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Hula Hoop: Test & Reviews

Author: Manuel Heitmann

Coach & Fitness Expert

The Hula Hoop is a gymnastics device with numerous uses. What it has to be able to do and what high-quality workmanship looks like, we have found out in our test research and summarized for you.

Questions to Consider Before Buying A Hula Hoop

What is a Hula Hoop?

The hula hoop is a relatively large but narrow tire that was originally made of wood. Such a tire was already used in earlier cultures in connection with games of skill or sports. The actual creation of the hula hoop took place in the 1950s when the first plastic models came onto the market.

Under the new name, the hula hoop gained international recognition. The term comes from Hawaii: Hula stands for a Hawaiian dance and hoop means something like tire. Initially, the tire was supposed to serve as a children’s toy, but adults too quickly recognized its potential.

After the successful market entry in the USA, the hula hoops quickly became known in Europe. Many private users let the tire circle with a lot of fun and body tension, and many artists used the new device and showed their tricks in the circus, for example.

Among other things, competitions were held to see who could keep hulahoopen the longest or who could keep a particularly large number of tires in action. Meanwhile, the hula hoops are mainly used in fitness applications and are sometimes combined with other types of gymnastics.

The comparison test winners of the hula hoops are suitable for special dances, for advanced gymnastics or for Pilates exercises. Aerobic and yoga elements can also be expanded by using the hula hoops.

How does a hula hoop work?

The hula hoop is a versatile fitness device that is based on a very simple construction. Due to its circular shape, it can be set in motion with targeted movements so that it rotates around the waist, hips and buttocks for a long time. The way it works is just as simple as its design. It just depends on the right technique of the person exercising.

The centrifugal force holds the hula hoop up as it rotates. The heavier the weight of the tire, the better the centrifugal force works, so that the training does not require a lot of effort. The figure-shaping effect is only created through the longer practice period.

The special movement of the hula hoop trains the typical problem areas of women: the stomach, buttocks and thighs are particularly stressed. Therefore, training with the hula hoops is ideal for losing weight and for targeted toning of the figure.

In order to increase this effect even more, many hula hoops from the 2020 test are provided with massage nubs. Depending on their nature, these provide a gentle or slightly stronger massage in the hips and waist.

In addition to muscle training, the tires also promote blood circulation and prevent back problems. The pelvic floor muscles are also well strengthened.

The joy of movement plays a big role when it comes to exercising regularly. For a few minutes with the hula hoop it is not absolutely necessary to wear special training clothes. The tire is ready and you can start immediately. With music, it’s even more fun to move in a gentle rhythm. Both the

Hula Hoop - Can anyone do it?

The hula hoop was once considered a children’s toy and was originally made of wood. However, since the 1950s it has been made of plastic, which has a number of advantages such as: B. allows stability, flexibility and easy transport.

Its name comes from the Hawaiian word “hula” = “dance” and the English term “hoop” = “tire”. The tire has always enjoyed great popularity among boys and adults alike. Athletes in particular like to use the device, which is very handy and easy to assemble.

It promotes blood circulation, tightens the connective tissue and ensures even endurance training. Therefore the Hula Hoop is not only suitable for active athletes, but for everyone.

Beginners to advanced users will find ideal sports equipment in the colorful tire, which can be used in the fitness studio as well as in the home. Alone or in a group with suitable music, Hula Hoop training is a lot of fun.

Not only adults like the sports equipment, but also children. You train your balance and strengthen the leg muscles. As the test shows, the tire should have a circumference of about 75 to 85 cm.

A hula hoop is the ideal sports device, especially for overweight people, as it quickly melts fat on the stomach, legs and buttocks.

If you suffer from certain diseases, it is advisable to speak to your specialist doctor before training. Hula hoop training is possible in early pregnancy, but should be discussed with your gynecologist beforehand. A soft tire that hugs the stomach is advisable. There are various models that are equipped with foam padding.

