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Ceiling Mounted Pull-Up Bar: Test & Reviews

Author: Manuel Heitmann

Coach & Fitness Expert

The chin-up bar offers training units for everyone who wants to stay fit and active at home. After reviewing numerous tests on the Internet, our team has combined the best models in a list of the best, which also includes ratings for material, weight, number of handles & more.

Questions to Consider Before Buying A Ceiling Mounted Pull-Up Bar

What is a Ceiling Mounted Pull-Up Bar?

The best-selling model is the pull-up bar that is attached to the ceiling or wall.

A pull-up bar is purchased, which also includes a frame that ensures sufficient distance from the wall or ceiling.

The pull-up bar must be anchored in the wall with screws and dowels, which can lead to difficulties every now and then – if the masonry has poor properties. In most cases, special dowels and screws that can withstand the weight of the user must be used for assembly.

Since a pull-up bar for the wall or ceiling has a fixed screw connection, the pull-up bar cannot be unscrewed quickly and placed elsewhere.

However, this variant offers more stability than a doorway pull-up bars.

How does a Ceiling Mounted Pull-Up Bar work?

If you purchase a pull-up bar that is attached to the wall or ceiling, the model is provided with a permanent installation.

This means that the pull-up bar remains in this place until you leave the apartment or remove the pull-up bar. The areas of application are neither flexible nor can it be easily transported.

The pull-up bar for wall or ceiling is therefore only suitable for one location. If you don’t want to do without the pull-up bar while on vacation, it is advisable to purchase a pull-up bar for your trip.

As soon as the pull-up bar is mounted on the wall or ceiling, nothing stands in the way of training. The screw connection creates good stability, which is not always given with the other types of fastening.

Advantages & areas of application

A pull-up bar is a training device that can also be used at home and stands for training success. So that you can also do pull-ups at home, you need to attach the bar.

There are different attachment variants, each of which has advantages but also disadvantages. However, the training effect is always the same and should not be underestimated. With pull-ups you can train the entire upper body and strengthen the muscles there. Especially when it comes to building muscle, pull-ups are an integral part of the training plan.

The pull-up bar has the advantage that you can train at home without time pressure and without being dependent on the opening times of the fitness studio. So if you have to work night shifts, it is a breeze to work out on the pull-up bar. It is also up to you how often and for how long you want to exercise.

Another advantage of the pull-up bar is the strain on many muscle groups at once. How effective the muscle building on the chin-up bar can be, we will explain in the further course.

Which muscle groups can be trained with the pull-up bar?

With a home pull-up bar, it’s easy to work out your entire upper body. The back, arms and stomach are included in the training. There is no need to do different exercises as a lot of muscle areas are addressed during pull-up bar training. In addition to the version in which you pull your body weight with your arms up over the pull-up bar, the distance between the handles is also important.

If these are close together, the training effect is lower and the exercises are carried out more easily. This variant is therefore more suitable for beginners. If you want to intensify the training effect, simply move the grip position away from each other.

The further apart the handles are, the stronger the intensity of the training sessions.

For ease of understanding, we have listed all muscle areas again that can be used with the pull-ups.


The training with the pull-up bar takes place in which you pull yourself up on the bar with your arms and pull your body weight up with it. A chin-up is only done properly when the head protrudes above the bar. These strenuous exercises train a large number of muscles and the entire upper body. But especially, the arms are trained.

The difficulty and the training effect depend on the distance between the handles. If these are located a long way apart, the degree of difficulty is also increased. Beginners should therefore make sure that the handles are not too far apart. There are many muscles, especially in the area between the wrist and elbow. Among other things, there are muscles that are responsible for moving the fingers.

In the upper arm area there are biceps, triceps and the deltoid muscle. With pull-ups, these areas are also used and trained very well. The biceps allows the forearm to be rotated. It also ensures that the elbow is mobile. The triceps are used to train a muscle located on the back of the upper arm. He makes sure that we can stretch our arms.

