions, for example. These can be prevented by using gloves when training on the punching bag.

Is there also a punching bag set with gloves?

You don’t just want to buy a punching bag, but also boxing gloves in a punching bag set? This is not a problem. There is a large selection of offers in which a punching bag is sold in combination with the matching boxing gloves.

Buying a punching bag is usually not enough to complete an efficient and, above all, injury-free training. Because the blows with the fist against the punching bag can lead to abrasions, contusions, bruises or even breaks in the wrist or shoulder. These injuries are mostly caused by the hardness of the sandbag.

Because of this, under no circumstances should you avoid the use of boxing gloves during boxing training. These gloves protect your hands, wrists and other parts of your body from damage to health.

Is a punching bag with a retro design also available?

You think a punching bag is a great invention, but they all look the same. It doesn’t have to be! Because there is now a large number of punch bags in retro design.
A punching bag is available in different materials. But maybe you want a very special punching bag that you can’t buy everywhere. Then a punching bag in a retro design is just right for you!

You can also buy your punching bag with the right gloves, which means you buy a punching bag set that not everyone has at home! So you not only have an optimal training device for at home, but also an eye-catcher in your apartment.

Are there punching bags in different colors?

Are punch bags only available in black? Not even close! If you decide to buy a punching bag, you have a wide range of colors. Because you can buy a punching bag in many different colors.

Often the decision for a punching bag as a training device has already been made, and the next question comes to mind. Which color actually suits my apartment, my wall color and my furnishings?

If this question has come to your mind, then we can calm you down. The reason for this is the large variety of colors in which you can purchase a punching bag.

These include colors such as red, blue, brown or white. The decision which color is the right one for your punching bag is up to you.

What material is a punching bag made of?

As with the colors, it is also possible to choose between different materials for the outer skin of a punching bag. You have the option of buying your punching bag in leather, synthetic leather, fabric or nylon.
With an inflatable punching bag it is also possible to purchase the outer skin in plastic.

Is the material of a punching bag very important when you buy this type of training device for at home? First of all, the answer to this question is yes! Because depending on the material, the longevity of your punching bag can be classified differently.

A plastic punching bag is not nearly as durable as a cowhide one. Therefore, you should pay close attention to which material you choose.

Would you like plastic or would you prefer cowhide or artificial leather for the cover of your punching bag? Or maybe a punching bag made of fabric or nylon? You have different options for this.

How is a punching bag filled?

Before you buy a punching bag, ask yourself which filling should you choose for it? Then we can tell you that you have many different options. However, ground rubber granulate as well as fabric scraps or textile scraps cut off particularly well here.

Many people assume that a punching bag is always filled with sand. However, since this sand filling can lead to a high risk of injury – including to the wrists – many choose alternative fillings for their punching bags.

In this list some possible fillings for a punching bag are listed:

  • Fabric scraps / textile scraps
  • Sawdust / wood chips
  • Ground rubber granulate
  • Small bits of paper
  • Rice, corn, cereals or legumes
  • Small animal litter
  • Hummus

However, a closer look at these fillings shows that they also each have their individual advantages and disadvantages for a punching bag filling.

How big should a punching bag be?

You can determine the size of your punching bag yourself. The decisive factors are your own size, what you want to train and your own preference. Nevertheless, the size of a sandbag should not be less than the guideline value of 100 cm, otherwise the striking surface will be too small.

The length of the punching bag depends on the sport you want to do with it.

You have decided to use a punching bag as a punching bag, but now you are wondering about the suitable length? Only you can answer this question yourself by asking yourself what you want to train with your sandbag.

This means that the right size can be determined depending on the training requirements and your own size. You should not go below a length of 100 cm, because then the striking surface will be too small for boxing and kicking exercises.

How heavy does a punching bag have to be?

When it comes to the severity of your punching bag, it basically depends on your own feelings. So do you prefer a lighter or heavier punching bag? You should also make sure that the weight of your punching bag is also suitable for your holder, e.g. B. is suitable on the ceiling.

There are different perspectives on the weight of a punching bag. In general, however, the opinion is that this should have a weight of 40 to 50 percent of your own body weight.

If this is not the case, this punching bag is possibly too light and tends to swing while the punch is executed. In extreme cases, this makes the training very ineffective. A heavy punching bag is suitable e.g. B. ideal for improving clout.

In addition, you should optimally adjust the weight of your punching bag to your holder. For example, if you have chosen a hanging punching bag variant, make sure that your blanket can also support the weight of your punching bag.

What is better? A standing or a hanging punching bag?

