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Home Gym: Test & Reviews

Author: Manuel Heitmann

Coach & Fitness Expert

The multi-gym appeals to several muscle groups such as the back, legs, arms and buttocks. For the best list of multi-gyms, our team of experts included various tests from the Internet and considered user weight, weight block, number of functions and much more.

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Best Home Gyms

Questions to Consider Before Buying A Home Gym

Design features and mechanical characteristics

An extensive comparison is necessary to find the right multi-gym. Particular emphasis must be placed on a stable, well-made frame construction. The weld seams have to be worked carefully and high-quality screws have to be used to connect the individual parts. Of course, the selected device should have a test seal.

Mechanical parts such as traction ropes and pulleys must be able to be moved easily. Ball-bearing pulleys guarantee smooth and harmonious movements. Press and press modules should also be equipped with ball bearings or bronze / sintered bushings.

Modern multi-gyms equipped with TNT technology guarantee quiet training processes. When using this technology, the training resistance is generated by an innovative nitrogen technology and not, as usual, by means of weights. The smooth and even resistance is generated by cylinders filled with nitrogen.

Range of exercises and functionality

A high-quality multi-gym should target all of the body’s major muscle groups. These include the arm muscles, shoulder girdle, small and large back muscles, abdominal muscles, glutes and all muscles of the thighs. For every strength athlete, the triceps and biceps are the most important muscles in terms of arm muscles.

In order to be able to address all important muscle groups, it is an advantage if the multi-gym is equipped with additional equipment such as rowing, lower pulling ropes for arm curls as well as arm and leg cuffs.

When choosing their own multi-gym, every strength athlete should make sure that it meets the requirements of their training plan 100%. This also means that the multi-gym is equipped with the correspondingly high weights so that it does not reach the limit after a short time.

But not only the extensive range of exercises is important, the functionality of the multi-gym should also be considered. Negative training results and damage to the body or muscles are mostly caused by inferior equipment.

When it comes to such problems, the physiologically incorrect angles of the joints are often decisive. Special attention should be paid to this in all exercises. The construction of a multi-gym has a significant effect on the position of the joint angles. In a poorly designed multi-gym, incorrect loads of this kind are inevitable.

Experts recommend multi-gyms that are equipped with a variable cable pull system. The individual height, arm and leg length must not be disregarded. A high-quality multi-gym is adjustable in all respects. It is adjustable in height in relation to the bench. The leg curl and backrest should also be adjustable.

All of these points should already be taken into account when choosing a multi-gym.

When choosing a multi-gym, the purchase decision should not be based solely on the lowest possible purchase price. In order not to suffer any physical damage, the functionality of the selected device must be in the foreground. This is the only way to ensure long-term training at the multi-gym without accidents and with fun building muscles.

What types of Home gyms are there?

More and more fitness enthusiasts are deciding to no longer work out in a gym, but at home. A multi-gym is required for this.

In the meantime, many well-known manufacturers of fitness equipment have brought multi-gyms onto the market with which it is possible, just like in the gym, to train all important muscle groups at home.

The huge range of options does not make it easy to select the individually suitable multi-gym with which the self-imposed training plan can be carried out.

There are several types of multi-gyms that differ not only in terms of equipment, but also in other ways.

Differences in equipment

The most important points of a good multi-gym are high-quality workmanship and equipment. Only with the right equipment can individual muscle building, tailored to the training plan, be pursued.

Of course, the equipment largely depends on the purchase price. Power stations from the upper price segment are naturally better equipped than devices from the lower price category.
A device in the higher price range is usually equipped with a heavier weight block, so that such a device is also suitable for advanced strength athletes. Weight blocks up to 100 kg are not uncommon here.

In addition, a more expensive device will have higher quality cable systems. Rotatable cable pulleys, fully clad weight blocks and better frame constructions differentiate devices from the upper price segment compared to the cheaper multi-gyms.

With less equipment, especially noticeable in the lighter weight blocks, often only up to 40 or 60 kg, these devices are mostly only suitable for beginners, re-entrants or occasional athletes who have no ambition to advance into higher weight classes.

Another point of differentiation are multiple adjustable benches, adjustable backrests, height-adjustable cable systems and much more.

A very important aspect is the number of exercise options. If we take the device classified in 8th place from our test series, there are 30 exercise options to choose from. But this device is really cheap and only designed as an entry-level model. Higher-priced multi-gyms, also from the middle price segment, are characterized by exercise options in the range between 40 and 45 different exercises.