Biceps and triceps work very closely together. With pull-ups, both muscle groups are trained at the same time. The deltoid muscle runs laterally and frontally from the upper arm to the back. When exercising on the pull-up bar, this muscle is also mainly trained in every exercise.


If you exercise on the pull-up bar, the pectoral muscles will also be trained extremely well, provided the handles are far apart.

The strain on the neck area can already be seen after a pull-up, so that you can control the training yourself depending on how you feel.


The shoulders are another area that is trained when doing exercises on the pull-up bar. The upper back includes the trapezius muscle. This muscle ensures that the shoulder blade is mobile. The arm muscles are also strengthened.

Another muscle that is below the shoulder blades is called the latissmus. This muscle, which reaches below the buttocks and is therefore a very large muscle, is also used when exercising on the pull-up bar. This muscle is responsible for ensuring that the body can always perform movements in an upright position.


The stomach is also an area that can be strengthened well with pull-up bar training. If you want to train the abdominal area, the exercises are not done by pulling up your body weight, but only by lifting your legs.
In the hanging position, try to stretch your legs forward so that your legs and hips can form a right angle.

The more the legs are stretched out, the higher the training effect and of course the degree of difficulty.


The entire back is also strengthened when training on the pull-up bar. By pulling up the entire body weight, the large back muscles are mainly strengthened. Many trainers describe the exercises on the pull-up bar as the best way to strengthen the back muscles.
Therefore, the exercises on the pull-up bar should not be missing in any back muscle building training. However, you shouldn’t be fooled by the fact that only a few pull-ups can be done in the first few days and weeks.

This is a completely normal process because the entire musculature has to be built up first. Athletes also benefit from pull-ups because a high training effect can be achieved with just a few exercises.

Legs & Buttocks

You can only train your bottom and legs to a limited extent with pull-ups.

You will achieve greater success if you avoid the training and do special exercises for the legs and buttocks, such as cycling.

What types of Ceiling Mounted Pull-Up Bar are available?

If you look for a pull-up bar, you will come across many models. Among other things, various attachment methods are included, which is the main difference.

There are pull-up bars that you can spread into the door frame. These have the advantage that they can be used very flexibly. The spreading in the door frame is usually very easy. With this model, however, you have to make sure that the ends do not drill into the door frame.

It is therefore not very advisable to attach it to hollow frames. Nevertheless, the pull-up bar for spreading out has some advantages. Because you can take the bar with you anywhere at any time and attach it to your vacation home or hotel. You do not need to do without training while on vacation and you are well equipped all round.

There is also the pull-up bar that can be hung on the door frame. This model also has the advantage of being flexible. The pull-up bar can simply be hung on a door frame that is not too thick.

However, this only works if the frame is not exactly flush with the wall, as resistance is absolutely necessary so that the pull-up bar can provide a firm hold.

Furthermore, you can easily transport the pull-up bar to hang it on and take it with you when you travel.

However, the pull-up bar also has a disadvantage. As a rule, the door frame must not be wider than 15 to 20 cm. In an old building, where the door frames are much wider, the pull-up bar cannot be used for hanging.
In this case there is a third variant.

The chin-up bar, which is permanently mounted on the ceiling or wall, is very inflexible in its area of application. But the type of attachment is one of the safest options. Since the pull-up bar is firmly connected to the wall or ceiling, there is great stability and the exercises can also be performed very well.

However, the fixed pull-up bar is not flexible and cannot be taken everywhere.

The pull-up bar for fixed mounting is very well suited for daily training needs. However, you must make sure during assembly that the appropriate dowels and screws are used that can withstand the load.

What do I have to look out for when buying a Ceiling Mounted Pull-Up Bar?

Exercise equipment for at home has the advantage that you can exercise whenever you want. The pull-up bar is particularly suitable if you want to train the upper body without any additional equipment. However, before you start buying a pull-up bar, there are a few details to consider.

Pull-up bars differ depending on the manufacturer and in their construction. Below are some facts to look out for when buying a pull-up bar.


The purchase price of a pull-up bar is differentiated depending on the equipment and quality. There are inexpensive models that are of inferior quality, which can usually also be seen in the load limit. The pull-up bar must be able to support your body weight. As soon as the exercises are performed on the pull-up bar, there is a high load on the bar.