Hula Hoop for beginners

If you want to start with the hula hoop training, you should get a suitable tire. As the Hula Hoop Test 2018 shows, a light hula hoop is recommended for beginners. The heavier the tire, the more force you need to swing. Don’t overdo it at first and take a beginner’s hula hoop.

These are usually lighter and do not need massage nubs, sand or water filling. Therefore compare the individual models and choose e.g. B. the Hula Hoop test winner. First, get a feel for the tire and improve from time to time. Exercise about two to three times a week with friends or in front of the TV at home. In the group, the training is particularly fun and motivates to continue.

You can start training right after the simple structure. The tire can usually be dismantled into several parts and is therefore well suited for transport.

The training session itself should last about 30 to a maximum of 60 minutes. At the beginning, the tire may feel hard and unfamiliar. Therefore, put on clothes that are tight to the body. If possible, the item of clothing should be made of cotton, as it is particularly breathable and easy to clean.

Due to the unfamiliar pressure points and weak connective tissue, u. U. bruises occur. These disappear again by themselves and can be replaced by thicker clothing such as B. avoid a sweater. Approach the exercise more slowly and in this case only exercise once or twice a week.

Make sure that you have enough space and put various pieces of furniture aside.

Hula Hoop for advanced users

If you are already a little more experienced in hula hoop training, you can use another model. The hula hoops for advanced users are usually heavier, as the hula hoop test shows. Due to the multiple weight of the tire, you use more force to swing the tire. This melts the pounds on your stomach, legs and bottom. You will also get an improved stamina and your flexibility and performance will increase.

The weight of the tire is due to different fillings: You can choose from different fillings such as water, sand.

If you want to massage your abdominal region with the help of the tire, integrated nubs are advisable. You can get the same effect with magnets that are integrated into the tire.

They have a particularly stimulating effect. These health hoops ensure firm connective tissue and stimulate blood circulation.

The fitness trend is finding its way into many fitness studios, where there are special Hula Hoop courses. There you can really work out and install the tire in a choreography. You can use the same principle at home with other sports enthusiasts: Be creative and integrate the hula hoop skillfully into your dance choreography.

If you train alone and are already a little more practiced, you can read a book at the same time. In addition to exercising, you can also do other things such as B. Learn vocabulary or make phone calls. After exercising, you should be a little out of breath and have a slightly increased heart rate. The training becomes more and more fun because it becomes easier every day.


A hula hoop is suitable for almost everyone: It does not depend on stature or age. Children can practice their balance with a special tire and they will soon enjoy circling the tire.

A light tire that does not require any additives is suitable for beginners. First find the right rhythm and make sure there is enough space and breathable, tight-fitting clothing.

Advanced users benefit from the ease with which they can swing the tire almost effortlessly for 30 to 60 minutes. So other things can be done at the same time or even choreographies can be rehearsed.

Advantages & areas of application

The hula hoop is a classic from earlier decades that is reminiscent of childhood and always brings joy. The successful comeback of this piece of sports equipment is also based on its beneficial effects on health. In principle, the hula hoop is a mixture of toy and fitness device, and this is exactly where its strength shows.

Just like jumping with a rope or on the trampoline, the hula hoop also increases fitness, on the one hand by improving the condition and on the other hand by improving mobility. The transition from play to healthy sport is fluid, so to speak, so the inner inhibition threshold before trying out the tire is correspondingly low. Nobody can embarrass themselves, because even if the first attempts don’t work, the trainees will soon get the hang of it.

The 2020 test of the hula hoops shows how good the training effect can be with the right choice. The well-being is clearly improved, at the same time the joy of movement is promoted. In your own apartment or in the fitness center, the comparison winner of the hula hoops can be used at any time and ensures an all-round good body feeling in a clever and at the same time simple way.

The different categories of hula hoops are based on weight and diameter. There are also special versions for the fitness area. The corresponding comparison results help you choose the right model and start your workout soon.

What types of hula hoops are available?

The designs of the hula hoops differ in diameter, thickness, profile and weight. There are also special models that we took a closer look at in the test of the hula hoops. When comparing the various hula hoops, we took all branded devices into account in order to present a meaningful overview.