In order to find the right multi-gym for an individual training for perfect muscle building, a preliminary training plan should be in place before the purchase so that there is no disappointment after the purchase because the device does not have the desired exercise options.

Different types of home gyms

When speaking of “types” or “types” in the field of multi-gyms, the different resistance systems are generally meant. The biggest difference in multi-gyms is weight, load and resistance regulation. Four variants have established themselves here, depending on the manufacturer.

In addition to regulation by weight plates, the pin system and a hydraulic system, multi-gyms also have a slide-lock system plus TNT, the so-called Total Nitrocell Technology, which is integrated into the Finnlo Bio Force multi-gym, for example. These resistance systems are often used in combination in multi-gyms.

If a multi-gym is equipped with the pin system, the load is regulated by pins, a connector system and weight blocks. If the resistance is regulated by means of weight plates, the load changes when weights are placed on or off, which are placed on special holders.

If a hydraulic system is integrated, the regulation is carried out by means of a mechanism on hydraulic cylinders, which are filled with nitrogen. Hydraulic cylinders are also used to regulate the resistance in the sliding lock system plus TNT.

Advantages of a home gym

Not everyone likes to work out in the gym. This mainly applies to people who are a little overweight and want to enter the fitness area. You often feel smiled at or gazed at. A multi-gym is a great way to bring your own gym into your home.

Multi-gyms are designed in such a way that they can be used to target every important muscle group in the body.

It is especially important for beginners to be able to perform guided movements with such a device, as this reduces the risk of injury. Compared to other fitness equipment such as a weight bench or cross trainer, there are some serious advantages that speak for a multi-gym.

Your own small gym at home

Exercising at home has something special. On the one hand, training at home certainly increases motivation, because it takes place in the familiar and loved environment. On the other hand, training at home with a multi-gym saves a lot of time.

In crowded fitness studios, you often have to take a compulsory break because certain devices are currently occupied. In addition, the journey there is quite long for many athletes, you have to torment yourself through the evening rush hour traffic.

A multi-gym is the ideal piece of equipment for training at home. Beginners in particular find it easier to get started, as they can perform guided movements on a multi-gym. Even strength athletes can train specifically with a multi-gym specifically designed for them.

In contrast to dumbbell training, the risk of injury for beginners is significantly reduced by specifying the movements and thus correctly performing them. Strength athletes can focus their full attention on each individual muscle.

Number of functions

But buying a multi-gym also has other advantages. With it, the athlete has several functions available in the smallest of spaces. You could also call it a small home gym. With the purchase of a multi-gym, you combine the possible exercises of several devices in a fitness studio on a single device.

The numerous training options include exercises such as lat pull, chest press, leg press or rope pull. Good multi-gyms have a range of 40 to 45 exercise options. In order to adapt the multi-gym to the wishes of the athlete, some devices can even be expanded.

If individual muscle groups are trained in isolation, this improves strength building and muscle growth. The multi-gyms are usually equipped with a weight block, in which the weight elements, between 4 and 6 kg per element, can be individually adjusted using a plug-in system. With this extremely space-saving design, it is possible to change training weights quickly and easily.

In order to find the individually suitable multi-gym for the home, it is worth looking up product reports and comparison pages on the Internet to find information.

Variety of exercise options

The number of exercise options is one of the most important factors when choosing a multi-gym for home training

A special advantage arises for every athlete if he can build muscle with his multi-gym with regard to his training ideas. To make training at home really fun, your favorite exercises should be possible and can be performed in good quality.

Normally, a multi-gym can be used to complete a workout at home. Many different muscle groups are addressed with the same high quality of movement.

Possible uses of a home gym

With a multi-gym, you can bring your own fitness studio home. Numerous product tests have shown that a multi-gym can target all of the body’s major muscle groups. Regardless of whether your stomach, bottom or legs – the whole body can be specifically shaped here. In addition, a multi-gym has many other advantages. You can find out what these are in our detailed guide.

Efficient training on the home gym - not only useful for bodybuilders

Many people think that training on a so-called multi-gym is only for bodybuilders and other strength athletes. That’s not true, light and, above all, versatile strength training is positive for everyone. From the age of 30, the muscles begin to slowly break down. Numerous medical tests have proven this. Then at the latest you should counteract this with light strength training.

