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Almased Diet: Questions and Answers

Author: Anne Jonson

Diet & Nutrition Expert

Diet can mean a lot more than just losing weight. This ideally goes hand in hand with a positive body feeling, an improvement in your health and your self-confidence. But finding the right method for losing weight is often difficult due to the multitude of options and products.

With its shakes, Almased promises quick weight loss thanks to natural ingredients and ease of use. With this article we would like to help you decide whether an Almased diet would be right for you.

  • With an Almased diet, you replace one or more main meals with a mixture of Almased powder, water and oil.
  • The main ingredients in Almased powder are soy proteins, honey and yogurt.
  • Almased can help you lose weight quickly if used correctly. However, the cost of Almased powder is relatively high.

What is the Almased Diet?

The Almased diet is one of the formula diets and consists of a plan with four or two phases, in which all meals are replaced by an Almased shake at first and gradually less after a few days. The duration of the application ranges from two weeks to several years, depending on the goals set and personal preference.

The statement that Almased is sugar-free only refers to industrial sugar.

The product Almased Vitalkraft is a dietary food for meal replacement. It was developed in the 1980s by the German alternative practitioner Hubertus Trouillé and consists mainly of 50% soy proteins, 25% honey and 23% yoghurt, the remaining 2% are vitamins and minerals.

It is vegetarian, gluten-free and suitable for diabetics. If you are lactose intolerant, Almased also offers a shake with lactose-free yogurt.

The product itself is a powder that is mixed into a shake. The powder is poured into up to 300 ml of water, low-fat milk or buttermilk and mixed with 2 teaspoons of oil. The amount of powder used depends on your height, the standard portion is 50 g.

The manufacturer advertises that its product consists of purely natural ingredients and does not contain sugar, artificial flavors or preservatives. The honey it contains naturally has a sugar content of approx. 82%.

In a laboratory test carried out in 2019, various diet shakes were checked for their ingredients. Almased Vitalkost was particularly negative: the researchers found very high levels of potentially harmful mineral oil residues. In addition, the powder tested was contaminated with genetically modified soy DNA.

What you should know about the Almased diet

Before starting an Almased diet, you should acquire some background information about the product and its effects.

We answer the most frequently asked questions below

How long will it take to lose weight with the Almased diet?

Formula diets like the Almased Diet are considered to be the fastest and most effective way to lose weight. This is especially true if the diet is followed by an energy-reduced mixed diet. (2)
In general, weight loss depends on the following points:

  • Starting weight: Very overweight people usually lose weight faster than people of normal weight. This is due to an already excessive energy consumption and the body’s willingness to give up reserves.
  • Gender: Men tend to lose weight faster than women. Energy consumption also plays a role here: men are usually taller and heavier and have more muscle mass than women, which is why more energy and thus fat is also consumed when resting.
  • Number of diets tried: The more diets you have already tried, the slower it will lead to weight loss. Your body is often already used to the irregular intake of calories and therefore loses weight more slowly.
  • Discipline: The more closely you stick to the diet guidelines and also change your diet and exercise habits, the faster you should reach your desired weight.
    These points also play a role in an Almased diet, with the manufacturer promising that you will achieve visible results within 14 days.

Almased offers several solutions for rapid weight loss:

Lose weight in 2 weeks

This plan consists of four phases and, if done correctly, promises a weight loss of 2 to 4 kilograms. During this time you first replace all main meals with Almased shakes and then gradually switch back to solid foods.

Taking Almased regularly is not enough for rapid weight loss. Sport and a balanced diet accelerate the weight loss process and curb the yo-yo effect.

The four phases consist of:

  • Starting phase (duration: 3 days)
  • Reduction phase (duration: 4 days)
  • Stabilization phase (duration: 3 days)
  • Life phase (duration: at least 4 days)

These phases should also be followed if you plan to lose weight over a long period of time.

Emergency Almased Turbo

The dream body emergency plan is also designed for 2 weeks and only consists of the first two phases that the manufacturer recommends for weight loss.

During the first week you replace all three main meals with an Almased shake, and you also have 500 to 1000 ml of cooked vegetable broth.

In the second week you replace breakfast and dinner with a shake, while vegetables, salad and lean meat or fish are served for lunch.

What can I eat and drink on the Almased diet?

In the first phase of the Almased diet, you should not consume any solid foods. In addition to the shakes and low-calorie drinks, vegetable broth is also taken as a snack.

If you gradually return to eating solid foods, balance is important here too. Foods rich in nutrients and vitamins as well as low in fat and sugar should be on your menu to accelerate the weight loss process and at the same time keep your body fit.

Due to the fructose it contains, fruit should only be consumed from the second phase and only in small quantities.

Did you know that diet drinks are not at all conducive to dieting?
People who drink a lot of low-calorie drinks with artificial sweeteners tend to have a larger waistline. The sweeteners pretend that the body is being supplied with calories, but they do not trigger a feeling of satiety. The risk of food cravings is increased and can promote obesity in the long term.

Mineral-rich water and unsweetened herbal and fruit teas are recommended as drinks. You can consume these during the entire diet. You can also drink coffee, preferably black or with only a little low-fat milk. You should avoid sugar or sweeteners in your coffee.

You should also avoid alcohol – it leads to a disruption of fat metabolism and the water balance.

This means that less fat is broken down and water is removed from the body. The absorption of nutrients in the gastrointestinal tract is also influenced, which is why the results of an Almased diet can be massively influenced and, in some cases, canceled. The bitter substances contained also stimulate the appetite.