The so-called fitness hoops are mainly suitable for beginners. They typically have a diameter of about one meter and a tire thickness of 2.5 cm. All exercises can be performed with them, even by those who have no experience. Health hoops are tires that are often equipped with studs or magnets.

These elements create a massage effect which, depending on the design of the knobs or magnets, is relatively light or a little more intense. The health hoops serve to strengthen the connective tissue, they stimulate the blood circulation and thus also the metabolism. They have their origins in their names, because they clearly serve health and are mainly used in occupational therapy.

Another model is the choreography hoop. This hoop was mainly developed for advanced users and with a diameter of approx. 90 cm is slightly smaller than the normal fitness hoops. The tire thickness of around 2 cm also makes them lighter. With the necessary skill, these choreography hoops can be used multiple times or for special exercises.

Travel hoops are hula hoops that can be taken apart. Due to their special construction, the individual tire or tube elements can be easily detached from one another and stowed in the case. So the hula hoop training does not need to be interrupted on vacation.

There are also special hula hoops for children. These are significantly smaller and lighter. The models for children between five and eight years, for example, have a diameter of around 75 cm, for slightly older children the hula hoops with 80 or 85 cm diameter are possible.

Many children look forward to particularly colorful designs that show great color effects when turned. Some LEDs are integrated into these tires, other models can be filled with water. A wide range of hula hoops is available in toy stores and on the Internet.

To ensure that the complete tires and the sets for assembly are of the required quality, attention should always be paid to the corresponding certification. The material also plays an important role in the case of hula hoops for children. Plasticizers or harmful colors should, if possible, not get into the hands of children.

Advantages and disadvantages of the different hula hoops

The normal fitness tires are the classics and are suitable for many areas of use. The advanced models are only used when the required level of training has been achieved.

Since the respective tires have to be adapted to the body size and individual skill, each family member needs in principle their own hula hoop. So everyone can train together if there is enough space in the hobby room. Of course, the garden is also ideal for hula hoops together.

The advantages of the hula hoops:

  • The tires train the waist and hips, back muscles and stomach,
  • they can be used comfortably at home,
  • no additional accessories are required,
  • the inexpensive training device offers a lot of fun,
  • various exercises can be carried out with it.

The disadvantages of using the hula hoop:

  • Beginners need a lot of patience at the beginning until they have found the right swing,
  • Depending on the weight and the construction (knobs) there may be pain at the beginning,
  • enough space is required to swing.

How are hula hoops tested?

The product features of the hula hoops in the test indicate which selection criteria play a role and where compromises in quality may have to be made. In addition to the durability of the tires, optimal grip and a comfortable weight are important. We also checked the controllability of the various branded tires. This mainly depends on the profile of the hula hoops.

The slim effect depends not only on the duration and frequency of training, but also on the nature of the hula-hoops, i.e. whether they have additional weights, magnets or knobs. We also paid attention to this during our test of the hula hoops in order to be able to provide an optimal basis for the selection of the fitness equipment.

Grip, controllability and size of the hula hoops
A hula hoop needs a certain grip so that it can be gripped well and does not slip off immediately. The tires therefore often have a special wrapping. The controllability can also be improved by this wrapping tape. In addition, the hula-hoops in the test from 2020 show that they can also be turned up and down without any problems, given the optimal texture of the surface, simply by moving the buttocks and hips accordingly. The comparison test winner of the hula hoops convinces with the balance of the grip properties and makes it easy to start training. The first successes in losing weight and strengthening the muscles will soon be evident.

Special equipment with knobs or foam
The hula hoops for the fitness area often have integrated knobs that are used for massage. In our test of the hula hoops, we checked whether these bulges lead to pain and bruising or whether they actually offer the gentle massage that they promise to be. As an alternative to these fitness tires, models with foam pads are also available. These ensure a special level of comfort and prevent pain in the hip bones or other areas right from the start.