Fitness and stamina also benefit from the training. Strength training is also used after accidents in rehab to slowly rebuild muscles. Another positive effect are the effects on the cardiovascular system.

One device - diverse training options

Especially when you buy fitness equipment for at home, it makes sense if it can be used in a variety of ways. So you don’t need a lot of space and storage space. These advantages of the multi-gym have been proven in numerous product tests. Most multi-gyms are designed in such a way that they stand freely in the room and can thus be used from almost any side. Numerous different exercises are thus possible. If you are looking for a device for efficient full-body training, you will definitely find it here. Legs, buttocks and stomach can be trained well with it.

Many people suffer from back pain on a daily basis, which can also be positively influenced by training on the multi-gym. The advantage over the fitness studio is that the device is at home. There is no need to go to the gym and with it all the excuses: bad weather, no time or the long journey to get there are no longer arguments. If you only have to walk a few steps to the multi-gym, the motivation is much greater.

The home gyms and their numerous possibilities

Even if an efficient workout is possible with the multi-gym, you should take a close look and inform yourself before buying a device. The individual devices differ greatly in some cases. Here is another advantage: You can choose a device that is precisely tailored to your needs. If you want to train your entire body as much as possible, you can use a device with as many functions as possible.

Beginners can also get started with a somewhat smaller device with less scope. If you look for a training plan from the Internet that is precisely tailored to your needs, you can improve your fitness and muscle strength extremely within a few weeks. This was also the result of numerous tests on volunteers. You don’t need a personal trainer or gym for this. But the new muscles not only look good, they also strengthen the joints and can thus contribute extremely to physical fitness.

A well-trained body provides good security against injuries and pain in stressful everyday life. Damage to posture can also be prevented in this way. Moderate strength training may also prevent osteoporosis.

One-time costs instead of ongoing monthly fees

You have to pay a lot of money monthly for the gym even if you don’t go. You only pay once for the fitness station and can then use it for as long as you want. Tests show again and again that people really only go to the studio regularly at the beginning. Gradually the motivation is lost and you no longer go there. The body only gets fit if it is exercised regularly. A workout every two weeks in the gym doesn’t really help.

Product tests have shown that athletes train much more often with a multi-gym at home. Fixed times and meeting yourself to exercise have a positive effect. There are no excuses because the weight room is just steps away. This also explains another advantage of the multi-gym for at home: It takes much less time. Because there is no need to get there. Plus, you can wear whatever you want to exercise. Expensive functional clothing to look good during training is not necessary.

For advanced users - exercise with the home gym

The multi-gym with its guided exercises gives beginners a high level of safety, as many tests have shown successfully. Because of the exercises guided by the machine, the risk of injury is not so high. If you want to familiarize yourself with strength training first, you will get good support from the machine. In addition, advanced users also benefit from a fitness station, as it also allows numerous free exercises. Exercises with more degrees of freedom not only strengthen the large muscle groups, but also challenge the deep-seated, small muscles.

Adjustable resistances

Another advantage of multi-gyms are the numerous options for adjusting the device. In this way, the weights can be individually adapted to the user. Beginners choose low weight in order to get used to the load first. Tests have shown that getting started is easier and that sore muscles can also be prevented. However, advanced users can also train efficiently on the same machine; they simply set the weights much heavier than beginners. The individually adjustable weights can be used to create new training incentives over and over again, and the weights are increased slightly step by step.

How much space does a home gym need?

With a multi-gym, you bring home an effective fitness machine that you can use to train your entire body in a targeted manner. Shoulders, stomach, legs and buttocks are just a few parts of the body that benefit from training. With the multi-gym, you set up your own fitness studio in your own four walls. Before you buy, however, the question arises: How much space does a multi-gym need? You will find the answer in our detailed guide.

With the home gym to a muscular body

Various elements such as chest press, leg extension or rowing in the multi-gym train numerous muscle groups in order to stimulate muscle building and fat burning. The weights of fitness stations are usually between five and 80 kilograms. There are big differences between men and women when it comes to the required weights. This was found out in numerous product tests on multi-gyms. That is why you should definitely pay attention to this when buying.

A maximum body weight for which the device is approved is specified for the multi-gym. There are also limits to body size. If you are over 185 centimeters tall, you will probably not find a multi-gym that is right for you in stores. Because this is where the fitness equipment reaches its limits, as there is not enough space to perform the exercises in the full range of motion.

