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ASICS Women’s Running Shoes

Author: Manuel Heitmann

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Running is still one of the most popular sports. It clears the mind and at the same time keeps the body healthy. There are running shoes that are specially designed for the asphalt or the terrain. Running shoes for women come in a wide variety of designs and colors. The sporting goods manufacturer Asics is one of the best-known manufacturers of running shoes for women.

With our test of women’s running shoes from the Asics brand, we want to help you find the right running shoes for you. We have compared women’s running shoes based on the different running shoe categories and listed the respective advantages and disadvantages. This should make your purchase decision easier for you.

Best Asics Running Shoes for Women

Best ASICS Women’s Running Shoe with Overpronation

The GT-2000 6 women’s running shoe is ideal for runners who suffer from overpronation. This shoe offers the foot the necessary support and stability. It also has GEL padding in the rear foot area, which makes it comfortable to wear.

The technology of the shoe perfectly combines rebound and cushioning properties. In terms of price, the running shoe is definitely in the cheaper segment. The shoe is cut narrow and tends to be a bit smaller, which you should pay attention to when buying. If you have narrow feet, the GT-2000 6 women’s running shoe is right for you.

Best ASICS Women’s Running Shoe with neutral pronation

The Gel-Cumulus 20 running shoe for women has a neutral pronation. It belongs to the Gel-Cumulus range from Asics. Each new model has small improvements compared to its predecessor, such as new layers optimized on the forefoot or the SpEVA 45 midsole.

This shoe allows your feet to move more naturally and the GEL technology offers very good cushioning. With this shoe, neutral runners can achieve excellent performance.

Best ASICS Women’s Running Shoe for Trail Running

The Gel-Fujitrabuco 7 G-tx is the best trail running shoe from Asics. The outsole has very deep lugs, which allows more grip when running through mountains and forests. In addition, this shoe is characterized by a very light design. The light midsole is very elastic and hard-wearing, while the new heel lining makes the shoe very comfortable and durable.

Thanks to its seamless Gore-Tex upper material, this women’s running shoe is breathable and waterproof at the same time. That means, no weather can stop you and your perfect running shoe. With this trail running shoe from Asics, your run in nature becomes a real experience, with your feet always being perfectly supported.

Evaluation criteria for Asics running shoes

Asics running shoes for women come in a wide variety of designs. The individual products can be differentiated based on the following criteria:

  • Degree of damping
  • Running style / Level of support
  • Stability
  • Foot shape
  • Design / material
  • Durability

In the following paragraphs, we will explain what is important for the individual criteria.

Degree of damping

A crucial aspect when buying the right running shoe for women is the cushioning. This protects the feet, knees and joints while running. Depending on the body weight, the surface, the running style, the type of training and the type of foot, the required degree of cushioning varies. So you see, the degree of cushioning of a running shoe is very individual and can vary greatly.

With a higher body weight or with physical complaints, a lot of cushioning is usually required, which cushions the “impact” well.

Depending on the speed, 2 – 4 times your own weight acts on the shoe with every step.

The right cushioning is very important because unsuitable running shoes can cause many health problems such as foot problems, knee or back pain. In addition, these can even increase the risk of injury.

Running style / level of support

Before you buy a running shoe, you should first know what running style you have. Otherwise the wrong shoe can lead to physical discomfort. The respective running technique depends on your touching down and rolling behavior while running. Depending on the rolling behavior, the perfect shoe should be cushioned in the right place in order to avoid stress.

Your running style has a big impact on the amount of support your foot needs. Asics running shoes are divided into three categories here:

  • Cushioning: very little support
  • Structured Cushioning: a lot of support
  • Maximum Support: medium support

You will find out later how much support you need and which women’s running shoe is right for you.


The stability, like the cushioning, serves to keep the risk of injury low and to protect the joints, tendons and bones that are stressed when running. A stable shoe offers special support and protection when running on the asphalt

The stability of a running shoe is increased by the processing of solid materials, additional supports in the shaft, the profile, an additional midsole and the straight shape of the last. A stronger heel cushioning and a reinforced heel cup can also mean a plus in stability.

Running shoes with a high level of stability are called stability shoes.

A high level of stability is particularly necessary for runners with a high dead weight, because this places greater stress on the shoes. When running, the shoes are therefore more deformed and the midsoles are additionally compressed.

So-called stability shoes are also suitable for beginners, as they can often not compensate for the stresses caused by running with their muscle strength and tendons and this can lead to overpronation.

