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Ab Roller: Test & Reviews

Author: Manuel Heitmann

Coach & Fitness Expert

An ab roller is a practical companion for a solid work-out. The best ab trainers were listed in our list of the best and were also given ratings of material, dismantling and weight. Our team has examined countless tests on the Internet for this purpose.

Questions to Consider Before Buying An Ab roller

Is an ab roller useful and effective?

An ab roller can be very effective for abs training. It doesn’t matter whether a man or a woman trains. Ab rollers are often referred to as AB rollers. It is a training device that is equipped with two sturdy rubber rollers. The handles are to the right and left of the rollers. Many models are equipped with non-slip handles so that your hands do not slip while exercising.

The device manufacturers promise their customers that it is possible to train the abdominal muscles effectively and quickly with an abdominal roller. An abdominal roller is recommended, especially for athletes, as it is very easy to use. Many ab rollers are available at a fair price.

Athletic beginners shouldn’t invest a lot of money in sports equipment. First of all, a simple variant is sufficient to familiarize yourself with the device. Depending on the equipment and manufacturer, an instruction manual and a training mat are often included.

A book with instructions and tips for various exercises is also made available to all buyers. Further training options can be found on the Internet. Videos are also very helpful for the correct implementation of the exercises.

The desire for a six-pack

Many people want a six-pack. The desire for a dream figure has grown in recent years. Many athletes try to sculpt their bodies in a gym. Other athletes prefer to train alone at home.

Every stomach can be effectively trained with an abdominal roller. A six-pack is not necessarily to be expected, but the stomach becomes much firmer after a few training sessions. Before the device can be used, it must first be assembled.

To do this, the handles must be screwed onto both sides of the roller. Many models can only be used up to a body weight of 100 kg. Many devices are of very high quality. They can therefore be used for training over many years. Abdominal rollers, which are suitable for a higher body weight, are usually made even more robust.

Exercise with an ab roller

If the ab roller is used regularly, it can actually be used to strengthen the abdominal muscles. Training with the scooter is very pleasant. The handles of the sports equipment lie very comfortably in the hand. The scooter can ensure that you don’t get any pain in your hands or fingers even after a long period of training. This has the advantage that you can fully concentrate on the training.

The role is very stable and can be used for many years. When pushing back and forth, you don’t tip over to the side, you have a stable hold. With the supplied knee support, training is much more relaxed and pleasant.

The exercises seem very simple at first glance. Anyone who has ever done the exercises knows how exhausting it is. The exercises are very demanding when done correctly.

The exercise assumes a certain body tension, which beginners will find a little difficult at first.

The training not only works the abdominal muscles, but also the back and shoulders. Usually some practice is needed to train the abdominal muscles optimally.

A big advantage is that the training can be done in peace and quiet at home. You don’t have to go to a gym to do something for your figure. This doesn’t require much space. If the abdominal roller is not used, it can be stowed away quickly and easily in the closet.

To use the sports equipment, it is only necessary to assemble it once. Otherwise it is always ready to hand. Only one mat should be laid out before training.

This is especially gentle on the knees, which have to be on the floor during training. Without a mat, pressure points could quickly form here, which can be very painful. The mats are not required to protect the floor. The ab rollers are of high quality and leave no streaks on the parquet or laminate.

Ab roller training - how long and how often?

Only those who train frequently or regularly will be able to achieve success. But that applies to every sport. An abdominal roller should be used twice a week. A workout should last at least 10 minutes.

Before training, it is important to warm up optimally. Running in place and stretching is best for this. In addition to exercising with an abdominal roller, you should also do a lot of movement or light gymnastics exercises.

When the first muscle is over, the exercise can be gradually increased. The exercises are useful up to five times a week. A training plan should be drawn up so that the abdominal muscles can be optimally trained.

A perfect training plan

A training plan consists of a wide variety of components. A balanced diet, lots of sport and exercise are definitely among the most important points. An abs training plan should be used by everyone for beginners.

But advanced users also use it to monitor the number of exercises or the frequency of training. This can be used to optimize training.

A training plan is also ideal when it comes to nutrition. A training plan should be created in such a way that it can be implemented well in everyday life.

Proper nutrition

Good nutrition should always be observed while exercising with an abdominal roller. It is not necessary to go on a diet here. Diets are not necessarily effective. Rather, a diet always means a lot of discipline and a great deal of renunciation. When the diet is over, you will quickly fall back into your old role.

It is much better if the diet is permanently changed and an abdominal roller training is carried out at the same time.