How much space do you need for a home gym?

Now we come to the question of how much space the multi-gym needs in your home. There is no general answer to this. It always depends on the model. The basic versions do not have as many functions, which is reflected in the small footprint. However, these devices definitely need three to four square meters. There is also about one meter of free space on each side. This is the only way to perform all exercises correctly. However, two meters of extra space would be best.

Another important point is the room height. Product tests have shown that multi-gyms are usually over two meters high. If the multi-gym comes with a dip bar, the room should be at least 2.5 meters high. Otherwise, training without complications is usually not possible.

Your own fitness room - the best conditions for a home gym

If you have a large apartment or house, you can set up your own fitness room for your new multi-gym. There is a safe place for the fitness equipment and you can train in a very relaxed manner. But here too you should make sure that the ceilings are sufficiently high. In addition to the multi-gym, it is worth purchasing a treadmill or cross trainer. A full body workout with endurance and strength training blocks is possible.

Tests on athletes have shown that particularly efficient training is possible. Also make sure that the room in which your multi-gym is located can be adequately ventilated. Before training, you should always let fresh air into your room, tests have shown that better results can be achieved with it. Of course, the room should also be ventilated after training.

Take your measurements before you buy - is there enough space?

As already mentioned, most power stations take up three to four square meters. Then there is the freedom to train. If you buy a multi-gym with a suspension trainer, you need a little more space, this was the result of numerous tests. For many products, the manufacturer also provides information on how much space is required exactly.

To be on the safe side, you should measure the place in your home where the multi-gym will be located before buying. Simply calculate the square meters of the room with the folding rule and don’t forget to measure the height.

Home gym construction - do it yourself or have a professional build it?

Not only the space requirement of the multi-gym should be considered before buying. The structure is also interesting. Inexpensive devices do not have as many functions as more expensive ones and are therefore much easier to set up. However, product tests have shown that many buyers are overwhelmed with building a more complex multi-gym. Here it really makes sense to consult a specialist. Some manufacturers also offer the “assembly” service. In addition, there is the option of being instructed by specialists in the correct training with the multi-gym.

Every two to three months you should check the screws on the device and tighten them again if necessary. You should also check the cable connections every three to six months. If necessary, you should retighten them. You should also take a look at the weld seams from time to time, because the device can also show damage over time. Bearings, joint parts and adjustment units are further possible weak points. If these no longer run smoothly and smoothly, a suitable grease agent will help.

A good home gym must have these features

As an effective piece of sports equipment, a multi-gym should first and foremost enable effective training that allows fitness, stamina and muscle building, and promotes an increase in your own performance. Since the device, which was so compact in the test, only has a limited selection of equipment available, some of which can be expanded with additional weights and weight plates, the multi-gym should be designed in such a way that a varied workout can be implemented without the exercises being monotonous or are overly limited.

The training of all main muscle groups is crucial for building muscle, which is guaranteed all round with a multi-gym. This affects the formation of shoulders, arms, chest, stomach, back, buttocks and legs, for which the decisive fixed and movable parts are available. At least 50 varied exercises should be possible with a good multi-gym. The device is designed to allow sustainable training and also to be able to train progressively.

Versatility for optimal training

Progressive training is designed to increase resistance and the use of weights. Muscles can only be built up if the body feels challenged, the corresponding higher training stimulus is exercised and the muscles have to be adapted to the exertion. Just as important is the regeneration phase afterwards, which is the actual period of muscle growth. The training stresses the muscles to the highest limit, the regeneration helps the body to build up new cells and muscle fibers. If, on the other hand, only a monotonous exercise sequence is started, the body gets used to it very quickly and does not build muscle. The trainee quickly notices that the exercises are hardly any more strenuous and in themselves are not very challenging. Perseverance or consistent continuation does not help in the test and comparison. The body cannot be tricked. If he perceives the exercised training stimuli as less demanding, he stops the muscle growth because the strength is sufficient.

In a multi-gym, it is therefore crucial for meaningful training that the weights can be changed or exchanged quickly. A good multi-gym should also ensure that a weight can be increased at any time. This is only possible to a limited extent with models in the medium price segment. However, you can train long and productively with a weight of 50 to 60 kilograms. The exercises should then only be varied and the number of repetitions, sets and breaks designed differently.

