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Mini Stepper Machine: Test & Reviews

Author: Manuel Heitmann

Coach & Fitness Expert

If you want to incorporate more fitness into everyday life, you can use a stepper. For our list of the best, our team of experts has checked various stepper tests on the Internet and was also able to include ratings for training bands, computers, height adjustment, fitness equipment such as the Stairmaster stepper, prices and more.

The movements are easy to perform after weighing up the external stepper test, studies, aptitude tests and examinations on fitness equipment and sporting goods, the training is balanced with soft and round movements that are gentle on the joints at the same time. The stepper training is ideal as an introduction to training for people who have not moved sufficiently before and whose fitness level is correspondingly moderate. You can exercise comfortably with the stepper. The device is similar to a cross trainer. Compare and test products in stepper tests and comparison tables to quickly choose your comparison winner!

Questions to Consider Before Buying A Mini Stepper Machines

What is a mini stepper machine?

The stepper is a sporting article that is primarily used to build up and train the leg muscles. The trainee not only achieves improved leg muscles, but also increases his stamina through performance and endurance training. Steppers, which are offered at inexpensive prices, provide additional accessories such as stretch bands and support bars for arm training. This avoids one-sided, muscular strain during training. The mini-stepper is most often used in the field of these sporting goods because it is very small and space-saving. Take a personal stepper test and use comparison tables, comparisons and side-by-side views for advice! In accordance with the wishes you will surely find your test winner quickly!

How does a mini stepper machine work?

According to the evaluations of various tests, a stepper is a fitness product that consists of two staggered running boards. In terms of the sequence of movements, this test winner is very similar to climbing stairs. The exercising person stands with their feet on the treads and alternately moves them up and down. This results in a similar training effect for the muscles as when climbing stairs through so-called stepping. Further variants with sideways and swing movements are the side and twist stepper as well as the stairmaster.

Train properly with a stepper

According to the evaluations of various tests, a stepper is a fitness product that consists of two staggered running boards. In terms of the sequence of movements, this test winner is very similar to climbing stairs. The exercising person stands with their feet on the treads and alternately moves them up and down. This results in a similar training effect for the muscles as when climbing stairs through so-called stepping. Further variants with sideways and swing movements are the side and twist stepper as well as the stairmaster.

Stepper test winners are suitable for people with a low or nonexistent training level. Exercise and sport are unfortunately much neglected for most people. In addition to the double workload at work and with the family, many people do not have time for intensive sports. If an hour is available, athletes often no longer have the desire or the vigor. The stepper is the ideal solution to this problem. You can also integrate the small training units into your everyday life. Even small intervals of 15 minutes several times a week are sufficient to achieve visible results. Before you start training, you should have your physical fitness level checked by your family doctor or a sports doctor.

Every training session always starts with a warm-up. Choose a low level with a low step resistance. This will help you get started effortlessly. A heart rate of 100 to 110 beats per minute is an ideal training level. If you notice that you are getting quite warm and that a light film of sweat may form on your skin, you have reached the starting point. Now it makes sense to increase the training level. The ideal heart rate is now 130 beats per minute. Only increase or decrease your pedaling resistance if you are not maintaining your current pedaling rhythm. Thus, the training develops too undemanding or too intense. An interim control look at your heart rate monitor shows you the power frequency. Increase your performance step by step and don’t ask too much of yourself when you start. After all, endurance training means nothing else than that you achieve a performance permanently at the same level.

Only increase the pedaling resistance and cadence when you are sure that you will be able to achieve your current performance over a longer period of time. You can gradually incorporate additional training units. This will bring your cardiovascular system out of its usual routine for a short time and in a health-promoting manner. The subsequent downshifting of the training unit helps your organism to regenerate again. You will notice how comfortable and fit you feel afterwards. Correctly set speed peaks also increase fat burning. Test and compare for yourself which position is the best for you! As soon as you are sure, you can compare the products on Amazon and order your comparison winner!