Foot shape

The perfect fit of your women’s running shoe depends heavily on the shape of your foot. There is something called a metatarsal arch, which is your feet’s natural shock absorber.

The distinction is made here:

  1. Normal foot: When running, the foot touches the ground first with the outer edge of the rear foot. Then the foot bends inwards, which is called natural pronation or natural cushioning.
  2. Arches foot: The arches foot first touches the ground with the outside of the heel. Here the foot bends hardly or not at all inwards. This is called underpronation or supination. These feet need additional cushioning.
  3. Flat Foot: With a flat foot, the arch of the foot touches the ground with every step. This is called overpronation. First of all, the outside of the heel of the foot hits the ground, but it cannot absorb and stabilize the body weight due to the natural buckling. Therefore, this foot shape needs additional support.

You can determine your foot type with a treadmill analysis.

Each foot shape has a different rolling behavior and therefore requires different running shoes. You will find out later which women’s running shoe from Ascis is the best for each type of foot.

Design & Material

Running shoes for women come in a wide variety of designs and materials. From classic to simple to brightly colored, everything is included. Every season there are new trends in which the manufacturers bring different designs onto the market.

Many materials have a certain degree of water resistance.

There are also always improvements in the material. This is also a decisive factor in terms of comfort.

Better materials such as breathable mesh material and highly abrasion-resistant microfiber fleece make the running shoe lighter and therefore more comfortable to wear.

These materials provide a supportive and flexible fit of the running shoe.


How old a running shoe is can usually be seen from the shoe sole. If these are flat and worn out, you can safely get yourself some new running shoes. The service life differs greatly depending on body weight, rolling behavior, running style, surface, frequency of use and material.

Did you know that shoes need to regenerate just like feet?

A shoe takes up to 48 hours to develop its full cushioning performance again. This is also different depending on the shoe and thus leads to a different strain on the muscles. That’s why everyone who runs more than 20 kilometers per week should have at least one pair of running shoes to change.

A benchmark for the service life of running shoes is between 800 and 1,200 kilometers. A casual runner can therefore use his running shoes for about a year with a clear conscience. Advanced runners or even competitive runners usually need up to 3 pairs of running shoes per year.

What types of ASICS women’s running shoes are available?

If you want to buy women’s running shoes from Asics, you can choose between four categories of running shoes. These are the following types:

Neutral shoes

At Asics, neutral shoes are the largest category of running shoes and generally offer a balanced ratio of cushioning and support. If you have a neutral foot, it doesn’t need any additional stability or cushioning, because it adapts itself. Neutral shoes are therefore the right category of running shoes for you.

These often have comfortable cushioning and a medium to strong drop, which represents the height difference between forefoot and heel. The weight of neutral shoes is in the middle range. They are lighter than stability shoes, but heavier than competition or so-called light weight shoes.

Due to the durability of the rubber soles, neutral shoes are suitable for running on asphalt and promise high durability.

Neutral shoes are particularly suitable for runners who have no problems rolling and no misalignment of the joints. Neutral shoes are all-rounders and are therefore ideally suited for short or long distances as well as leisure or training runs.

Stability shoes

Asics stability shoes provide extra support for runners who are prone to overpronation. These running shoes have a stiffer shaft and thus achieve more support and guidance than normal shoes. Stability shoes have a strong cushioning and strong supports, so-called pronation supports. These are used to prevent overpronation of the foot.

These aspects show you whether you need stability shoes:

  1. Foot shape: Your feet have a flat, low arch.
  2. Muscles: The muscle control in your feet is weak.
  3. Overpronation: Your feet roll inward a lot as you run.
  4. Lack of support: Normal shoes do not offer you enough stability.
  5. Fatigue: Your feet tire very quickly when you run.

The focus of stability shoes is not on maximizing speed or performance when running, but rather on the health aspect. This shoe should enable the most comfortable, health-friendly walking possible.

Trail running shoes

The Asics trail running shoes category is designed to offer runners off-road support. Therefore they have some special features. The sole is usually covered with large studs so that the running shoe has enough grip. This is particularly important on soft surfaces such as forest floor.

However, this category of running shoes is not suitable for use on the road, as the studs would drift off very quickly. The material of the shoe is often a more robust, breathable fabric instead of mesh. Trail running shoes in particular should be breathable and waterproof at the same time, because runners are often out and about on muddy, wet surfaces.