The structure of a multi-gym and the size of the training bench also play a role in efficient training. The device should be able to be adapted to different body sizes, and the multi-gym should have adjustment options accordingly. A few models are fixed and rigid, which challenge the luck of an optimal size adjustment. This applies above all to the distances, angles and rope lengths, which have to fit your own anatomy. A high-quality device with the basic requirements for body size adjustment is better. This not only ensures more efficient training, but also the desired level of safety.

A multi-gym can be selected when purchasing it so that it meets your own requirements. Anyone who is passionate about weight training and muscle training also needs a correspondingly larger and more demanding model. The choice should fall on a multi-gym that is sturdy, allows many exercises and is durable.

Such models are usually more expensive in the test. The resilience of the device can also be chosen so that improvement and expansion are possible. If the choice falls on a more expensive and extensive model, a cost saving is still guaranteed, since z. For example, going to the gym and the associated fees are eliminated, as are the costs for travel and sports equipment.

Of course, there are also multi-gyms with smaller equipment, which are attractive for occasional athletes and then also cheaper in stores, or used equipment. Attention must be paid to the high-quality workmanship of all components, a basic metal frame, and the stability and durability of the device. Even cheaper and less extensive multi-gyms should allow the basic exercises and offer all constructions, weights and resistances for chest, stomach, back, legs, shoulders and arms. A model with a corresponding test seal is decisive in order to meet the safety requirements.

Home Gyms benefit your health

A multi-gym can also be an excellent choice for prevention or rehabilitation and offers the advantage of sustainable regeneration and fitness improvement. Pain, bad posture or tension are eliminated, consequential damage avoided, fat reduction guaranteed and the musculoskeletal system strengthened. The multi-gym can also do more, it improves the overall resilience of the body, including tendons and ligaments, increases bone density with regular training, can help you lose weight and increase the basal metabolic rate of the muscles.

The multi-gym should offer a maximum load of up to 100 kilograms in the test, offer numerous resistances, can be expanded by weights and also be ergonomically shaped. The athlete should feel safe and comfortable during training, use non-slip conditions and be able to perform a variety of exercises. It is also important that the multi-gym is set up in such a way that only quiet movements are possible. If the components, ropes and straps squeak, the training is adversely affected and disturbed. That doesn’t exactly encourage motivation either.

Weights and pull modules form the basis for good and beneficial training with the multi-gym. If the device has a training bench, it replaces a conventional weight bench at the same time, and allows the exercises to be carried out comfortably. Setting the resistance is particularly efficient thanks to TNT technology and gas pressure processes. TNT stands for “Total Nitrocell Technology” and offers technology with a nitrogen cylinder, which can be used to set an optimized resistance.

A multi-gym is usually set up fixed and screwed tight and then used in a certain room. Some models in the test offer faster assembly and disassembly, but the room in which the multi-gym allows training can be selected before purchasing the device.
The assembly is carried out with the help of the operating instructions. Many devices have self-locking nuts and bolts. Dismantling and reassembling must then be implemented with newly purchased screws, otherwise safety is reduced.

In summary, the multi-gym should have cable pulleys, pulleys, a dip station, chest and leg presses to allow versatile exercises. You can then start strength training, speed strength and cardio training, combination training or body weight training. Multi-gyms that can be expanded with additional equipment, including a suspension trainer or punching bag, are also excellent.

Exercises on the home gym

Going to the gym is essential for a strong body? This is not entirely true, product tests have shown that with a little money and space you can design your own gym at home. All you need is a multi-gym. The selection of models is very large, as well as the possibilities to train with them. We have put together the most common exercises for you in our guide.

The home gym exercise “Butterfly”

One of the simplest and most effective exercises is the butterfly exercise, which is also known under the term “Chest Fly on machine”. It is therefore particularly popular with strength athletes. Mainly the pectoralis major and the front shoulder muscles are trained. You can easily do this exercise while sitting, with both hands grasping the handlebars. The arms are slightly bent. Press the glutes and back against the back pad. The execution is absolutely simple: Bring your hands together in front of your chest and then return to the starting position. Avoid exercising with momentum from the upper body. Only the chest muscles should really be used here. Make sure that you can adjust the seat of the multi-gym; this is the only way to ensure that the handlebars are in the correct position.