Depending on the objectives and training requirements, either a standing or hanging punching bag is more suitable to ensure optimal training success.

The place also plays a decisive role in this choice. If you have little space in your apartment, a punching bag is more suitable for placing it, as you can stow it away after training.

So if you want to train punching power and a quick reaction before counterattacks, a standing punching bag is the more suitable alternative for you. However, if speed is your priority training goal, then you should rather choose a hanging punching bag variant.

In addition, the space in your apartment plays a very important role when choosing your punching bag. Do you have a lot of space in your apartment so that you can always leave your punching bag hanging? Then the hanging version might be something for you.

If this is not the case, however, you should rather consider the standing option when making your purchase decision. Because you can stow this type of punching bag again later when you have finished your training. As a result, it does not take up any space in your apartment that you can use for other purposes.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. The reason for this is that depending on the training and objectives, a standing or hanging punching bag is more suitable. This means that before you want to answer this question, you should first consider what you want to achieve with your training.

What types of punching bags are there and which one is right for you?

When choosing a punching bag, there are basically different ways to look at:

  • Sandbag
  • Inflatable punching bag
  • Standing punching pear / corn pear / punching ball
  • Hanging punching ball / speed ball
  • Double end ball
  • Boxing dummy

Each of these types of punching bags has its own advantages and disadvantages.

The choice of punching bags depends on your own level of training and what you value in a punching bag. That’s why we want to help you in the next section to find the punching bag that is best for you.

For this we will introduce you to all types of punching bags – which are already listed above – in detail. In addition, we will show you the advantages and disadvantages of buying this product for each special shape of a punching bag.

Sandbag: Advantages & Disadvantages

A sandbag is an elongated training device that is optionally filled with sand, scraps of cloth or other materials and is usually attached to the ceiling. This makes it ideal for training your muscles and your condition!

The two words “punching bag” and “sandbag” are often used as synonyms. This means that in most cases, when people talk about punching bags, they mean a sandbag. In addition, with this variant it is possible to train and develop both your punching and kicking techniques.

However, it is not advisable to fill punching bags made entirely of sand. Because this filling makes this training device hard as stone, which puts excessive strain on the joints.

In addition, this filling has a further disadvantage, which is reflected in the weight of this training device. Due to the enormous weight of the sand filling, the holder of punching bags can be overstrained and possibly even break.

Inflatable punching bag: Advantages & Disadvantages

In addition to the common punching bags, such as a sandbag, there is also an inflatable version. This is made of plastic and is divided into two sections. The lower section, which stands on the ground, is filled with water. This means that the upper part, which is only filled with air, has a firm footing.

The advantage of this inflatable punching bag is that it is very soft and therefore suitable for training with children and beginners. In addition, when empty, it can be easily stowed in the apartment because you can fold it. Another advantage is the low price of this product.

However, this training device also has disadvantages. Because the stand filled with water is very impractical when it comes to transporting this punching bag. Therefore, the water should be drained off prior to transport.

Furthermore, the inflatable punching bag is less suitable for intensive, hard training because it offers only a low resistance.

The reason for this is the filling of air in the upper part of the punching bag. As a result, it often happens that the punching bag buckles very easily and thus a smooth training with the inflatable punching bag is not given. Professional boxers will not necessarily get their money’s worth here.

In addition to these disadvantages, the processing of the inflatable punching bag is also a major problem. This type of punching bag is only made of plastic. However, this material has only a short shelf life, which is why under certain circumstances the material can be damaged (e.g. a hole) if it is used very heavily.

It is also possible that the seams of the inflatable punching bag were not processed properly, which is why they can open over time. This allows the air to escape from the punching bag and the punching bag shows less and less resistance over time. This means that it is no longer suitable for training.

Standing punching pear / corn pear / punching ball: Advantages & Disadvantages

A standing boxing pear or corn pear is to be understood as a pear-shaped training device that is attached to a stick. This pear is often referred to as a punching ball.

If you decide on a standing punching bag in the shape of a punching pear or corn pear, numerous advantages await you. On the one hand, this piece of sports equipment is very easy to stow away as soon as you have finished your exercise program.

The boxing pear is not attached to the ceiling, but only stands on the floor and can be moved from place to place at any time.

With a punching pear you can learn to avoid counter attacks.
On the other hand, you can use it – as in reality – to rehearse your reaction and avoidance of counterattacks and promote your stamina and endurance. The reason for this is the ability of the standing punching bag, as in real combat situations, to hit back again and again when you have dealt a blow.