Advantages & areas of application

Even if the stepper is on the decline in view of the state-of-the-art training equipment for domestic use, it still has a right to exist. The advantage is obvious. It is wonderfully suitable for small training in between. In addition, almost every athlete can integrate the device into their everyday life. Not everyone is given a large house with an extra fitness room in which they can build large training stations. The manufacturers of the mini steppers have also thought of the health of all those who have limited space and still want to keep fit.

After use, you can stow the stepper upright in the storage room or hide it under the bed. Even during your business trip, you don’t have to miss out on your training sessions. Your little fitness assistant can be conveniently stowed in the trunk. Another advantage is that the stepper, which simulates climbing stairs, is ideal for beginners. Thus, the muscles and the stamina can be improved step by step without excessive strain. As small as these devices may be, the differences are huge. The training principle is always the same, but the simulated motion sequences differ significantly. Numerous external product tests in 2020 tested different types of steppers. The conclusion was always: Not all steppers are the same.

What types of mini stepper machines are available?

Mini Stepper

The mini stepper is the smallest of its kind and the classic among stationary training devices. The common models have two hydraulic cylinders and two steps. High quality designs also have handrails for support, which are quite useful. However, they also need more space. If you want to stress your upper body as well as your legs, you should buy a device with a rubber pull cord. The devices from the upper price segment allow the heart and pulse rate to be monitored. However, those who place increased demands on their cardiovascular monitoring should not rely on these small “on-board computers” alone. It makes more sense to get a professional monitoring device that can be attached to the arm or chest using straps.

Side Stepper

There are hardly any differences between the different types of steppers – from a physiotherapeutic and sports medicine perspective. If you want to specifically strengthen your calf muscles, you should get a side stepper, often referred to as a balance stepper. It is best suited for an efficient overall activation of the leg muscles. An on-board computer is located centrally between the treads. In contrast to the mini or twist stepper, the treads are attached to the side. If, on the other hand, you are more interested in effective cardiovascular training, you should buy a cross trainer. However, anyone who thinks that steppers are only suitable for undemanding training is wrong. The core muscles can be positively influenced simply by maintaining balance.

Twist Stepper

While the classic mini stepper simulates climbing stairs, the movement with the twist stepper, also known as a swing stepper, is different. Not only do you move your feet up and down, but also left and right. This not only gets the leg muscles going, but also the hip joints. The sideways movements are similar to swing and twist dance. They also have a positive effect on the back and improve balance and coordination. The stepper not only moves up and down, but also swings out to the side. These steppers are particularly popular with women who want to declare war on one of their biggest problem areas: the buttocks. Because the buttocks muscles are effectively used in the sideways steps. Many satisfied customers report a firmer “back area” – and that after just a few weeks.

Side steppers are the most demanding home trainers because they involve additional muscle groups in the training. Nevertheless, the calorie consumption is significantly higher in contrast to the mini-stepper. Swing and twist steppers are very similar to side steppers. You train the sequence of movements in addition to the back muscles and the outside of the thighs. However, there are no combined devices. That is, side steppers do not have a swing mechanism. Likewise, twist and swing steppers do not perform sideways movements without the swing variant.

Tip: Before you step onto your stepper for a test run, make sure you have sturdy sports shoes. Painful crashes are guaranteed with the wrong footwear. In addition, only suitable sports footwear guarantees effective training without overstressing individual muscle groups and body parts through incorrect posture.

What do I have to look out for when buying a dumbbell?

Various external product tests prove: Not only different training programs guarantee the quality of a stepper. Above all, good workmanship, the selection of high-quality materials and safely processed edges count. A stepper should be stable, stable, quiet and smooth-running. In addition, there is a well-balanced basic balance and height-adjustable steps.

Additional support and grip devices turn a simple stepper model into a small cross trainer. With additional training options for the upper body, you get a device at a still affordable price. Steppers with moveable handles for cross coordination require less space and work more quietly than cross trainers. This is because the flywheel is not needed.