The home gym exercise latissimus pull

With the latissimus pull, the arm and shoulder muscles, but also the muscles in the upper back, can be trained quickly and easily. Numerous tests have shown this. As with the first exercise, sit upright on the bench again and grab the latissimus bar. Extend your arms, pulling your shoulders down and back. Now you have two options: on the one hand, you can pull the bar in front of your head towards your chest or you can pull the bar behind your head towards your shoulders. On some models there is also a rowing pull, which can be used to perform rowing movements that wonderfully strengthen the back muscles.

The home gym exercise bench press

The bench press, which can be easily done with a multi-gym, is also very popular with strength athletes. In product tests, experts found that the chest muscles, the triceps and the front shoulder muscles are well challenged. Sit up straight on the bench again, the stirrup must be in front of your chest. Depending on your height, you have to adjust the seat height. When the right height is found, extend your arms forward. The arms must always remain at chest height and should not be fully extended. Then move your arms back towards your body.

The home gym exercise leg curl

Strengthening the quadriceps is our fourth exercise. The quadriceps is the large muscle on the front of the thigh. This is trained with the leg curl or leg extension. Sit back in an upright position on the seat and lean your back against the cushion. Place the legs over the top rollers of the leg extension device. Then tuck your feet behind the lower rollers, the latter should be slightly above the ankles. Now stretch your feet forward and pull your feet up with the support of the thigh muscles. Finally, let your legs drop back into the starting position in a controlled manner.

This exercise can also be done while standing. To do this, turn your back to the multi-gym and stand up straight. Put one foot through the leg loop. Put your hands on your hips. Then pull the leg upwards at a 90 degree angle, then lower it again in a controlled manner. Not only the thigh muscles are required here, but also the core muscles and the stability of the entire body, including a sense of balance.

Avoid incorrect loads and movements

The chin and neck also play a big role in avoiding improper stress. The chin should always tilt towards the chest so that the neck forms a straight extension of the spine. As already mentioned, you should perform all movements slowly and in a controlled manner. Jerky movements are out of place here. Breathe in during exercise, breathe out during relief. If you lapse into press breathing or bring momentum through your upper body into the exercise, it is better to stop the exercise. You are then probably not up to the effort.

It is always better to train short and right than long and wrong. Move the weight to the desired position, stay there for a short moment and then carefully return to the starting position. This slow return is very important for training, it requires permanent muscle stimulation. Elbows and knees should never be fully extended.

Avoid imbalances through proper training

Always train on both sides. This is the only way to prevent imbalances. This means that if you strengthen your lower back, it will be your turn for the abdominal muscles. So you always train the opponents, for example the triceps for biceps. Tests have shown that the body needs a certain recovery time after training. There should always be a break of one to two days between training sessions.

Advanced athletes have to constantly give their body new stimuli, this is the only way to permanently challenge the muscles. To do this, you can increase the load, but also vary the exercises. Many guided exercises can be carried out freely, which makes them much more demanding. This workout also trains all of the small, deep-seated muscles. At the beginning of the training you should always warm up your body to avoid injuries. Loose stretching exercises, jogging and jumping on the spot are good for this. Jump rope, trampoline and treadmill are worthwhile alternatives.

What do I have to look out for when buying a home gym?

The best option to save yourself hitting the crowded gym is to buy a weight station for a home workout. With this device, training can be carried out just as effectively in your own four walls as in a studio.

However, when buying a multi-gym, certain things must be considered so that training at home is fun and produces the desired effect.

Variety in exercises is a must

The decision to buy a multi-gym should primarily be based on the number of exercise options. Training will only be fun if the individual training plan can be carried out as desired and all favorite exercises are included. Strength training at home with a multi-gym enables full-body training that addresses all of the body’s important muscle groups.

The exercise options category naturally also includes the height of the weights in order to be able to perform all the desired exercises with the individual load. The weight block should contain sufficient possibilities for increase. Of course, a newcomer does not need as high weights as an advanced strength athlete.

The weight units must be adjustable in the desired weight levels, e.g. B. with weights of 5 kg, and are at best made of steel. It is advisable to use smaller weight units over larger ones, as these offer more adjustment options.

The construction of the frame is also included in this category. The frame of the multi-gym should be made of as thick-walled steel as possible and the weld seams should be neatly processed. Only if the frame is stable enough will it withstand the heavy loads in the long run.


