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Free Standing Punching Bag: Test & Reviews

Author: Manuel Heitmann

Coach & Fitness Expert

The standing punching bag is known as an excellent accessory in boxing training. The various application methods distinguish the use. Products from numerous manufacturers are available in stores, from a standing punching bag made of real leather to one made of vinyl.

With our large standing punching bag test, we want to help you to find the best free standing punching bag type for you. We have compared a large number of products with each other – starting with the shell and filling material to the weight – and listed the respective advantages and disadvantages. This will make the purchase decision easier for you!

  • The standing punching bag is a useful alternative to the normal punching bag without a wall and ceiling bracket attached. The use in boxing training has an extremely positive effect on the physical and mental state.
  • From beginner to professional level, children as well as adults can meet their physical needs. The versatile possibilities of use offer a simple training method for punching and kicking techniques for everyone.
  • All versions filled with sand, water, air or a mixture of materials are available in the nearest market in your area. For the do-it-yourselfer, there is a do-it-yourself version with tires and sandbags.

Best Free Standing Punching Bags

Best standing punching bag for heavy loads

The hard-wearing standing punching bag from Bad Company is particularly suitable for professional boxing and kickboxing training in your own four walls. The robust vinyl material and the smart reflex spring system increase the quality of the feedback. The size is 170 centimeters, with a diameter of 34 centimeters. When filled, the weight is between 65 and 75 kilograms.

If you are looking for a space-saving professional version made of vinyl material, this product will completely meet your search criteria.

Best classic standing punching bag

The standing punching bag from Punchline qualifies for the realistic training of boxing, punching and kicking techniques. The enormous resilience of artificial leather has a decisive advantage. The extra-large and stable standing container guarantees the stability of the filling weight of about 160 kilograms. The XXL version reaches a height of around 195 centimeters.

If you are looking for an all-rounder punching bag for realistic boxing training, then this standing punching bag is the perfect variant for you.

Best versatile standing punching bag

From amateur boxers to professional boxers, the Bruce Lee Signature standing punching bag is used for home training from high kicks to low kicks. The multifunctional punching bag is suitable for endurance, strength and coordination training. The outer material is made of tear-resistant bisonyl that is known for its durability. The weight with the sand filling is around 100 kilograms. The total height is 173 centimeters.

The majority of buyers praise the outstanding quality and the convincing price-performance ratio. You can access such recommendations without hesitation!

Questions to Consider Before Buying Free Standing Punching Bag

What is a standing punching bag?

Basically, a standing punching bag is a regular punching bag that is used as a resistance in boxing training. Compared to the hanging punching bag, the standing punching bag is characterized by its simple and convenient attachment without a fixed wall or ceiling bracket.

Apart from the bracket, the main difference is the shape.

In addition to the complex assembly, you save a lot of time and space. Mobility in particular pays off for people with little space in their own four walls. Thanks to the quick dismantling, the standing punching bag can easily be stowed in any room or storage room in the apartment.

The hanging punching bag has a uniform weight distribution. In comparison, the weight distribution of a free-standing punching bag is focused on the lower area in order to stabilize the free-standing container. Filling the upright container with sand, water or other material guarantees stability in the event of a striking movement.

What can I use a standing punching bag for?

The endurance training is used to increase your self-confidence, to strengthen your body and to reduce your everyday stress. After a long day in the office, you can adequately meet your physical needs.

Depending on your mood, you have a variety of training options with the standing punching bag. The selection ranges from an endurance workout to boxing and martial arts exercises.

In simple words: boxing training is fun and promotes health at the same time!

The exercises with the standing punching bag offer an extensive alternative to boxing training in the gym. This not only saves you the registration and costs of a fitness center, but also a lot of time in the overcrowded fitness clubs.

What types of free-standing punching bags are available?

Depending on the filling of the standing punching bag, there is a multitude of different types to choose from. From water to sand to filling materials such as plastic granulate, a wide range of mixtures of filling material are possible in order to obtain perfect impact feedback. Popular fillings include:

  • Water
  • Air
  • Sand
  • Corn
  • Pieces of textile
  • Foam
  • Plastic granulate

In addition to the filler material, the outer material also affects the hardness and weight. The outer material usually consists of real leather, synthetic leather or vinyl textile.