It is therefore important that you make sure that the pull-up bar can support your weight. Cheap models can usually carry 80 kg. If your body weight is above that weight, it is better to purchase a pull-up bar that has a higher load limit. In addition, the quality of the resilient pull-up bars is higher because more stable materials are used.


Pull-up bars are available from a low price. These are simple models that usually do not have any equipment. Models from 50 dollars, usually already have a better quality and higher equipment. In addition, the load limit is set higher.

When buying a pull-up bar, you should think about what equipment the pull-up bar should have. In addition, quality is an essential part of the purchase decision. After all, the pull-up bar should be able to withstand a lot and not be bent after a few pull-ups.


Before buying, it is also essential to know where it should be attached. Would you like to mount the pull-up bar on the wall or on the ceiling. Do you want to mount the pull-up bar at all or a simple bar that can be spread in the door is sufficient. Mobile pull-up bars are usually not permanently attached. They have a holding system, whereby the rod can easily be removed again.

These models are suitable for flexible use, for example on vacation. A permanently mounted bar is more advantageous for intensive training at home, as these models are usually more resilient. One recommendation is to permanently mount a pull-up bar at home and purchase a flexible pull-up bar for vacation or traveling.


The equipment depends on the training you want to do. As a beginner, you can first train with a simple pull-up bar. With curved pull-up bars, training is made more difficult, which is suitable for advanced users. Grips that run with the body can add variety to the training, but also increase the level of difficulty.

When buying, pay attention to the handles and how they are attached. If these can be adjusted, the training is more varied. Handles should always be padded to protect the hands during the exercises. Make sure the handles are interchangeable.

For reasons of hygiene, it makes sense if these can be removed and cleaned. In addition, signs of wear and tear can be seen after a while and the handles should be replaced for optimal training.

Where is the best place to buy my Ceiling Mounted Pull-Up Bar?

If you want to purchase a pull-up bar, you can go to a specialist dealer or order the bar in an online shop. Pull-up bars are less common in supermarkets. Every now and then these are included in the special offers, but they only appear at irregular intervals.

If you don’t want to wait that long, you need to go to a sports equipment store. Most major cities have some specialty stores downtown. You may come across a few models there. However, you first need time for this and, secondly, you have to have exactly the pole you want.

It is often the case with beginners that they let the salespeople persuade them that only this one stick from the store is the best. Unfortunately, this is often not the case and this leads to a bad purchase that could be prevented if you had chosen a suitable pull-up bar right away. The variety of pull-up bars is great, even if the specialist trade does not confirm this.

If you go looking for a pull-up bar on the Internet, you will find a wide range of products that will make the decision difficult. But especially when buying sports equipment, it is important that you know your way around.

Therefore, we offer you a lot of information about what to consider when buying a pull-up bar and which model might be suitable for you.

With this information, a suitable pull-up bar can be found more easily. You have prior knowledge and can weigh up exactly which pull-up bar is good and which is not so good. In the shop, however, you have to believe the information provided by the seller without having checked it.

If our information is not enough for you, there are other portals where you can find out more about the pull-up bars.

In forums, for example, athletes and professionals exchange news every day. Find out in forums what other users have to say about the pull-up bar. However, do not let yourself be fooled by opinions, because what is good for one may not be sufficient for your needs.


You can get all kinds of information on the net and then decide in peace which model to buy. The purchase is simply completed in an online shop, so that the pull-up bar is delivered to your home.

Before you make a purchase decision, however, you should aim for a price comparison. Because prices can vary in nature even on the internet.

The reason lies in the different costs that a business and an online shop have to pay. The costs of running an online shop are much lower, so you pay a cheaper price for the products.

The seller waives a higher surcharge for the benefit of the customer, so the prices are kept very low. Since every online shop has its own prices, a price comparison is worthwhile.

Compared to a shop, however, buying online is a bargain and usually 20 to 40 percent cheaper.