Bench and pulling system

For comfortable training, the bench and backrest should have the appropriate thick padding. With the many sitting exercises, there shouldn’t be any pressure points or pain in the buttocks or back.

A very important factor is the adjustability of the bench and possibly the backrest in order to adjust the sitting position individually. This is the only way to achieve optimal posture for the individual exercises.

With the correctly adjusted seat height, all handles of the pull ropes can be easily reached. Pull ropes and pulleys require high quality because they are exposed to very high loads. In addition, the quality of, for example, plastic-coated ropes and pulleys has an effect on the fluidity of the pulling movements.

The rollers should also have ball bearings. Furthermore, plastic and ball bearings act like a silencer. Nylon ropes should be avoided as they stretch very quickly.

How much does a home gym cost?

Fitness can get pretty expensive in the long run. Not only that the fees in the studios are sometimes relatively high, additional money is spent on drinks and snacks during the breaks, and the journey costs money. In addition, the time required can be quite high depending on the length of the journey.

Having a home gym can actually save money in the long run. But only if the multi-gym is correctly sized and has a long service life. The price segment for multi-gyms is very broad, so that everyone can find the right device for their needs.

The price is based on individual requirements

You cannot flat-rate the purchase price of a multi-gym. It is always based on the individual requirements of the athlete. The price range of multi-gyms starts at less than US$200, good equipment can cost US$1,000 or more.

As a rule, you can say that the price of a multi-gym depends on the equipment. A newcomer or returnee will be able to get by with a cheaper device. An advanced strength athlete, on the other hand, will not be satisfied with the limited equipment of a cheap device.

Inexpensive home gyms with slim equipment

The power stations from the lower price segment are priced below US$200 to around US$400. These devices are often not much worse in terms of equipment than a higher-priced device. There are serious differences in the processing and quality of the material used and the weight load.

The cheaper multi-gyms are often only equipped with weights of 40 to 60 kg. In addition, inferior quality can sometimes be found here on traction cables or pulleys. This is clearly visible in unclean weld seams or nylon pull ropes.

Home gyms from the upper price segment

Multi-gyms from the middle or upper price segment are priced between US$500 and US$1,000 or more. Here, the athlete can expect equipment that enables advanced strength athletes to carry out effective training at home.

The higher the price of the multi-gym, the better the equipment. The processed materials are of better quality and mostly of high quality. Stable frame constructions and high-quality traction systems with ball-bearing rollers ensure a long service life.

In addition, devices from the upper price segment are often equipped with weight units of up to 100 kg. Many of the devices from the middle or upper price segment can also be stocked with additional weights.

An athlete interested in a multi-gym should always base the purchase price of his multi-gym on the desired equipment.

Tips and tricks for optimal training

Anyone who decides to purchase their own multi-gym for at home instead of going to the gym should consider that a professionally developed training plan is also important. Training can only be effective and achieve the desired results if all important muscle groups are specifically trained.

Exercises and repetitions

In order to have fun with the training, exercises should be included in the training plan, which are performed with pleasure and with the highest motivation. Those who torment themselves through their training plan will not have the desired success. The training plan should also be adhered to as much as possible. After a test phase, exercises that are not fun should be exchanged for others.

Training shouldn’t take place too late either, because afterwards the body needs the energy supply from a meal for quick regeneration. Restful sleep is important for building muscle, so the post-workout meal should be taken two hours before going to bed.

It is also important to vary the exercises so that the muscles do not get used to certain movement sequences.

The execution speed of the exercises must be found individually. Whether fast or slower, everyone has to find their own style.

An exercise should only be finished when the muscles fail. The number of repetitions does not matter. If muscle failure does not occur after 20 repetitions, the next workout simply increases the weight.

Muscles need a reason to grow. To do this, they should be warmed up with two to three easy training sets before they are then properly challenged with the right “work sets”. Only when the muscle fails is the muscle properly stimulated.

The training should be varied with different numbers of repetitions. Muscle failure should occur after 8 to 12 repetitions. If you get a shock with 20 repetitions in between, there is no getting used to, because you have to adapt again and again.

Overtraining should be strictly avoided. The muscles always need enough time to regenerate between training units. After the stimulus, i.e. training, the muscles need sufficient time to grow. During this time, “fast” carbohydrates should also be avoided.