Extra systems for transportable hula hoops
Thanks to an innovative system with one-click function, some hula hoops can be dismantled for transport. In the test of the hula hoops, we examined whether the necessary stability was still available. Successful training should not be interrupted by the tire dissolving into its individual components. In addition, the simple assembly of the elements should be quick and safe. So nothing stands in the way of training when traveling.

The material
The individual demands on the hula hoops depend on the training needs and the individual physical shape. In addition to the typical plastic tires, advanced skiers can also consider metal tires with a foam cover. For those who are a bit more sensitive, however, the plastic hula hoops with an additional foam cover are a good decision. There are also tires whose plastic material is wrapped with tape or fabric tape. The comparison test winner of the hula hoops can be used without further preparation. With other models it can be an advantage to wrap them yourself before use or to stabilize the transitions between the individual components.

Hula hoops with a stimulating effect
The energy points in the body are stimulated by special equipment such as magnets, which are evenly distributed in the tire. This can also be done with wavy knobs. In order for the knobs not to cause pain, it is important that they are not too tight and large. Nevertheless, a certain minimum is required in order to achieve the desired massage function.

Tires that can be dismantled or folded to save space
For on the go or for space-saving storage at home, it makes sense to use collapsible or foldable hula hoops. Due to their special nature and the sophisticated fixation, these models can be assembled in no time when training is to begin. Even taking it apart takes little time and makes it easy to transport the tire.

Suitability of the hula hoops
The comparison winners of the hula hoops for professionals prove themselves not only in gymnastics exercises, but also in dance or holistic training. The fitness tires with massage nubs are suitable for both beginners and experienced hula hoops and are primarily used to specifically train problem areas. However, they are less suitable for people who are sensitive to pain. In the test of the hula hoops from 2020, we were able to extensively examine the numerous models to determine which tire is particularly suitable for which purposes.

What do I have to look out for when buying a hula hoop?

Only with the right tire size is it possible to train effectively and have fun with it. The purchase criteria are based on the one hand on the size and on the other hand on previous experience or the level of training. For beginners, the tires with a large diameter and higher weight are the right models, while advanced users like to use the lighter and slightly smaller hula hoops.


The purchase decision also depends on whether you want to increase your fitness, whether you want to lose weight or whether entire choreographies or dances are on the wish list. Any extras or accessories for the hula hoop may also be necessary to prepare for the upcoming training units. Our test of the hula hoops shows which details should be considered when choosing.

There is a simple trick to finding out the size of the hula hoop. When the tire is upright in front of the body, it should reach at least to the hips and at most to the navel. For those who are ordering a hula hoop for the first time, a diameter of about one meter is recommended.

Trained people can also use smaller tires with a diameter of approx. 90 cm. As a general rule, a larger hula hoop is easier to train with. This makes the rotary movement a little slower and is therefore not as demanding.

The larger hula hoops are only used when the level of training is advanced. The good thing is that the effect is basically the same for the different sizes. Only the intensity can be increased through the increased speed.

In addition to the diameter, it is important to find the optimal weight. Training with a heavy tire requires a little more physical strength and is therefore more strenuous. Nevertheless, the heavy hula hoops are suitable for beginners, because the centrifugal force works better with them.

The tires with a higher weight are also used for dance exercises and choreographies, as they can be swung in a particularly targeted manner. So if you are looking for a hula hoop for the hoop dance, the heavy hoops are well advised. For advanced dancers and artists, the lighter models are the right choice. These offer even more possibilities for variation, but at the same time require more precision and practice.

The fitness hoops are ideal for a comfortable introduction to the world of hula hoops. They are simply constructed and are available in numerous colors. Their low price and smooth surface make it easier for even inexperienced people to get used to the new movement.

With their size between 95 and 110 cm and a thickness between 2.5 and 3 cm, they can be adapted to the individual training level and size. Weights can be added to increase the training effect. This is done, for example, by filling hollow hoops with sand or water. The training becomes more strenuous due to the increased weight, but the rotation itself is easier.

