Doorway Pull-Up Bar

Doorway Pull-Up Bar: Test & reviews

Author: Manuel Heitmann

Coach & Fitness Expert

With a pull-up bar, you can work out at home without any problems. Our team has checked numerous tests, customer opinions and comparison reports on the Internet in order to be able to create a list of the best along with ratings on weight, type of attachment, material and other points.

We’ll give you some details about the pull-up bar below, to be precise, we have reviewed doorway pull-up bars.

This can be hung on the door frame and offers many advantages.

Questions to Consider Before Buying A Doorway Pull-Up Bar

What is a Doorway Pull-Up Bar?

A pull-up bar that can be hung in usually describes a model that can be hung in the door frame without screws.

It is a complicated construction that is attached to the door frame on one side and offers sufficient stability thanks to a further position on the other side.

The advantage of this is that this pull-up bar can be removed and attached again and again. Usually no screws are needed, so that it is also ideal for rental apartments.

There are also models that are screwed on, whereby you have to consult with the landlord in a rented apartment.

How does a doorway pull-up bar work?

The pull-up bar for hanging on the door frame is not suitable for every requirement. Because today doors are built very narrow, so that the pull-up bar must fit exactly into this area.

If you live in an apartment in an old building, there will be enormous door frames. In addition, the door frames in old buildings are usually flush with the wall, so that no resistance can ensure sufficient stability.

So before you buy a pull-up bar, you should take a close look at the various attachment methods. If there is a sufficient door frame, the pull-up bar is simply inserted into the frame to hang up and the pull-ups can be performed.

These models are available with and without screw connection options so that you can choose a suitable model. Furthermore, the doorway pull-up bar is also suitable for transport. In contrast to a pull-up bar, which is spread apart, there may be space problems due to the design.

In addition, the door frame in the hotel may not be suitable for attaching a doorway pull-up bar. It can therefore only be used to a limited extent in other apartments.

Advantages & areas of application

With a pull-up bar that can be assembled at home, training is possible within your own four walls. Even if there are different variants of how a pull-up bar can be attached, training with the bar is always the same.

By pulling up your own body weight, no other aids are needed and the training is particularly effective.

In addition, training at home has other advantages, such as avoiding the envious look of other athletes. Therefore, if you are just a beginner, exercising at home can motivate you better than in a gym.

With the chin-up bar it is possible to train the entire upper body. For many, the lack of time is an essential aspect of why going to the gym is usually canceled.

By adding a chin-up bar at home, you can start exercising whenever you want and increase it even further.

The pull-up bar, which is hooked into the door frame, also has the advantage that it is mobile and easy to transport. So it can also be taken on vacation and when traveling.

How can I motivate myself to exercise?

There are days when nothing can encourage you and training is postponed from one minute to the next. It is often the case that the weaker self wins and the training is completely canceled. On some days this cannot be prevented, but on many other days a motivation plan helps so that your weaker self doesn’t get the upper hand.

Once training is stopped for a few days, it is difficult to get up and go again. In the following, we will reveal some tips and tricks on how you can do a workout without even realizing it. We show you how you can integrate the pull-up bar training into everyday life without being noticed.

Always make sure that the pull-ups are done cleanly and correctly. It is also important that the pull-ups are not performed if the body has not been warmed up. The best way to warm up before training is given in another guide.

Make it easy to see

Even if the pull-up bar is intended to be hung on the door frame, it can remain clearly visible.

The prerequisite is of course that the required space is available. The frame of the kitchen door is a particularly practical place that you visit more often during the day and where it is least disturbing.

Also, if you have to duck your head a little while going through it, it can be beneficial for exercise.

Because you will be reminded again and again that you could do a pull-up.

Even if you only do one pull-up, repeating it every time you go in and out of the kitchen can be a good workout.

If you go to the kitchen 5 times, you have already done 10 pull-ups – without noticing it right away. However, be careful not to do the pull-ups in an unwarmed state.

This could cause serious muscle injury, especially if you are just starting to exercise.

The pull-up contract

As a second motivation boost, a contract with yourself can be worthwhile. In this contract, you specify that you do two pull-ups when entering the kitchen. You can also make this contract with all family members who want to take part in training with the pull-up bar.

Each person has to do a certain number of pull-ups when entering or leaving the room. Anyone who does not adhere to it will be entered in the list and will end up in last place. In this way, there is also a competition that is also motivating.

If you train with the whole family, there is a motivation boost that develops in a group. You probably know that training together is always more fun than doing it alone.

How to train properly on the pull-up bar

The pull-up bar is described by many professionals as the ideal training device.

It is effective, trains the entire upper body and uses almost all of the upper body’s muscles with every pull-up. The stomach can also be trained with the pull-up bar.

However, the training is not as easy as it looks for some. Because you are hanging in the air, on the bar, hold on to it with your hands and try to move your entire body weight upwards. This is particularly stressful for the arm muscles.


The muscles in beginners are not yet very well developed. As a result, the muscles cannot lift the weight.

The body is now looking for a way to still achieve success. Bad postures set in, which should be avoided whenever possible.

As a beginner, always use pull-up bands that will help you lift your body weight. The bands will help you perform the correct movements from the ground up.

Especially after an injury, when you start training again, it is extremely important that the sequence of movements is carried out correctly. As soon as pain becomes apparent, training should be interrupted immediately and paused until the next day.

Mistakes to avoid

The pull-up is done neatly by pulling yourself straight up. Avoid pendulum or swinging. Remain calm and make sure you breathe correctly, because only then will there be a positive training effect. Always complete the pull. You should also be calm when lowering and not just let yourself fall down.

Always try to build and maintain tension in the body. Use bands and never exercise without gloves or appropriate hand protection. Blisters can appear quickly during exercise, but they heal more slowly.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to wear gloves, you can use magnesium to protect your hands. The latter method is only recommended for professionals. Also, avoid exercising with the bands for too long.

Increase the training again and again by choosing the bands in other strengths until you can finally train without bands – which is also the most effective training success.

Bring variety to the exercises

The body is a creature of habit. Often, pull-up bars are bought and the same training is done over and over again. After a while, the muscles get used to the exercise routine, so that no progress can be seen. It is therefore important that you bring variety to your workout on the pull-up bar.

There are pull-up bars that have multiple handles in different directions. With the help of these handles the exercises can be made more varied. When you can do the pull-ups well with both hands.

Does workout intensify when trying to do a one-hand pull-up? This exercise will give the muscles a new kick and the muscle strands will be reloaded in other ways.

The training on the pull-up bar is very effective and can train the entire upper body. A big advantage of the pull-up bars is that they take up little space. With a pull-up bar that is hooked into the door frame, you can achieve a good workout, a stable hold and can also remove it as required and take it with you on trips.

However, training also has disadvantages. However, this is the same for every sport. Because as soon as the training is interrupted, the muscles can regress again. It is therefore very important that motivation holes, i.e. days on which you do not want to do training, are avoided.

So if you don’t want the muscles to regress quickly, you should do the training regularly and overcome your weaker self with a few tips and tricks. Once training is interrupted, your weaker self will often gain the upper hand and ultimately ban training completely from life.

So do something good for yourself and your body and use the initial motivation when the pull-up bar is bought to continue to achieve a good sense of well-being and body awareness.

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