On top of that, you have the option of adjusting the height of the device according to your needs using a regulator on the base of the punching bag. This makes the device very suitable for every boxer, although this device is preferred by professionals.

A major disadvantage of this piece of sports equipment, however, is the wobbly base, as it is usually very small and can be filled with either water or sand.

Depending on the impact strength of your training, it may be that this stand can only compensate for your punching with difficulty and the punching bag begins to wobble or tip over due to the unstable position. For this reason, it is only partially suitable for adults.

It is important to fill the base with sand or water in order to ensure that the training device stands securely. This enables the trainee to improve their stamina, endurance and responsiveness under realistic training conditions.

Hanging punching ball / speed ball: Advantages & Disadvantages

A hanging speedball – also known as a punching ball – is a pear-shaped training device that is attached to the ceiling with the help of a bracket.

This training primarily promotes the athlete’s power and speed. However, you should make sure that the spring of this training device is of high quality so that it cannot tear when punching strong boxing.

A hanging speedball is mainly used to promote your punching power, since high forces can be compensated for by attaching it to the ceiling. In addition, speed can also be trained very well with this device.

Depending on how quickly you hit the punching ball in succession, the stroke frequency is either increased or minimized. With certain models, you can also adjust the height of the punching ball and thus train different muscle groups by performing different exercises.

The disadvantage of this type of punching bag is the pure training of the arms, since no legwork is possible due to the ceiling mount. Thus, this training device is very one-sided limited to the arm and upper body parts during training.

Depending on the model and quality, the spring that makes the speedball snap back can also break. This often happens when high force is applied to the device.

Double end ball: Advantages & Disadvantages

The double-end ball is a boxing training device that is often used by professional boxers. This ball is attached at both ends – both on the floor and on the ceiling.

This efficient training also results in a very high intensity of the training, because this martial arts device also compensates for very strong blows. A double-ended ball is therefore particularly suitable for professional athletes. These devices also have a long service life.

However, additional brackets are necessary for a double-ended ball, which is why it can usually be found in a gym or martial arts centers.

For home use, however, the ball is rather unsuitable, since in most apartments it is not possible to use brackets in the floor. In addition, once installed, a double-ended ball is very difficult to move.

Boxing dummy: Advantages & Disadvantages

A boxing dummy is understood to be a boxing device that has a stand and resembles a real opponent by modeling a torso (upper body).

This makes it possible to train your martial arts under the most realistic conditions possible. So you can practice punches, holds or even kicks. That means you can use the box dummy flexibly.

In addition, you can adjust the height as you wish and, thanks to the stand, you don’t need any additional mounts in the ceiling. You can simply stow the device in a corner so that it takes up little space in your home.

However, this punching bag variant is very expensive. In addition, depending on the quality and filling of the base (usually sand or water), it is possible that the stand of the dummy becomes very unstable when it is punched or kicked and it begins to wobble or fall over.

Purchase criteria: Use these factors to compare punching bags

In the following we will show you which factors you can use to compare and evaluate punching bags. This makes it easier for you to make a decision about a suitable product.

These factors include:

  • Fastening
  • Filling weight
  • Diameter
  • Sheath material
  • Filling material
  • further criteria

In the following paragraphs you have the opportunity to read details about these purchase criteria. We also explain how you can classify these criteria with regard to your choice.


A fastening for a punching bag can be found in different designs. Various factors, such as the type, size and weight of the punching bag, play an important role.

Every type of punching bag must have enormous forces, e.g. B. punches or kicks, can compensate. Therefore, the punching bag must have a fastening that is appropriate to the situation. For this purpose, tough floor and ceiling fixings, wall brackets or a stand, which is usually filled with water or sinks. This enables the punching bag to cushion the blows and kicks.

Filling Weight

The weight of the punching bag filling is an important factor when buying this training device, because depending on the weight, the punching bag is rather unsuitable for your home.

If your filling is very heavy, your ceiling or wall may not be able to withstand this load. This can cause cracks in the ceiling and the punching bag may fall to the floor. This fall can damage the floor.

In addition, a particularly heavy standing punching bag can be very difficult to go crazy. If you still want to move it to another place and drag it across the floor, scratches can occur on your floor!

In summary, this means that you should think carefully about which filling weight you choose for your punching bag. This is the only way to avoid damage to your home and unnecessary efforts!


Each type of punching bag has a different diameter. The reason for this is the orientation of a punching bag for numerous different techniques and sports.

Depending on the type of training, a different diameter is required for a sandbag. For example, if you want to train punches and kicks, you should choose a larger diameter.