You can do this online right away and then make a purchase decision. With this variety of information and the right price offer, you will surely soon get the perfect pull-up bar.

Useful accessories

If you decide to work out on the pull-up bar, there are useful accessories that simplify the exercises. A pull-up band is available on the market to help you do the exercises correctly.

It also makes sense to wear suitable hand protection. This avoids blisters and injuries that could occur when exercising on the pull-up bar. We will now introduce you to the accessories mentioned in more detail.

Pull-up bands
Once you start doing pull-ups, you will find that doing a pull-up is not that easy. You have to use a lot of muscle strength to pull your body weight up and to get your face at least a little over the bar.

So if you don’t get a single pull-up at the beginning, this shouldn’t be a problem. The muscles have to be built up first – you should therefore not try to do a pull-up with all your might.

Nevertheless, the result is demotivating if you don’t even manage a single pull-up. Soon the pull-up bar is alienated from its purpose and only serves as a clothes rack. To prevent this from happening, it makes sense to use pull-up bands. These were also made to meet the requirements of beginners.

But professionals can also benefit from the good properties of the tapes. The bands are structured as follows:

The pull-up bands are elastic bands that are available in different strengths. There is a kilogram on it, which we will go into in more detail later. There are fastening loops at the ends of the straps. One end is attached to the chin-up bar while either a foot or a knee is placed in the other end.

Two bands are required for training on the pull-up bar. Once you are anchored in the pull-up band, the pull-ups are easier to perform. The reason is that the straps support the pull-ups and you lose weight.

The values ​​on the pull-up bands describe the weight the band can carry. For example, if you weigh 70 kg and the tape is marked with the value 50 kg, the tape takes a load of 50 kg from you. That means you only pull up 20kg, which should be very easy for a beginner. If you do not use a tape, on the one hand the motivation can decrease and on the other hand malpositions can creep in.

The reason is that, despite the low force, the muscles try to pull themselves up. There will be a swaying or swaying because the ultimate goal is to be able to pull your head up over the bar.

However, this creates incorrect posture that can lead to serious injury. Muscle strains and even tears can develop, which can lead to the failure of the training.

Therefore, it makes sense that beginners in particular use tapes that help to perform the pull-ups more easily. If the band does some pull-ups with no problem, it is up to you to replace the band with a less powerful one. This increases the level of difficulty and you can continue to build muscle mass.

The pull-up band also offers advantages for professionals. Because even professionals don’t feel the same every day and can sometimes do more or less pull-ups. With the help of a pull-up band, you may be able to do a few more moves. Therefore, the tape can also be used excellently for symptoms of fatigue. Of course it is also possible to combine the bands.

It is only important that the weight that the band can carry is not greater than your body weight.
If the values ​​are higher, effective training can no longer be carried out, which of course has a negative effect on muscle building.

Pull-up bands cost between 10 and 40 euros and are a useful accessory that can also be used with sufficient muscle building. However, the goal should be that sooner or later pull-ups can be performed without the pull-up band. They can serve as support every now and then, but should not be an integral part of the training.

Important: Only use straps that are also labeled as pull-up straps. It is often misleading in retail as other tapes are also available.
Terra bands or fitness bands are not suitable for training on the pull-up bar and cannot support the weight. In the worst case, the tape could tear and cause serious injury.

Therefore, when purchasing, make sure that you are purchasing the right band for the pull-up bar.

Ceiling Mounted Pull-Up Bar Alternatives

If you are looking for an alternative to the pull-up bar that is permanently mounted on the wall or ceiling, you can switch to a bar that can be hung or spread out in the door frame. However, the load capacity is significantly lower and they cannot be used everywhere. When traveling and on vacation, however, these models offer great flexibility, as you can easily take the pull-up bar with you.

Sling trainer
The suspension trainer offers another alternative to the pull-up bar. It is advantageous that the suspension trainer takes up little space and is also portable. It consists of solid straps that are provided with loops.

Because of the loops, large areas of the muscles can be trained. However, after a while you will find that exercising on the pull-up bar is more effective. The suspension trainer therefore only offers a limited alternative to the pull-up bars.

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