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ASICS Men’s Running Shoes

Author: Manuel Heitmann

Coach & Fitness Expert

Different sports make different demands on the corresponding equipment. Running is of course no exception, because if you want to maximize your training efficiency, you should pay particular attention to the features such as weight and flexibility when choosing your equipment.

Since the shoes are probably the most important part of the equipment in running, it is essential to choose the right type of shoe if you want to take your training seriously.

Anyone looking for new running shoes may quickly be overwhelmed by the huge selection, but if you know your own needs, you can determine exactly what you are actually looking for.

The originally Japanese manufacturer Asics, one of the largest and best-known brands for sports shoes worldwide, is a reliable choice for almost every need in the field of running shoes.

In our Asics running shoes for men test we want to introduce the range of shoes from this brand in more detail. We will provide you with important information about the different models, as well as those factors that you should consider before buying. Based on our test article, you should be able to find the right Asics running shoes for you.

Best Asics Running Shoes for Men

Best ASICS Men's Running Shoe for short distances

These sneaky shoes for men are suitable for short and medium-distance runners. The gel cushioning in the forefoot and heel area of the sole absorbs the impact while running and offers comfort and durability.

The profile of the shoes is designed to reduce wear and tear and offers additional resistance. At 286 grams, these shoes are roughly in the middle category, which is well suited for the corresponding type of running.

Best ASICS Men's Running Shoe with High Comfort

Asics Gt-1000 series offers great comfort for a wide range of runners. Thanks to the foam material in the soles, this model saves a lot of weight and is therefore lighter than many comparable shoes. In addition, the gel construction in the heel and the material of the sole provide cushioning that optimally supports the foot when running.

The 10 millimeter differential means that the heel keeps the foot at a natural angle. The mesh construction of the upper half ensures a flexible shape and offers water resistance and is also breathable.

Best ASICS Men's Waterproof Running Shoe

Thanks to its new gel-based cushioning, this model offers a particularly adaptable sole and an upper that adapts to the foot. In addition, water resistance and breathable construction are also offered. What makes this model a little different is its focus on long distance runners.

The shoe is therefore particularly light and contains additional cushioning in the metatarsal area in order to better absorb the impact forces when stepping on. The lightweight construction enables a natural running style and gives the shoe additional durability.

Evaluation criteria for Asics running shoes

Asics running shoes are available in various designs. The individual variants can be differentiated based on the following criteria:

  • Torsional ability
  • Heel drop
  • Weight

In the following paragraphs, we will explain what is important for the individual criteria.

Torsional ability

The torsion indicates how much the foot can twist in opposite directions from the forefoot to the rearfoot. This property often has a significant impact on the design of running shoes. The ability of the foot to twist is used to stand on uneven ground and enables a better grip by allowing the foot to adapt better to the surface of the ground.

In order to integrate this ability into the construction of running shoes, there are construction elements in the metatarsal area of ​​the shoe, which are referred to as torsion elements or metatarsal bridges. This enables a certain degree of twist flexibility: the torsional ability of the shoe.

The easier it is to twist the shoe between the heel and forefoot, the higher the torsional ability.

Flexible running shoes with high torsional strength have the advantage that they support the natural function and muscles of the foot. Regular exercise of the foot muscles leads to greater stability of the joints in the foot and knee. This can help prevent degenerative diseases such as osteoarthritis.

A high torsional ability can lead to an intensification of a misalignment.

Torsion is especially important for the foot to adapt to uneven surfaces.

This leads to a reduced risk of injury and facilitates the transmission and distribution of the impact forces. A lack of flexibility in shoes when walking over rough terrain can lead to an increased risk of injury.

If the shoes are built too stiffly, the restriction of foot movement can lead to problems.

The disadvantages of running shoes with a high torsional capacity arise primarily for runners who require a high level of stability for the running shoe. In particular, people with a high body weight need a certain degree of stability in order to overload the ankles and to prevent the foot from buckling inwards when running.

Heel Drop

When looking for the ideal running shoe, make sure that the drop is as low as possible. The difference between the height of the entire sole in the heel area and that in the ball of the foot is referred to as drop. At the foot, this means the difference in height between the heel and forefoot of around 10 – 100 millimeters. This varies depending on the type of shoes and whether they are men’s or women’s shoes.

The lower the drop of the shoe, the less the shoes interfere with the natural running style; on the other hand, a drop that is too high can make it easier to injure yourself. In the event of a large blast, the foot stands on a kind of ramp and is able to absorb a lot of impact energy while running.

Too big a split in the heel means that the heel is higher. As a result, the calf muscles are not stressed enough, which can lead to these muscles being shortened.

Those who frequently wear shoes with heels or high heels will have trouble getting used to shoes without raised heels. Shoes with a higher drop are particularly suitable for this.

They can help prevent overuse and inflammation. Running shoes for women in particular often have a higher drop.

Part of the blast is the cushioning, which in the heel area also leads to an increase in the heel. Blasting too deep can also cause problems. They influence the running style by forcing the runner to touch the heel first. The smaller the blast, the more like running barefoot.

Therefore, well-trained runners usually use shoes with the lowest possible drop to enable a natural running style. A higher drop is recommended for runners who are affected by the effects of heel shoes and are used to higher soles.

In order to keep your own running style as natural as possible, when choosing running shoes you should choose a drop that is as low as possible without provoking overuse of the foot muscles by deviating too much from the usual running style.