This gives you a larger possible hit area for your training. If, on the other hand, you only want to practice kicks, you can also choose a smaller diameter to develop the accuracy.

The diameter is also of great importance when choosing a standing punching bag type, as a larger diameter also means a firmer stand and greater resistance. These are explained in more detail in the following chapters “Stability” and “Resistance”.

Sheath Material

By the term shell material we mean the material the punching bag is made of. That means, is the punching bag made of leather, synthetic leather, plastic or another material.

The material of a punching bag, especially the coat, plays a central role in a purchase. The reason for this is the durability of the coat. If this is made of leather, the punching bag tends to last longer than a plastic jacket.

Therefore, you should take great care when choosing the jacket material so as not to be disappointed later due to a punching bag that is quickly damaged.

Filling material

There are many factors that are important when buying a punching bag. One of the most important factors is the filling material. This filling determines how hard a punching bag is and to what extent this punching bag is suitable for a beginner or rather for professionals.

A softer filling is more suitable for boxing beginners.


You should carefully consider the filling of your punching bag, because certain fillings are very unsuitable depending on the level of training. So if you are more of a boxing beginner, a softer filling is the right choice. However, if you are a professional boxer, choose a harder filling for your punching bag.

There are many different variants to choose from. The most commonly used, however, is a filling made from textile scraps. But you can also choose a different filling material for your punching bag – depending on your own preference!

Further criteria

In the following, we would like to introduce you to some other functions and properties that you can compare when buying a punching bag.


The height of these devices also differs, since depending on the training area (boxing, kickboxing, muay thai, etc.) a different type of punching bag is advantageous.

You can choose your punching bag according to your own preference in terms of height. Depending on the type of your punching bag, it is even possible that the punching bag is available in different heights.

Often, however, the models are also adjustable in height, which offers greater possibilities for variation in your training process. So you can train different parts of the body and complete different training units with the same device.

So when buying, pay attention to the height of the punching bag and to what extent the height can be adjusted!


The stability of a punching bag is characterized above all by a firm stand or a firm holder. This device also makes it possible to compensate for strong impacts such as punches.

If you want to use your punching bag, then it is very important that it does not fall over, even with strong blows and kicks. That means the punching bag should remain very stable. There are various options for doing this, depending on the type of punching bag.

With a standing punching bag, you should therefore make sure that the base is stable. This should have a sufficient diameter and optionally be filled with water or sand. The sand filling is a little heavier than the one with water. This leads to an even more stable stand for your punching bag.

If, on the other hand, you decide on a hanging punching bag, you should above all make sure that it is sturdy, hanging. This should be geared towards the weight class.

This means that the punching bag should not be heavier than the maximum weight recommended by the manufacturer for attachment. If this specification is exceeded, the device may be overloaded; in the worst case, the suspension may even crack.


Longevity for a punching bag means the lifespan of this product. More precisely, this factor shows how long you can use this punching bag.

Before buying, it is very important to look at the lifespan of a product. This factor is particularly important with a punching bag, as an inflatable punching bag made of plastic, for example, has a shorter lifespan than a hanging punching bag.

The basis for this short lifespan of the punching bag can often be found in the materials and the poorly processed seams. A punching bag made of leather is therefore more durable than a product made of plastic.

In addition, poorly sewn punching bag parts mean that the filling material can escape. As a result, the punching bag no longer has the same hardness and the escaped filling can lead to dirt on the floor.

A more durable alternative, especially to strengthen the arm muscles, would be dumbbells. However, a dumbbell set often takes up more space than just a punching bag.

Incidentally, you invest a lot of money in this training device. Therefore, you should pay close attention to this criterion when buying a punching bag so that you do not make a bad investment that you will regret after a short time.


Not only the type and size of a punching bag often plays a role in the purchase. The color can also be of great importance here! You have a large selection of colors. By default, most punching bags are kept in the color “black”.

You can buy a punching bag in different colors, depending on your preference. For example, the retro-design punching bags are mostly sold in brown.

However, you can also purchase a punching bag in beige, black, blue, orange, red, etc. So think about which color you like best and buy the punching bag in the color of your choice!


The resistance of a punching bag type consists of the areas of attachment, filling of the punching bag and suspension of the training device.

Depending on your level of training, it is very important that you familiarize yourself with the resistance of your punching bag.

Some types of punching bags have only a low resistance, while others are very resistant. For this reason, you should decide which resistance is best for your training.

If you want to train strength, you should choose a punching bag model with high resistance. If, on the other hand, the further development of the right technique is the focus of your boxing training, then a punching bag type with low resistance is the right one for you.