Does Almased come in several flavors?

Almased is currently only available in one additional flavor, almond-vanilla. Depending on your personal preferences, you can also refine your shake with fruits, cocoa or spices such as cinnamon or ginger. However, pay attention to how many extra calories there are.

A simple way to improve the taste with a few extra calories is to use food flavors with different flavors (for example vanilla, maple syrup or strawberry).

If you are at the beginning of your diet or on the Turbo Diet, you should avoid fruit if possible. The fructose contained can prevent the diet from being successful. Exceptions are low-calorie and low-sugar fruits such as watermelon or grapefruit.

The oil used has a major impact on the taste. The best thing to do here is to try different variants in order to find the best taste for you. However, it is important that you use vegetable oil that is high in omega-3 fatty acids. Examples are linseed oil, walnut oil or rapeseed oil.

What side effects can the Almased diet have?

Changes in eating and living habits rarely go without side effects, with the following most common:

  • Cross allergy / allergic reactions (swelling of the eyes, face and / or throat, shortness of breath, cardiovascular problems)
  • Decrease in concentration and performance as well as physical resilience
  • increased sensitivity to cold
  • Hair loss
  • Load on the thyroid gland, possibly Goiter formation

If you have an allergy to soy, this product is generally not suitable for you. Cross-allergies and allergic reactions can also occur if there is an allergy to birch pollen, stone fruits, hazelnuts and / or carrots.

I have diabetes - what should I watch out for on the Almased diet?

In diabetes patients in particular, it is important to consult the doctor in charge before using an Almased diet, as Almased can influence blood sugar and insulin levels.

There are various studies on the effect of Almased which have found positive changes, especially in diabetics.

When Almased is taken as a meal replacement or as a supplementary food, glucose control in type 2 diabetics can be improved after just a few weeks and the daily dose of insulin required can be significantly reduced.

If the doctor approves the Almased diet, you should measure and review your new daily blood sugar history. The measurements should be taken before taking the Almased drink and two hours afterwards. If the blood sugar values deviate from your usual values, discuss the further medication with your doctor.

Can I follow the Almased diet while breastfeeding?

If you plan to lose weight quickly after your pregnancy, be sure to wait until after you wean. Excessive fat breakdown leads to an increased release of acids and toxins into the bloodstream, which may also get into breast milk. Since there is an increased need for calories after pregnancy, the majority of breastfeeding women automatically lose a few kilograms.

Almased can be used as a dietary supplement, provided that further nutrition provides you with the necessary nutrients.


Does the Almased diet have a yo-yo effect?

With the Almased diet there is also the risk of the so-called yo-yo effect – the rapid loss of weight, but also the rapid renewed weight gain. This happens especially if you do not take the product as recommended, do not exercise and / or do not eat healthily.

To prevent this from happening, you should use the Almased Diet as an opportunity to change your diet and do more physical activity both during and after the diet. This can permanently change your metabolism and prevent further weight gain.

Almased Diet Alternatives

Almased belongs to the group of so-called “formula diets”. Individual or all meals are replaced by diet powders, shakes or bars. Above all, this type of diet ensures quick short-term success and is easy to integrate into everyday life. However, if you rely solely on the effect of the substitute meals, the yo-yo effect can quickly occur after weaning.


  • Easy to use, suitable for everyday use
  • No need to count calories
  • Quick success


  • Monotonous diet
  • Often very expensive
  • Permanent success not certain

Diet alternatives to Almased and other formula diets are numerous. Depending on the latest medical knowledge or current trends, various diets are recommended, discarded or newly developed. Examples of popular diets are:

The recommended and most natural form of weight loss is when you put together a personal nutrition and exercise plan together with a doctor and / or a nutritionist. In general, sport should always be integrated into your life, going for a walk or cycling can be sufficient.

Switching to a healthy, balanced diet with lots of fruit and vegetables and as little fat and sugar as possible is often helpful in order to lose weight in the long term without the yo-yo effect.

Almased Diet Plan: The 4 Stages of Weight Loss

Almased provides a precise plan for its product with which you can lose weight both quickly and in the long term. We present the process to you below.

The starting phase

During this phase, all three main meals are replaced by Almased shakes and only low-calorie drinks or vegetable broth are consumed. The body should be prepared for the upcoming change in diet by drinking fasting.

The duration is 3 to 7 days depending on your personal weight loss goal. According to the manufacturer, the weight loss in this phase is often relatively high.

The reduction phase

In this phase you will only have two Almased drinks; breakfast and dinner are recommended. The main meal should be as nutritious and low in calories as possible, fruit may be eaten in small quantities. This phase should last about 6 weeks, but depending on your judgment and success it can be stopped or shortened until you reach your desired weight.

The stabilization phase

During the stabilization phase, only one meal is replaced by an Almased shake, usually dinner. This phase serves to stabilize your metabolism and thus maintain the weight you have achieved. This is to prevent the yo-yo effect. The manufacturer recommends a duration of around 18 weeks.

The phase of life

Even if you have already reached your desired weight, you can take Almased as a complementary food. In addition to three balanced main meals, the additional intake of the Almased shake should permanently maintain the achieved weight.

Summary: Almased Diet

Like most formula diets, the Almased diet is particularly suitable for very overweight people who, under professional supervision, use such a diet as a starting point for a change in diet.

If you just want to lose a few kilos quickly, Almased can do it relatively quickly and without counting calories. However, you need iron discipline to pull off the predominantly liquid diet. For permanent weight loss, a change in diet in combination with exercise is usually the safest and most natural measure.