If the focus is on health, then the health hoops are the right models. These tires generally have nubs that massage and thus stimulate the connective tissue and blood circulation. In the hula hoop test of 2020, these special tires cannot be compared directly with the fitness and choreography hoops.

But it is possible to draw parallels and take a closer look at the training effects. According to the manufacturer, the body receives further stimulation through integrated weights and / or magnets, so that, among other things, the metabolism is stimulated. This also happens with normal fitness tires, because the movement and the slight pressure when turning not only support the muscles, but also the oxygen supply in the body.

The choreography hoop is the ideal choice for people who train regularly and expect a little more from their hoop. With a diameter of around 90 cm and the relatively thin tire thickness, which is around 2 cm, the choreography hoops can be used for special types of training.

Acrobatic elements and dance steps are just as possible as artistic interludes. In this context, the hoop is not moved around the waist and hips as in the other training units, but also around the arms, around the legs or even around the neck.

To avoid injuries, the choreography hoops are lighter in weight. The reduced centrifugal force is not a problem for the advanced riders. Instead, you benefit from the improved precision and the expanded application possibilities of the tires.

Useful accessories

The comparison test winner of the hula hoops basically does not need any accessories, but there are some additional elements that can make training easier or more effective. In the case of smooth tires, it is also possible to wrap them with a specially designed tape.

This is offered by the meter by some manufacturers. For the perfect balance, it should be fixed absolutely evenly. Soft tape to wrap around the tire provides more grip. In addition, the beautiful colors add an individual, cheerful note to the training room.

Hoop bags are available as additional accessories. These are typically circular systems that wrap the tire and protect it from bumps and scratches. This prevents damage to the hula hoop when driving to the gym, even if it has a sensitive surface.

As resilient as the material is, it should not be used more than necessary. Travel extenders can also be used as an alternative to the hoop bags. These ensure that there is no damage from excessive tension.

Removable travel hoops can be securely fixed and transported with Velcro holders. If the individual elements of the tires are stowed with these brackets, they also fall apart in the travel bag or in the sports bag. In addition to the handling, this also significantly improves the safety and durability of the travel hoops.

Individual parts for hula hoops are also available. They allow you to assemble the tire yourself. The pipe elements, blind rivets and plastic connectors are available individually and often as a set. Such a kit is complete with a bag. The accessories for building a tire yourself should be of professional quality so that the blank ultimately becomes a robust training device.

With the help of the precisely tailored connectors and pipe systems, the individual hula hoop can be put together to measure and permanently fixed. The combination of the tubes and the wrapping tape makes the training device an unmistakable one-of-a-kind.

Hula Hoop Alternatives

The hula hoop cannot be replaced by any other fitness device. Belly dancing, for example, is an alternative training method, which has a similar effect because it also trains the core of the body. Other individually usable sports equipment such as an exercise ball are also used to improve coordination.

Like the hula hoop, this is characterized by its simplified shape and numerous possible uses. Fascia rolls also train the sense of balance and ensure firmer skin. They bring the body into shape and at the same time protect the joints, both advantages that the hula hoops also offer.

Frequently Asked Questions: Hula Hoops

Is Hula Hoop Healthy?

Hula Hoop is healthy and offers an exciting training session for the buttocks, hips and stomach. A hula hop gets your body moving and exercise is known to be excellent for your health.

Which hula hoops helps to lose weight?

A hula hoop is also ideal for losing weight, because with a workout of 30 minutes the body burns up to 900 calories and that is ideal for losing weight. In addition, the Hula Hoop increases the urge to move and this also promotes weight loss.

How heavy does a hula hoop have to be?

The hula hoop should have a weight of 800 g to a maximum of 1.2 kg. It must always be remembered that the existing weight is increased due to the centrifugal force.

How often should you do Hula Hoop?

You should train at least 2-3 times a week for 15-20 minutes with the hula hoop. For beginners, however, a different rule applies, here you should not train longer than 2-5 minutes at a time in the first 3-4 days, because the body first has to get used to the training.