These components can be endured much better because they can be perfectly integrated into everyday life. Most of all, the food should contain foods that have a low energy density.

Examples of low-calorie foods include vegetables, fruits, fish (mackerel, tuna, salmon, sardines, and trout), and lean meat. These foods should definitely be on the menu.

The metabolism can be optimally supported by the high content of omega 3 fatty acids. In addition, fat burning is activated.

Alcohol and soft drinks should be avoided. These are liquid carbohydrates that could also be called calorie bombs. They do not cause a feeling of satiety, but rather ensure that training with the abdominal roller does not lead to the desired success.

By drinking alcohol there is a likelihood that the food will be stored as fat on the hips or abdominal region. This is mainly due to the fact that the liver then has to worry more about eliminating the alcohol and not getting around to processing the remaining nutrients.

Which muscle groups are trained with an ab roller?

In addition to using the abdominal roller, one should not forget to train the body in everyday life. It is very helpful, for example, if the stairs are used instead of the elevator. So you can train a wide variety of muscles in everyday life.

When training you should always make sure that the abdominal muscles are not overloaded. Otherwise, the muscles will quickly become painful. In this case, it is not advisable to continue with the exercises.

An optimal training result can always be achieved if the exercises are carried out regularly and repeatedly. Training should always last at least 90 days. Inexperienced athletes should start with an abs workout twice a week.

You can then switch to longer strength training. Walking, cycling or walking are suitable for daily endurance training. In addition, at least 5,000 steps should be taken a day.

If you want to motivate yourself, you should get a fitness bracelet. All steps are measured by the device. In between, you can train with the abdominal roller. Small breaks of at least 2 minutes should always be taken between the individual training units. This allows the muscles to relax a little before they are used again by the abdominal roller.

The following muscles are trained through optimal training:

  • Straight abdominal muscle
  • Back extensor
  • Gluteus greater muscle
  • Deltoid
  • Broad back muscle

During the exercises you should always make sure that there is no hollow back. To prevent this from happening, it is advisable that a second exercise is present during the training units. But it can also be trained right in front of the mirror to observe yourself.

When a professional training is done in the straight position, the triceps, abdominal muscles, pectoralis major, anterior deltoid, trapezius and anterior sawtooth muscles are trained.

Why is an ab roller workout beneficial?

Many people often only think in two dimensions when it comes to abs training. A perfect core workout is much more than just simple sit-ups. There are over 35 muscle groups in the body. The middle of the body is enclosed by them, so that a three-dimensional armor is created.

The most important muscle groups include the abdominal, hip, back and trunk muscles. These muscle groups are involved in almost all movements that are required for everyday work and training sessions. Only a well-strengthened core makes the body strong and protects an athlete from injury. For this reason, it is particularly important that the muscles are strengthened.

With an abdominal roller, your own body awareness is optimally promoted. As a result, an athlete also benefits from improved muscles in everyday situations. A strong torso is not only healthier, it also looks sexy. A toned belly makes any body much leaner and more
look more upright.

A guarantee for strong abdominal muscles

An abdominal roller is perfect for strengthening the abdominal muscles and burning some fat in the process. With the practical sports equipment you will gradually be able to improve your stamina and tighten your abdominal wall. With a high quality device, injuries are not to be expected.

Anyone who has trained with the device for some time is not only training the stomach. The triceps and latissimus can also be optimally trained with the sports equipment. The core muscles are primarily trained in the right training units.

During a rollout, the muscles of the back work against the forces that try to bring the spine into the position of a hollow back. The muscles in the also are sufficiently stretched with every exercise if they are under tension while rolling.

The movements are a great challenge for inexperienced athletes. In particular, the recuts adominus, also known as the six-pack muscle, as well as the deep-lying stabilization and abdominal muscles, are stimulated with every exercise.

The secondary techniques primarily train the shoulder and hip muscles, the broad back muscles and the triceps. The muscles are stabilized when rolling out the abdominal roller. With the right technique, it is possible that the whole body – from the tailbone to the shoulder – can be addressed.

Some training tips

When doing ab roller training, it is important to ensure that the core muscles do all the work. The hip muscles, on the other hand, should not be stressed too much. The buttocks should be tensed as much as possible during the exercises.

This has the advantage that the lumbar vertebrae and the pelvic muscles are kept in a neutral position. During exercise, it is advisable to exhale slowly with your lips pressed together. Do not exhale all of the air.

In the first starting position, exhale briefly and then inhale slowly again. The abdominal muscles are already stretched halfway through the exercise.

