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Fitbit: Test & Reviews

Author: Manuel Heitmann

Coach & Fitness Expert

Are you looking for a high-quality fitness tracker that will drive you to top athletic performance? Then you should take a look at the products from Fitbit, because they are market leaders in the field of fitness trackers. With these you can control not only your athletic performance, but almost anything else.

Best Fitbit: Fitbit Versa 2

The Fitbit Versa 2 sleep and health tracker is not one of the most popular products from Fitbit for nothing: With 13 colors, it not only offers an amazing color selection, the features are also impressive. One of the highlights is the integrated voice assistant Amazon Alexa. With this you can call up the latest news and weather forecasts or control your smart home devices. Of course, the smartwatch is also an ideal companion for your sporting goals. The continuous measurement of the heart rate is particularly helpful. You can also save more than 300 of your favorite songs on the Fitbit Smartwatch; a real all-round talent. The battery life of at least six days is another reason to choose this smartwatch.


If you look at the customer reviews, it is often criticized that the GPS synchronization is not satisfactory. 

The tracking of the kilometers is quite imprecise in places. So not the best choice for joggers. All other athletes, hikers or fitness enthusiasts swear by this fitness tractor.

Best Fibit Wristband Set

You own the popular Fitbit Charge 2 and always want to be up to date with fashion: then take a look at the bracelet for Fitbit Charge 2. This set consists of three different interchangeable bracelets in black, blue and purple. So you can tailor this specifically to your respective outfit. Each of the bracelets is made of silicone.

This material is not only environmentally friendly, but also particularly comfortable to wear. The bracelets are equipped with a stainless steel clasp. You have the option of adapting the bracelet to the size of your wrist.


Ideal for small hands and narrow wrists. All those with “normal” dimensions around the wrist, make sure to order the bracelet one size larger. So that it doesn’t squeeze or pull unnecessarily. The replacement bracelets are cut small. If you are not sure, simply measure your wrist with a tailor’s tape measure. The size S fits a wrist circumference of 140 to 170 mm.

Fitbit With The Best Display

The Fitbit Charge 3 screen protector is available in five different colors and helps to increase the longevity of your fitness tracker. Thanks to this, the display is protected from both scratches and bumps. Thanks to the luxurious equipment with crystal-like ornaments, your tracker is visually enhanced at the same time. Of course, the function of your device is fully retained. You can use this as usual without having to remove the screen protector.


Of course, you cannot expect the same quality as a high-priced screen protector at this low purchase price. High quality material also comes at a high price. This screen protector is still ideally suited for moderate protection. And above all, it adorns the Fitbit – and thus the wrist – really wonderfully.

Best Fitbit for Men

The bracelet for the Fitbit Versa model variant is made of high-quality leather and skillfully enhances the fitness tracker. This elegant bracelet is especially suitable for men; of course, it can just as easily be worn by women. The smooth leather is not only a visual highlight, it is also very comfortable to wear. You will see that you sweat significantly less than with any other bracelet. The leather bracelet is absolutely timeless, elegant and modern and therefore an ideal gift idea for all men who are enthusiastic about sports.


Despite an intensive search, no significant disadvantages for this product could be found. A clear purchase recommendation can be made for the leather bracelet, both in terms of its look and feel.

Best Fitbit for Women

The Onedream stainless steel replacement bracelet is available in more than 15 colors and is aimed at all fashion-conscious athletes. If you own the Fitbit Alta or the Fitbit Alta HR, you can optically upgrade this fitness tracker with the stainless steel bracelet.

But not only the fashion aspect is convincing: the smartwatch stays securely in place thanks to the bracelet and is also easy to attach. Available in two sizes, you can find the right model for your wrist. Also positive: the bracelet is not very heavy and does not interfere with everyday life or sports activities.



The manufacturer expressly advises that you should not expose the bracelet to direct sunlight. So don’t let it sizzle on the faucet in your car and take it off when you visit the outdoor pool. If you keep this in mind, you don’t have to worry about the color fading as some users describe it.

How did we test?

Are you interested in the trendy Fitbit products, but are simply overwhelmed by the variety of products on offer? Then the comparison reports we have carefully prepared for you will help you.

But not only that: The tables in which we have clearly compared the essential features of the individual products are also helpful for your purchase decision.

Of course we do not cooperate with any manufacturer, but carry out our product comparisons neutrally. For this purpose, we often look at customer reviews on the Internet and compare them with the manufacturer’s information. Our primary goal is to support you as much as possible in your decision.

In our product comparisons of Fitbit items, we check whether they can keep what the manufacturer’s information promises. A good fitness tracker should really bring you something and encourage you to exercise more in everyday life. With the Fitbit trackers this works perfectly, as the numerous positive customer reviews prove.

We also look at the processing of the Fitbit products. Are they made of a skin-friendly material and are they comfortable to wear?

If both of the aforementioned properties are met, we also look at the price. The Fitbit products have a fair price / performance ratio.

Summary: Best Fitbits

  • Fitbit Versa 2: Trackr with integrated voice assistant Alexa and permanent heart rate measurement.
  • Bracelet for Fitbit Charge 2: Inexpensive replacement bracelet set, which consists of three bracelets in different colors.
  • Fitbit Charge 3 screen protector: Protection available in five colors for a longer shelf life of your Fitbit Charge 3.
  • Fitbit Versa bracelet: High-quality leather bracelet that gives a touch of luxury.
  • Onedream stainless steel replacement bracelet: Suitable for Fitbit Alta and Alta HR and available in countless harmonious colors.