The weight of the running shoes has a major influence on the stress that is placed on the joints of the leg and foot when running. The weight of a running shoe mainly depends on the structure and the type and amount of material used. When developing running shoes, the aim is always to keep the weight as low as possible.

The muscles of the feet have to compensate for any additional weight when running, which can be a problem, especially for less trained runners.

However, lower weight is not always strictly the better choice. Weight is usually saved by omitting supports, making soles thinner and reducing cushioning systems. Such lightweight shoes are mainly suitable for trained athletes. Less experienced runners may need more stability and cushioning, which leads to a little more weight on the shoe.

In general, however, the lighter shoes are more suitable, the longer the running distance and the higher the running speed.

Compared to competition shoes, jogging shoes are made stronger and more resistant. You save significantly less weight on the individual components and offer more stability. They are also suitable for a wide range of different types of runners and runs.

Our Advice before buying Asics Running Shoes for Men

Choosing the right running shoes can be quite a challenge because there seem to be quite a few factors to consider when looking for a shoe that is perfectly tailored for you.

What is the difference of Asics running shoes compared to others?

Asics is an originally Japanese manufacturer of sporting goods and one of the largest manufacturers of sports shoes worldwide. Asics offers a wide selection of sports shoes for every occasion and always uses the most modern materials such as plastic mesh gel cushioning elements and 3d-printed construction elements.

The large selection includes both general sports shoes for occasional athletes and highly specialized competition shoes for high-performance athletes. The special thing about Asics is therefore not necessarily the depth of their offer, but the breadth.

What types of running shoes does Asics offer?

The selection of running shoes offered by Asics is huge. The various models are usually divided into series, which are numbered according to the current version. To get a better overview, here are some samples from the range of different types of running shoes on offer from Asics.

Asics offers the following product types:

  • Gel-Cumulus
  • Metarun
  • Gel-Nimbus
  • Hyper MD


The Gel-Cumulus series is designed as a street running shoe. It is suitable for running medium distances on flat terrain. The shoes offer additional comfort thanks to a breathable surface and additional springback.

The sides of the soles reflect to increase visibility in the dark. What makes this series special is the increased shock absorption in the sole, which provides more grip while running.


The Metarun series are high-performance shoes aimed at experienced long-distance runners. Weight and stability are optimized by using and combining different construction methods.


This model is designed for maximum weight reduction and therefore has less cushioning and more resistance. The minimalist equipment allows a natural running style, suitable for athletes who are willing to invest a little more in their equipment.


The Gel-Nimbus series offers special gel cushioning elements in the heel and midfoot area of the shoe sole, which optimally supports the feet while running and promotes a dynamic running style. The construction of the shoes is also designed to cope with wear and tear.

They are also waterproof and relatively light. The lightness and cushioning of the Gel-Nimbus series make them especially suitable for long-distance runners.

Hyper MD

This model is athletics shoes specially designed for middle-distance runners. They are equipped with nails in the front part of the profile to guarantee maximum grip when starting and when running on tartan courses.

For this reason, unlike various street running shoes, these shoes are completely unsuitable for use on other surfaces.

But the shoe is specially tailored to the needs of the respective athlete, it offers a robust and flexible fit and is extremely light. Those who are specifically looking for athletics shoes are well served with this model.

Where can I buy Asics Running Shoes for Men?

If you are looking for personal advice, you can find Asics articles in almost every major sporting goods store, but the Asics shoe range can also be found online everywhere.

What alternatives are there to Asics running shoes?

The number of different models of running shoes that can be found shopping online is seemingly limitless. But if you are looking for an alternative to Asics, you will usually find one of its world-famous competitors. Here is an example for each of the three largest manufacturers of running shoes, besides Asics.

Adidas Performance Solar Boost

This versatile running shoe is primarily designed for long distance running, but it can also be easily used for other purposes. It offers extra comfort and optimizes the rolling behavior of the foot thanks to a flexible outsole.

The integrated cushioning ensures stability and yet remains flexible. It also has extra torsion capability, which improves freedom of movement while running. But despite these features, it is a bit on the more expensive side.

Nike Revolution 5

This minimalist shoe is well suited for beginners. The materials used ensure a high level of comfort when wearing and are also breathable. Since it is primarily aimed at versatility and flexibility, it is less suitable for competitive situations, but all the more suitable for casual sports.

Reebok Quick Motion 2.0

This somewhat simple shoe offers all the basic features you would expect from an all-purpose running shoe at an astonishingly low price. The breathable upper material ensures good ventilation while running and provides additional support. The lightly built soles cushion and stabilize and bring this shoe to a good price-performance ratio.

How do I find the right Asics running shoes for me?

The right choice of sports shoes can have a decisive impact on health. The right shoes can prevent injuries and provide the comfort you need. First of all, it is important to know the needs of your own feet.

If you know your personal foot shape and any misalignments, it is easier to find shoes that match it.

Even if it is not always obvious from the outside, there are some fundamental differences between women’s and men’s shoes.

Unisex models or models that have only been superficially modified are not suitable for long-term use.

There are tests with which many properties of your own feet can be determined more precisely.

For example your own running style and its development or how much you are influenced by your own body weight while running. Such tests can often be carried out at a specialist dealer or as a self-test and provide information about the demands that should be made on new running shoes.

What warrranty do I get from Asics on my running shoes?

Asics’ general terms and conditions allow the customer to withdraw from the purchase contract within 30 days without giving any reason. Although nothing specific is said about a guarantee, the two-year guarantee usually also applies to shoes.