A contraction then occurs in the second half of the exercise, when the body pulls back into its original position.

The levels of difficulty of the exercises can be gradually adjusted in a wide variety of ways.

The starting and ending positions can be varied if necessary.

To make the roll-out movement a little easier, it is advisable that the nose almost touches the ground at the last point.

It becomes even more difficult if the exercise is not performed on your knees but in a standing position. A level of difficulty can also be achieved by taking a break of 2 to 3 seconds at the end point.

The 4 best ab roller exercises

A ab roller is often referred to as an AB roller. It is probably the smallest, lightest and most compact trainer for the abdominal muscles. This is also reflected in the price of some devices.

Some abdominal rollers are available for as little as 10 euros. Many devices have an 18 month guarantee. During this period it is possible to test the device at your leisure.

Most abdominal rollers have soft foam handles. There are fine profiles in the wheels. The profiles prevent the rollers from rolling forward too quickly or sliding away.

Modern ab rollers are delivered including an e-book. This explains the structure and the different exercises in detail. Before using it for the first time, it is necessary that the sports equipment is assembled. The tires and handles just have to be plugged together.

It is quick and easy to set up and only takes a few minutes. Many abdominal rollers are very robust. You can already feel this when you hold the assembled device in your hands.

A wide variety of training units are possible with the abdominal roller. In the beginning, the exercises should not be overdone. A big advantage is that the ab roller leaves no traces on the laminate or the parquet.

Still, it can’t hurt to do the exercises on the carpet or on a mat. Exercising with an abdominal roller is very effective.

#1 exercise: roll carefully and slowly

For casual athletes and beginners, abrollers are ideal for exercising the abdominal muscles. There must be enough space on a flat surface for the exercise. For the exercise, support is provided on a knee mat that is as non-slip as possible.

The abdominal roller is held with the slightly bent arms. The two handles on the right and left can be used for this. Now arms are placed vertically. The spine is also straight. It is very helpful to look straight down. Now the scooter is slowly rolled forward. The spine needs to stay straight all the time. If it does not go any further, then the movement is automatically stopped. Even if the exercise creates tension in the abdominal muscles, the movement should not be continued. Then you simply roll back to the starting position.

#2 exercise: Increase roller movements

While the movement must be carried out slowly and carefully at the beginning, the level should be gradually increased. Initially, a few repetitions of the above should be done. Exercises take place. In the next few weeks, the athlete should be able to do three sets of 10 to 20 repetitions each.

The exercises should take place two to four times a week at this training stage. After a few weeks of exercise, you should try to push yourself further forward so that the exercise can be increased further. After the first few weeks of training, the exercise is noticeable in the abdominal muscles. They become much stronger and more pronounced. Even if you have to stretch yourself further forward during this exercise, you should always make sure that the spine remains as straight as possible. The stomach should always remain a little tense.

#3 exercise: Push-ups with ab roller

In order to complete an optimal training program with an abdominal roller, it is very important that you keep increasing. If rolling on your knees works very well and no further improvement is possible, then it makes sense to lift your knees off the floor. This exercise should only be done by professionals. The athlete grabs the two handles of the abdominal roller and kneels on the mat. Both knees are now drawn up so that they are slightly off the floor.


Now the abdominal roller is pushed forward so that you lie almost flat on the floor, just like with classic push-ups. With a little momentum, the rollers are pulled back firmly against the body so that the athlete lands on his knees again. This exercise should be done slowly so that you can train the abdominal muscles as intensely as possible. Initially, the exercises will put a little strain on your arms. Gradually, the exercises become easier and the arms are less stressed.

#4 exercise: Roll in front of the wall

The next exercise takes place in front of a wall. The mat is set up well with a distance of one to two meters in front of the wall. The roll is carefully placed back on the floor and held by the handles with both hands. Now the roll is slowly pushed up to the wall. The stomach must be tense and the back straight. Above all, the abdominal muscles are trained during this training. Even if the back is also tensed, only the broad back muscles or the latissmuss are trained. The back extension does not play a major role in the exercises. Rather, this technique is used to avoid back problems. Other sports equipment is more suitable for training the back muscles.

What should you look out for when buying an ab roller?

There are many different purchase criteria for a good ab roller. The running surface of the abdominal rollers are very different. The wider the running surface, the more stable the device is. Beginners should always pay attention to a larger width. Professionals usually use narrower sports equipment.

These ab rollers roll a little faster than the wide versions. The number of wheels can also be very different. One or two wheels are available for a running surface. With two wheels, each wheel is required for one hand. A quiet variant should be used so that the neighborhood is not disturbed by training.