As a result, standing punching bags made of synthetic leather are more popular than those made of real leather.
Despite the tear resistance of real leather, punching bags made of artificial leather are considered to be of equivalent quality. Especially the easy care and the excellent price-performance ratio make products made of artificial leather and vinyl material extremely attractive.

A little tip on the side: It is common knowledge that products made from real leather are more sustainable in terms of quality and durability.

Who is suitable for a standing punching bag?

Standing punching bags are suitable for beginners through to professional boxers in boxing training. Endurance training has a very beneficial effect on physical and mental health for children and adults. Regardless of whether they are men or women, every working person needs the opportunity to escape the stresses of everyday working life.

It is particularly useful for people with little space in their own four walls who need simple and flexible sports equipment for regular exercise.

In addition to being used in closed rooms in bad weather or cold, the standing punching bag can also be used in outdoor training. Whether on a terrace with a breathtaking view of the landscape or on the balcony with a relaxing view of the neighborhood, the training device can be used anywhere.

In what size do I buy a standing punching bag?

Size and weight are the most important factors to consider when buying a standing punching bag. The right length of the standing punching bag depends on the size of you and your punching power. In addition to the spring mechanism, the size and weight also influence the impact resistance and vibration behavior.

If the length and weight are not correct, it will have a negative effect on effective boxing training.

Compared to the hanging punching bag, the standing punching bag must be higher. The height depends on the height. Normally the punching bag reaches up to eye level or up to 10 centimeters above your own height. This means that all punching and kicking techniques can be practiced without any physical impairment.

On average, a stable and stable punching bag needs a diameter of at least 35 to 50 centimeters and a weight of 60 to 70 kilograms. The following applies here: the wider and heavier a free-standing punching bag, the better it holds up against knocks and kicks. However, it should be noted that mobility is only beneficial up to a weight of 100 kilograms.

What alternatives are there to a standing punching bag?

Punch bags are available in a wide variety of sizes, designs and materials. In the following table we will give you an overview of the alternatives.

  • Hanging punching bag with hanging frame: A hanging punching bag is a regular punching bag with a hanging frame. The advantage is the use of a classic punching bag without any wall or ceiling bracket.
  • Boxing dummy: A boxing dummy is a high quality boxing doll that has a human-like torso. This alternative is suitable for realistic training in boxing and martial arts.

Each type of punching bag has its own advantages and disadvantages that should be considered before buying. However, the standing punching bag is characterized by its excellent mobility and extensive application possibilities.

What types of standing punching bags are there and which one is right for you?

On the one hand, the decision between the numerous options depends on the filling material and, on the other hand, the jacket material is an essential decision criterion. Therefore, there are four alternatives for you:

  • Standing punching bag with water filling
  • Standing punching bag with air filling
  • Standing punching bag with sand filling
  • Standing punching bag with individual filling

The respective fillings of a standing punching bag have different advantages and disadvantages. Depending on your preferred application, a different type is better for you. With the following section we would like to make your decision easier.

Standing punching bag with water filling: Advantages & Disadvantages

A standing punching bag with water filling is a punching bag whose impact body and base are filled with water for stabilization. Depending on the punch and kick technique used, the low punch feedback proves to be an advantageous property.

Standing punching bag with air filling: Advantages & Disadvantages

Compared to other types of punching bags, the impact body consists of a dense air filling, with stability being guaranteed by a water and sand filling. The use of a standing punching bag with air filling is characterized by the problem-free application at the beginning of the boxing training. This version is particularly suitable for beginners and children.

Standing punching bag with sand filling: Advantages & Disadvantages

The advantage of a standing punching bag with sand filling lies in the wide range of applications. Stability is ensured by filling the base and impact body with sand. From filling with pure sand to mixing different filling materials, there is plenty of scope to get the perfect punch feedback.

Standing punching bag with individual filling: Advantages & Disadvantages

In addition to water, air and sand, the filling of a standing punching bag can consist of other materials. On the one hand, there is a choice of pure filling with plastic granulate, foam, pieces of textile and corn. On the other hand, the mixture of several materials has an advantage in terms of dimensional stability and impact feedback.

Purchase criteria: Use these factors to compare standing punching bags

In the following we will show you which aspects you can use to decide between the multitude of possible standing punching bags.