Before making a purchase, users should get information about their favorites from consumer protection or price comparison portals. There you can find out whether you have decided on the right model or whether you should switch to another model. The product tests show you which criteria are important in addition to the price-performance ratio.

  • Another purchase criterion is after inspection and control of consumer behavior, the surefootedness. If this is missing or if the steppers are insufficiently processed, your training is at risk. Opt for a device with a pull rope for additional arm training. Make sure that the hooks that secure the ropes to the underside of the stepper do not loosen. Various online tests have shown that the ropes that are under high tension can loosen from their hooks during training. Under certain circumstances, these can quickly rise and pose a risk of injury for the person exercising. After a thorough inspection, only get equipment that has passed a product test as well as a suitability test in this regard with the test grade “very good”.
  • The same applies to the hydraulic cylinders. In some devices, the resistance cylinder is overstressed. Permissible maximum temperatures of 65 degrees Celsius then exceed their limits. The treads must be generous so that athletes with a larger shoe size can safely find space on them.
    The sequence of movements must feel soft and round, i.e. without resistance. In this regard, the centrifugal mass involved must be observed. With a good overall system this is ten kilograms. The type of measurement of the service provided and the display must be easy to read and therefore ideally placed. During training, they should be recognizable without any additional movement.
  • In addition, the on-board computer should do without external cables.
  • The construction of a high quality device is robust and provided with a stable metal frame.
  • The hydraulics must not heat up even after longer training sessions and the pedal resistance must not decrease. The resistance is adjustable, the maximum load capacity is 100 kilograms. Some models have a maximum load limit of 80 kilograms and are therefore unsuitable for many athletes.
  • An important criterion is the noise development, which in some models leaves something to be desired. If it turns out that the desired device does not meet the requirements for noise emissions, good advice is expensive. Either you have to turn up your television or use diplomatic skills with the neighbors.
  • The enclosed operating instructions and the safety instructions must be formulated in an easily understandable manner.

Stepper with app and display

Given that lawnmowers and scales now also have an app, it is surprising that steppers with an app are not really available yet. Because fitness apps in particular are very popular. You can of course also buy an Apple Watch and count your calories and exercise minutes there, create training plans and pursue goals, but of course not everyone has this watch (it costs far more than every stepper from our stepper test).

One positive mention here is the manufacturer Sportstech, which, in our research, offers the first stepper with an app. However, the stepper DFX100 is not a stepper in the conventional sense, but a special model that is expressly designed for use while sitting. It is intended for the office under the desk. Even if the device is called a stepper, it is more of a mini cross trainer with 5 kg flywheel. The app itself is not so positive. At least according to the customer reviews on Amazon, the app is not really useful.

So there is still a lot of room for improvement in terms of app.

What many manufacturers are already offering is a display. Of course, this is not really easy to read when it is at the bottom of the stepper itself, as with the Mini Stepper Aidapt, the Twist Stepper Jungy from InSport, Swing Stepper MVPower or the Stepper Galaxy Step from Klarfit.

The display is always very small and only shows the (most important) values: time, steps and calorie consumption. Even the steppers with handrails (where a great display can be placed at eye level) like the Homcom stepper no longer offer.

After all, they don’t promise more either. Sportstech promises a multifunctional display for the Twist Stepper STX300. This means: “Training time, number of steps or calories burned”. So in the end it can’t. At least a pulse measurement would be nice, for which you have a pulse belt.

For everyone who would like to track their data on the stepper, we recommend a fitness watch (it doesn’t have to be from Apple, we recommend the best models in our fitness bracelet test)

Stepper vs. Treadmill

The treadmill is more strenuous and burns more calories as well as fat. According to various test results from investigations, analyzes and experiments, the best stepper is more suitable for beginners with a low fitness level. Beginners in particular need a good level of fitness to train on the treadmill. With endurance and conditioning training, athletes use more calories on the treadmill. This is due to the lack of oxygen, which sometimes increases the metabolism and breaks down carbohydrates. The stepper, on the other hand, trains individual muscle groups very specifically, while the treadmill focuses more on endurance.