The laces are also specially designed so that runners don’t get caught in the scrub so easily and the risk of injury is minimized. Many models have a special lacing system with a lace pocket for this purpose.


So-called trail running shoes are not suitable for asphalt because they usually lack midsoles that provide good cushioning. Because it is also the direct contact with the ground that distinguishes this category of running shoes.

Competition & lightweight shoes

These running shoes are designed for a specific purpose. They should lead to an increase in performance in training and increase speed in competition. Competition and lightweight shoes are therefore designed for these aspects.

Their low weight should allow the runner the best possible performance. This is why these running shoes do not offer any supports or extensive cushioning. In contrast, the breathability of the material is in the foreground.

The competition and so-called light weight shoes from Asics are not just for professional runners. Even advanced runners can benefit from this category of running shoes. However, this type of running shoe only provides minimal support for the runner, i.e. muscles and the arches of the foot provide guidance and cushioning.

Our Advice before buying Asics Running Shoes for Women

Before you buy Asics women’s running shoes, you should get some background information about them. We have summarized this information clearly in the following paragraphs.

What distinguishes Asics women’s running shoes from other manufacturers?

Asics is known for making their high quality running shoes. These and other sports items from the manufacturer can always convince on various levels such as workmanship and wearing comfort and thus have a positive effect on running. When it comes to running shoes for women, Asics has a customer-friendly strategy.

Basically, Asics convinces both with running shoes for women and with other products with a high degree of professionalism and customer orientation. Asics also offers its customers a very large range of running shoes. From entry-level models to running shoes for professionals, everything is included so that you can find the perfect running shoe for your individual needs.

Where can I buy Asics Running Shoes for Women?

Running shoes for women from Asics enjoy a high reputation among buyers and experts, it is impossible to imagine local sports stores without them.

Aside from sports stores, you can buy them online if you know your requirements.

What alternatives are there to Asics running shoes?

Some Asics women’s running shoes are made for special needs, so they don’t necessarily have to be the right running shoes for you. So that your new women’s running shoes still meet your wishes and ideas, we present you with alternatives from other manufacturers:

  • Nike: Nike is a company steeped in tradition that, like Asics, produces high-quality sporting goods. The company has a large selection of women’s running shoes, but also numerous other products in its range. It is also very popular and valued by its customers.
  • Brooks: Brooks was founded in 1914, making it the oldest of the three companies. However, the company did not specialize in running until 2001. The range extends from running shoes to clothing. The selection is a bit smaller than at Asics and Nike, but here too you get a very good quality women’s running shoe that is very comfortable to wear.

If you are unsure which brand is right for you, we recommend consulting a sports shop you trust. There you can try out women’s running shoes from different brands and make your own picture.

Which Asics women’s running shoes are suitable for beginners?

Many models of women’s running shoes from Asics are suitable for beginners. First of all, you should consider what surface you want to run on. Because not every shoe is suitable for every surface.

It is also very important to determine the right foot shape in order to find the right running shoe for you. The degree of pronation also plays a big role in choosing your perfect running shoe. If you have problems with its determination, you will find many useful explanatory aids on the Asics website or you can simply ask at your trusted sports shop.

The price of your first running shoes is also a crucial purchase criterion. However, you should note that it can make sense to spend a little more money on your new women’s running shoes. Because medium to higher priced models often offer greater comfort and a longer shelf life.

Can I run on the asphalt in Asics women’s running shoes?

Asics running shoes for women are good for running on the asphalt. Suitable models can be found especially under the running shoe categories neutral shoes and stability shoes.

Cushioning plays a crucial role when walking on asphalt. Asics running shoes have a special insole that provides excellent cushioning.

In addition, many models contain GEL technology in the rear and forefoot area. Thanks to its very good shock absorption, this enables a comfortable ride even on asphalt.

Are Asics women’s running shoes suitable for forefoot runners?

Asics women’s running shoes are well suited for forefoot runners. The most common running shoe categories in this area are as follows:

  • Barefoot shoes
  • Toe shoes
  • Minimal running shoes

The Asics Gel-Cumulus running shoes are particularly suitable for forefoot runners. These offer a firm step feeling, and the combination of gel technology in the rear and forefoot area offers particularly strong shock absorption. The grip and cushioning of the Gel Cumulus running shoes in the forefoot also support untrained muscles very well.

You can also use the running shoes of this series as “normal” running shoes or casual shoes.

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