Facts about Punching Bags

Finally, we would like to answer a few important questions about punching bags and their use.

You will find out which sports a punching bag can be used for, whether all the elements required for assembly are included in the purchase and much more.

In which sports can the punching bag be used?

Many sports also use other training equipment in addition to their own body as a training object. This also includes the punching bag. However, depending on the sport, another punching bag model is more suitable!

Pay attention to the right punching bag model for the sport you want to practice.

Not every punching bag model is suitable for every sport! The standard hanging sandbag is e.g. B. suitable for boxing and kickboxing, as kicks and punches can be trained very well with this training device. However, you cannot use this type of punching bag to train handholds that are used in Taekwondo. A box dummy is more suitable for this!

If, on the other hand, you would rather train the speed of your boxing techniques for the sports of boxing or kickboxing, then a punching ball is the right tool. With this training device you can train quick boxing hits in a short time.

Are all elements for a smooth assembly of the punching bag included?

An important point to consider when buying a punching bag is the complete delivery of the structural elements with the punching bag. These elements are very important if you want to hang your punching bag on the wall or on the ceiling.

If these structural elements are not included in the scope of delivery, you have to order them separately and you cannot use your punching bag until then. Therefore, you should find out before you buy which parts will be given when the punching bag is delivered.

Is this type of punching bag also available in other sizes?

Many types of punching bags are not only available in one size, but can also be purchased in different versions.

That means there are punching bag models that z B. with a size of 120 cm, 160 cm and 185 cm can be bought. This gives you the choice between the numerous punching bag versions that only differ in size.

How do I have to take care of my punching bag?

Have you ever wondered if you need to take care of a punching bag? The answer to this question is generally: “Yes”. But what do you have to look after on a punching bag? Clearly the jacket material of your boxing bag, because certain materials are very robust and some are very susceptible to little care.

In plain language, this means that you should read the care instructions that come with the punching bag carefully. Because the more precisely you know how to care for your punching bag, the longer it will last and the more beautiful it will remain.

In which sports is a punching bag used?

When asked about a punching bag and asked where it is used, what do you answer? The first thought that probably crosses your mind is when it comes to boxing! That is also true. However, the punching bag is also used in numerous other sports or in the gym.

The punching bag is one of the most important training devices when it comes to martial arts.

Especially in martial arts like Taekwondo, Kickboxing or Muay Thai. However, the “punching bag” training device is also increasingly being used in fitness studios. The reason for this is very simple!

Because with an intensive boxing training with the punching bag you can not only work out, but also improve your condition and develop muscle mass. That means you are actually doing a full body workout. And the best thing is: It’s a lot of fun.

How long should you train on a punching bag?

The length of an optimal punching bag training session varies greatly, as this value is largely determined by your fitness level.

That means, depending on how fit you are and how much you have already trained with a punching bag, the longer your training can be! As a rule, however, two to three times a week with around 15 minutes are sufficient.

Depending on your individual training status and your own goals, you should design your training individually. That means, depending on how fit you are and the more you want to achieve with this punching bag training, a different intensity is required.

Just 15 minutes of training, which you do two to three times a week, increases your stamina and improves the technique of your strokes.

You also develop your upper body muscles further. The punching bag training also promotes the growth of your arm, back and leg muscles. This allows you to watch your weight decrease. So drop those pounds! Because training on a punching bag can amount to up to 700 kcal per unit.

It is very important to take a break between the training phases! Therefore, you should always include the regeneration phases in your training!

Never forget your boxing gloves when training. These will help you to protect your hands and prevent injuries. It is often advisable to equip your hands with sports tape as a precaution in order to provide additional protection.

Can I train anywhere on my punching bag?

You can train wherever you want with your own punching bag. No matter whether at home, in the children’s room, or outdoors. There is a suitable training device for each of your training stations.

Did you choose to train with a punching bag? Then the next question usually arises afterwards. Where can I do my punching bag training anywhere? First of all, when answering this question, you are likely thinking of the gym of your choice or a gym that specializes in martial arts.

From what age can I train with a punching bag?

No matter what age you are at the moment: it is never too late to start boxing with a punching bag! The only important thing is that you feel comfortable and that there are no health problems that speak against this sport.

Exercising with the help of a punching bag is one of the most effective training methods out there. This training is not only a way to exercise fitness for adults, but also for children and adolescents. This means that there are no age restrictions for training on the punching bag!

The only limitation here could be the only health problems the doctor determines. However, this is only the case in exceptional cases (e.g. glass bone disease in which the bones can break very quickly).

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