Both devices certainly have their right to exist. It depends on your individual training situation and requirements. However, steppers are not only suitable for beginners. Many athletes use these devices for the warm-up phase. Afterwards, further training on other devices is possible. Running or walking is also possible. A combination of both devices is ideal.

Burning calories and losing weight with a stepper

Athletes have to be aware that the calorie consumption with these training units is rather low compared to other endurance sports. However, the little “fitness coach” is very popular with women. It focuses on the problem areas “legs and bottom”, is space-saving and also comparatively inexpensive. The stepper is ideal for building muscle in these problem areas, despite its low calorie consumption.

However, the energy consumption can be increased noticeably, depending on the speed of the movements performed. According to an experiment as part of a survey, it is a targeted and intense workout, as the stepper targets specific muscle areas. If you are not necessarily looking for a visible weight reduction, but want to improve your condition and tighten individual body areas, a stepper is well advised. The side and swing steppers are more suitable than the classic mini stepper for visible results. The sideways and swing movements significantly increase calorie and fat consumption. With an external comparison winner, the side stepper, you will achieve the golden mean in comparison. It is best to buy a test winner on Amazon and consult comparison tables, comparisons and studies in advance to select the comparison winners!

Who should not use steppers?

Various tests on the Internet have shown: A stepper is not suitable for users who have decided to overcome their “inner weaker self” and reduce excess weight. Most devices have a maximum load limit of 100 kilograms. These devices are not effective enough for such high demands. People with weight problems need more exercise, which they can get from running or walking. One promising result is strength training in the gym.

However, if you want to increase your cardiovascular performance frequency sustainably, you should use cardio equipment such as cross trainers. Abdominal trainers work successfully on the abdominal muscles, which can only be addressed secondarily with the steppers. However, three training units of half an hour each per week should be possible for a long-term visible effect.

The optimal calorie consumption and fat consumption per training unit is 250 kilocalories. The pulse rate should be found at 65 percent of the maximum rate, which is 220 minus the age of the person exercising. Internet product tests 2020 can only be used to determine which steppers actually enable the most effective training as part of a recommendation. The training demands are as individual as the exercisers themselves. Manufacturers and sports experts claim that the side stepper is the most effective device. Many users, on the other hand, swear by the swing stepper. Others are satisfied with the classic version of the mini stepper. A pleasant side effect, however, is the undisputed tissue tightening that prevents cellulite.

Frequently Asked Questions: Mini Stepper Machines

How good is training with the stepper for the buttocks?

Climbing stairs is the best workout for a firm back ever! The gluteus muscle is the largest muscle in the whole body. The gluteus is involved in the hip extension and stabilizes the thigh. Since the stepper works like climbing stairs, the buttocks are also trained with the stepper.

Can you lose weight with the stepper?

The stepper is an effective piece of sports equipment with which not only muscles can be built. The body begins to break down fat through movement and this is of great interest for losing weight. So yes, you can lose weight with a stepper.

What are the advantages of a stepper?

There are different types of steppers on the market and accordingly the benefits are slightly different. Basically, a big advantage is that the stepper is well suited for training in the house. It is handy and suitable for almost everyone. In addition, the stepper has a few helpful functions that differ from model to model.

Which muscle groups are used by steppers?

Mainly the leg and bottom muscles are addressed in the exercises with the stepper. There are also models that are equipped with ropes or bars, then there are the arm muscles.

Who should use steppers?

A stepper is suitable for everyone who wants to do a little sport in their own four walls and does not want to buy a large and expensive training device. Whether young people, adults, old people or overweight people, the stepper is suitable for everyone.

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