There is no such thing as rapid muscle building. Trying to force it will in most cases result in injury to muscles, tendons, ligaments, and joints. Proper training has to be done continuously, persistently and hard in order to get the desired success.

Motivation for the home gym

The multi-gym offers many great advantages for fitness training at home. If you first need a motivation for why you train better at home than in the gym, we recommend this (serious) gym etiquette from the Bunte. “No way” and “never” should you eat something, answer your phone or stand around and signal that you are waiting for a device. All of the rules are certainly justified, but in the end you can only be happy that you own your multi-gym alone.

If the multi-gym has just been bought new from the test, the motivation is certainly high. This is why the first tip to get out of a possible low is:

  • Change of location for the home gym: At some point the eye will get used to the new machine and you will no longer notice it. If that prevents you from exercising, it’s time to move the machine.
  • Appropriate goals: They should be challenging, but not overambitious.
  • Change your diet: Anyone who feels too weak and unmotivated to go on the weight machine should check their diet. If this is not healthy and balanced, it could make you powerless and motivated.
  • Turn off smart devices: Turn off the Internet. So you can’t get WhatsApps, emails and push-up notifications that keep you from training.
  • Show off: It’s best to pass on your training goals. Now you have to show whether you are a “man (or woman) of action” or just hot air.
  • Rewards: It can also be very motivating to link your own goals with rewards. A pair of new fitness shoes? An evening in the steak house … everyone knows best what would motivate them.

Home Gym Alternatives

A multi-gym is a small home gym. With such a device, effective muscle building can be carried out at home. Most multi-gyms have a range of between 30 and 45 different exercise options.

But not everyone wants to train on a multi-gym. Which alternatives offer muscle building to the same extent as a multi-gym? Let’s take a look at some of the possibilities, because everyone makes different decisions in terms of wallet, training intensity and environment.

The way to the gym

The traditional way of building muscle in modern times is in the gym. A good gym is equipped with all the equipment you need to work out effectively. Not as compact as a multi-gym, but there are many different devices available to the athlete for the various exercises.

Many strength athletes also love to train in front of an audience. The advantage of a fitness studio is that there are more exercise options here than with a multi-gym at home due to the equipment. However, with this variant, the arrival and departure as well as often high contributions with long contract periods must be accepted.

Weight bench

Targeted muscle building can also be carried out with a weight bench. You can also train at home with a weight bench. The big advantage of this variant is the purchase price. Due to the minimal equipment, a weight bench is much cheaper than a multi-gym.

The disadvantage is the range of exercises. With a weight bench, you don’t have such a wide range of exercises for a long time. The number of different exercise options is very limited. The price comparison between the weight bench and multi-gym is in favor of the multi-gym, because a weight bench for beginners is in the price segment of multi-gyms for beginners.

If you compare the number of possible exercises, the multi-gym is in front. In addition, the supplied weights are only sufficient to start training. Then weights have to be bought, which drives the price up.

Rowing Machine

A rowing machine is also suitable for exercising the whole body. All muscle groups in the arms, shoulders, back, stomach, buttocks and legs are addressed by the fluid pulling movements. However, a rowing machine is more likely to train endurance than effective muscle building.

For fitness enthusiasts, a rowing machine is suitable for body-forming and to increase endurance. In addition, the simultaneous stressing of so many muscles stimulates the cardiovascular system.

There is no real alternative to a multi-gym for training at home. No other device offers this high number of exercise options. The multi-gym is the right device for effective muscle building training. Just one visit to the gym will bring the same results to a strength athlete.

Frequently Asked Questions: Home Gyms

How is a home gym set up?

A multi-gym consists primarily of an immensely stable frame. Then there are the precisely manufactured individual parts and the moving components, which are perfectly coordinated. There is also upholstery that is particularly hard-wearing.

What are the use cases of a home gym?

A multi-gym is primarily intended for building muscle. It can not only be used by inexperienced athletes, but also experienced athletes make use of its versatile possibilities. In addition to building muscle, a multi-gym is also ideal for weight loss.

What alternatives are available for a home gym?

There are only a few alternatives to the multi-gym, including the weight bench, rope pull training and free weight training. The fitness studio is the option if there is no space left for the sports equipment in your own household.

How many people can exercise with a home gym at the same time?

As a rule, only one person can train on the multi-gym. In a fitness studio, the multi-gyms are next to each other so that you can train together with other athletes.

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