workout tips for beginners

9 Workout Tips For Beginners

Have you decided to finally work on your dream body? But you don’t really know what to look out for? We’ll show you.

The first few times in the gym or when training at home usually feel very strange. You have probably already looked at some YouTube videos and blog posts and dealt with the topic. But then to implement it yourself is always something else.

How to start - Find a trainer or use YouTube tutorials

In most gyms, it is quite normal that when you register you will also receive instructions for the various devices from a trainer. If you have a good trainer, he should point out to you at the beginning if you are doing an exercise wrong. If he doesn’t, don’t hesitate to ask him for feedback on how you did it. That’s what he’s there for.

Of course, when you train at home, it’s not that easy. In this case, we recommend watching YouTube videos from trainers who will show you the correct way to perform the various exercises. Then you film your workout and compare whether both videos are with each other. Film yourself from time to time and compare it to your sample video. In this way you will keep improving your own execution in the long term.

What should you eat? - First focus on one thing

No matter if you have been training for years or a complete beginner. Eating a healthy, balanced diet is the key to long-term success. But our experience has shown that most people find it very difficult to change two habits at once.

For you as a beginner, we therefore recommend that you train regularly for 2 to 3 months so that it becomes a habit and does not cost you any more to overcome. After that, you can start to adjust your diet to your training.

If you are impatient and still want to do something to build your muscle, we recommend that you start off with nothing more than a whey protein shake after your workout.

How often should you workout? - Don't exercise too often

Beginners often want to go from 0 to 100 and see quick wins. We understand that, but what you need to know is this. Your muscles grow in the break between workouts. Therefore, 2 to 3 training units per week are more than enough for beginners.

Which training plan should you use? - Start with full body training

Usually there are 2 types of training plans. Full body training and split training. To start with, a full-body exercise plan is just the thing. Because your muscles are not used to regular training, they grow even with less stress than experienced athletes. A good basis is to learn the 3 basic exercises deadlift, bench press and squat correctly and to integrate them into the full-body training plan.

Split training means that you train the different muscles individually in a training session, but much more intensely. If you have been training for a long time, you can use this training method to really work out the muscle. This form of training is too intense for beginners and usually causes severe muscle soreness, which may force you to take a longer break.

Our tip: Remember to warm up for a few minutes before each training session.

How many reps should you do? - A little more to start with

As a beginner, we recommend doing between 12 and 15 repetitions for each exercise. This will give you a feeling for the exercise and learn the correct sequence of movements. Then you take a break of about 1 minute and then another 12 to 15 repetitions. You do this 3 times.

How do I find my training weight? - Try it out

A question that we are also asked very often is how to find the right training weight. The easiest way to find the perfect training weight for you is this: Take a weight and try to do 15 reps. If you can’t do it, take a lighter weight. If you can do it easily, you will take a heavier weight.

You keep doing this until you notice that you can just barely manage the 15 repetitions. If you can do 15 reps in all 3 sets, that’s great. Then next time you can increase the weight a little and keep increasing.

What exercises should you start with? - Machines and body weight exercises

With the selection of equipment to use in the gym, you may find it difficult to decide which exercises to start with. Usually the trainer in the gym will give you the first recommendations during the introduction.


For a start, machines make more sense than free weights, because you tend to be less wrong here and thus not be able to injure yourself. Why? Because most machines already dictate the movement and your posture.

In addition, bodyweight exercises also make sense as a supplement. Exercises like pushups, squats and situps not only give you a better body feeling, but also build up a solid basis for training with free weights.

For example, the squat is a very demanding exercise that is best trained first without any weights and then at some point only with a light bar. Only when you have mastered the correct execution here should you start to switch to heavier weights.

How do you stay motivated? - Find your personal goal

Think about why you want to start training and write down the answer to it. Make sure it really is your answer. If your reason is currently the recommendation of your doctor, your parents, friends or your partner, make it your personal reason.

Think about what will improve in your life when you are fitter and have your dream body. Write it down and post it somewhere that you will look at every day to remind yourself of your goal.

Leave your ego at home

You’re just starting out with your workout. You come to the gym and see a lot of well trained women and men. Don’t let that intimidate you. Everyone started small. Don’t try to lift, push or push as much weight as possible as quickly as possible just because the person next to you is lifting so much more weight than you. You are not here for the others. You are here to achieve your own goal.

Summary: Workout Tips for Beginners

  • Let a trainer or other professional show you how to do it.
  • First learn to exercise properly and later deal with the right diet.
  • 2 to 3 workouts are enough to get you started.
  • Your muscles only grow if you give them a break.
  • Start with a full-body exercise plan.
  • Do 3 x 12 to 15 repetitions per exercise.
  • Find your right training weight.
  • In the beginning, train on the machines and with your own body weight.
  • Do it for you
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