The criteria with which you can differentiate between the various options and then compare them with one another include:

  • Height and diameter
  • Weight
  • Filling and material

In the next part we will explain to you which criteria must be considered when buying a standing punching bag.

Height and Diameter

As already mentioned, a wide range of products in various sizes and diameters is available in stores. Your own body size, punching power and ultimately the sporting experience are significantly influenced by size.

The minimum size is around 120 centimeters for children and 160 centimeters for adults. The size of a standing punching bag is between 120 and 210 centimeters.

When buying a standing punching bag, there are three simple tips to keep in mind:

  1. Minimum height of 120 centimeters
  2. Minimum diameter of 35 centimeters
  3. Optimal size at eye level or body size + 10 centimeters

The optimal size is a decisive criterion, especially for effective boxing training without physical impairment. A large selection of size-adjustable standing punching bags is available in stores. However, it should be noted that the height must approximately correspond to the body size.


In addition to the height and the diameter, the weight is a decisive factor that must be taken into account when buying a standing punching bag. In general, the weight depends on the size, diameter, filling and jacket material of the free-standing punching bag.

The following rule applies here: the wider and larger a free-standing punching bag, the higher the weight!

The ideal total weight is at least 60 to 70 kilograms. In comparison, when filling the stand weight, you should attach importance to a filling weight of up to 100 kilograms of water or sand. The standing weight is decisive for the stability against hits and kicks.

Standing punching bags with a jar filled with sand are particularly popular, as the sand filling offers sufficient stability for the use of numerous techniques.

Filling and material

From real leather to synthetic leather, a number of different designs are available in stores. The optimal product for the inner and outer material varies depending on the preferred impact feedback and longevity.

As the outer coating for adult punching bags, synthetic leather and vinyl fabric are highly recommended. In addition to the tear-resistant and robust properties, the easy care in particular shows a clear purchase advantage.

Standing punching bags with sand or water filling are mainly represented in the offer. In addition, you have the option of mixing selected filling materials for the best possible impact feedback.

For children’s free-standing punching bags, nylon fabric is mainly used as the outer coating and foam or air is useful for the contents. On the one hand, there is little or no damage due to the lower impact of children. On the other hand, the materials are particularly gentle on children.

Facts about Free Standing Punching Bags

How do I train as efficiently as possible with a standing punching bag??

Within a short time, with the right combination of preparation, training and consistency, you will use the standing punching bag in training like a professional. We provide you with a simple step-by-step plan for efficient boxing training:

  1. The preparation: acquire the basics in a boxing course and learn to train with the correct starting position, hitting and leading hand. Your boxing trainer will teach you the essential punching and kicking techniques and show you helpful exercises.
  2. The purchase: Buy a suitable standing punching bag with a minimum height of 160 centimeters and a minimum weight of 60 kilograms. Depending on the type of training, a different filling and jacket material is advantageous. In addition, get a pair of boxing gloves or boxing bandages for more padding and protection.
  3. The clothes: In boxing training, the right equipment is what sets it apart. In addition to closed hair, close-fitting sports clothing and sports shoes – preferably boxing shoes to protect against material damage – are advantageous.
  4. The warm up: With the right stretching exercises you prepare your body for the training. Proper warm up protects you from injuries and muscle pain.
  5. The training: Basically there is a large selection of punching and kicking techniques. From leadership and upper hook strikes to front and roundhouse kicks, there are many ways of training. Start training slowly and gradually build up the endurance training. Don’t lose sight of your balance and breathing technique and incorporate movement techniques into your training.
  6. Cooling off: You should take regular breaks during training. When you’ve finished your training session, go for a jog and then stretch.

What equipment and accessories do I need?

In efficient boxing training, protection is the main focus. This has made some equipment and accessories particularly useful.

Depending on the type of training, the purchase of an accessory has more advantages for you than that of another piece of equipment. Please note that depending on your needs, an accessory is better suited for you.

  • Anti-slip mat: Dripping sweat creates a risk of slipping. In order to minimize the risk of slipping as much as possible, we recommend purchasing an anti-slip mat.
  • Boxing gloves or bandages: A pair of boxing gloves or bandages is a “must-have”. The padding is used to protect against injuries to the hands and wrists. Boxing bandages offer additional protection under the boxing gloves.
  • Boxing clothing: In addition to breathable and sweat-absorbing clothing, boxing shoes are important equipment.
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