The noises are of course only created during the individual exercises when the floor roller slides over the floor. Plastic wheels with rubber covers and plastic wheels are best. The rubber versions are much quieter than the plastic models.

A small disadvantage is that fine traces of abrasion can easily occur on rubber wheels. Usually the strips can be easily wiped away with a damp cloth.

The handles should always be comfortably padded. This is much gentler on the hands during training. When making a purchase, you should always pay attention to how quickly the handles wear out. Some models are specially shaped. Special abdominal rollers are equipped with three wheels. Other devices are equipped with a spring. Some manufacturers are getting more and more inventive to keep users unique. With some models, knee pads are included with the delivery. Some manufacturers also provide training instructions free of charge.

Regular training with an ab roller

With the help of a slight curve on the surface of the abdominal roller, side exercises are easily possible. This allows you to train not only the front abdominal muscles but also the side abdominal muscles. If the handles have an ergonomic shape, then the handles sit very well in the hand during training. On some abdominal rollers, the surface has some stability points. This prevents them from slipping out of your hand easily. The sports equipment is designed for the shoulder, abdominal and back muscles.

This can even support a kind of boxing training. If required, the sports equipment can also be ordered with resistance bands. The loops can be put around the hands or around boxing gloves.

The resistance bands can have a supportive effect in all exercises. This makes performing the training exercises a little easier. When you roll back, the resistance bands decrease somewhat from the athlete’s own weight. On the other hand, the resistance when rolling forward is increased somewhat. This means that the degree of hardness of the exercises can always be determined individually. With the abdominal roller training, even professional athletes are quickly pushed to their limits.

Practical fitness equipment

A ab roller is practical, small and cheap. The exercises with an abdominal roller are very good for the entire abdominal muscles. If you could learn the right technique, then nothing stands in the way of professional and regular training.

With a soft mat for the knees, training becomes even easier and more comfortable. Beginners who have not yet played any sport need a little practice at the beginning.

All professionals are advised that they do not necessarily buy the cheapest sports equipment.

This may not be of the best quality. This means that if the quality is poor, the rollers do not run completely smoothly under your own body weight. High-quality models made of plastic or rubber are more suitable.

What should be considered when placing an order?

If an abdominal trainer is ordered over the Internet, then you should always pay attention to the maximum weight. Most devices are suitable for a body weight of up to 100 kg.

The cheapest price for a specific model can be found quickly via a wide variety of portals.

After receiving the goods, the buyer should always check that all components have been included and that they are in perfect condition.

For beginners, it is advisable to make sure that an e-book is included. It usually contains a lot of important information and some training tips.

Most ab rollers offer a good price / performance ratio. The abdominal trainers can be used for beginners and advanced users to train the abdominal muscles.

Modern ab trainers at a fair price
Even the most expensive ab rollers are available at an affordable price. You can save yourself the trip to the gym by having your own ab roller. The ab roller can be used up to 5 times a week to strengthen the abdominal muscles.

The exercises do not take up a lot of time and are tailored to your needs. There is no faster or easier way to tighten your stomach. If the diet is then also changed, the pounds drop in addition.

An abdominal roller is generally considered to be a very stable and space-saving training device. It’s very compact and can be taken anywhere. So it is no problem to do a few abdominal exercises even on vacation. Most of the models are very light. This makes it easier to transport the sports equipment.

Why are ab rollers becoming more popular?

Ab rollers are available in all sports shops and many online shops at a fair price. The sports equipment can be ideally incorporated into a training plan. Beginners should train two to four times.

The exercises should not be overdone. It must not happen that the arms or legs start to tremble or the muscles fail. Rather, there should be a slight tension in the abdominal and side muscles.

At the beginning you should do two to four sets of 8 to 20 repetitions each. It is very important that the correct order is followed. First you should start with the basic exercises. Only when these exercises are perfectly successful should the entire core be trained.

Athletes who want to do core training have to do more than sit-ups. The core muscles can only develop properly if they are trained as a whole. Training with an abdominal roller trains the entire core of the body.

They make all of the abs really burn. In the beginning, sore muscles can hardly be avoided. Because of this, many manufacturers are of the opinion that the devices are not suitable for beginners. So that the exercise is carried out exactly, planks should be practiced beforehand. A plank requires maximum body tension.

Only those who are well prepared for training sessions with an abdominal roller will be able to do them properly and avoid injuries. Since the most diverse abdominal rollers are available on the Internet, the right training device can be found for every athlete. They should always be selected based on your own needs.

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