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Aerobic Stepper: Test & reviews

Author: Manuel Heitmann

Coach & Fitness Expert

From the well-founded study and the practical experiment to the detailed analysis: Many comparison winners with good test marks make step boards attractive as sports equipment. We have compared important tests, developed a comparison table and have interesting news for you.

Questions to Consider Before Buying An Aerobic Stepper

Why is this equipment so trendy?

The convincing test results of many tests, the professional character of various models and the diverse uses of a popular classic sports equipment are what make step boards attractive. Classic, height-adjustable or even multifunctional variants provide training units that are tailored to the needs of the aerobics area as well as fitness and gymnastics. With step boards you can train effectively, individually and according to countless instructions. But the variety of products is great and not every development is equally practical or good.

You should therefore use tests such as a proficiency test, a practice-oriented experiment or a clear juxtaposition. In this way you can assess the quality and user-friendliness of the various step boards.

Make sure, however, that the evaluation of the survey used does not only show an approximate similarity to your training requirements.

You only have a suitable product in mind if there is a congruence in essential points or an exact match between the test criteria and your application scenario. After all, even an outstanding test winner won’t help you if he doesn’t have the adjustment options you want to increase the training intensity.

What are the best aerobic step platforms?

Of course, there cannot be the best step board per se. You have to decide for yourself which properties are important to you in such sports equipment. A look at the results of a professional inspection, an illuminating comparison and a detailed examination or reading completely different tests will help you. There are products with hinged back supports, variants with practical storage compartments, height-adjustable models or very simple classics.

Of course, the overwhelming variety of products on the market also has step boards with instructions for the perfect work-out or sets that even contain dumbbells. The respective tests can determine how the quality of the respective products is or for which basic training purposes they are suitable. You have to compare these test statements with your typical individual training behavior in order to be able to make a meaningful assessment in favor of a certain product.

How to Use Your Aerobic Stepper Correctly

If you are using a step board for the first time, reading the manufacturer’s documentation is essential. If your sports equipment combines various functions, you should pay attention to advice on how to use them while reading through. Instructions, videos or aerobics courses help you to use such a product in a health-promoting, extensive and goal-oriented manner.

Even if you are already experienced in aerobics, you should ideally also use the instructions for use. In this way, you can get a comprehensive picture of the different usage options and adjustment options your step board offers.

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