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6 Tips For Abs Workout – Effective Workout for Abs

You have been training your stomach for weeks, but you are not successful? With our 6 tips you will take your abs workout to the next level and reveal your six-pack.

Abs have 3 important roles for your body. The straight and lateral abdominal muscles ensure that you can bend your upper body forwards, sideways and rotate around your own axis.

In addition, strong abdominal muscles also act as protection for your internal organs, stabilize your upper body and relieve your spine. This makes abdominal training useful even with back pain.

Why abs workout alone won’t get you anywhere

Your goal is a six-pack? Or at least a flat stomach? Then ab training alone is not enough. Regular ab training ensures that the chambers of your abdominal muscles grow, but your six-pack only becomes visible when your body fat percentage is low enough.

In men, the body fat percentage for a six-pack is just under 12%. In women it is naturally somewhat higher at 14%.

Do you train your abdominal muscles so that you lose as much belly fat as possible? Unfortunately that does not work. Because your body does not only break down fat in the areas that you exercise. On the contrary. Your body breaks fat where it wants it to.

In order to lose the fat deposits on your stomach, you need more than regular ab training. A balanced full body workout, HIIT, Tabata or circuit training are particularly effective for burning more calories overall. But classic cardio training can also use extra calories as a supplement to strength training and shed your pounds.

Watch your calorie deficit

You can still workout so much. If you eat more calories at the end of the day than you burned in during the day, you are gaining weight instead of losing weight. With a balanced diet of proteins, long-chain carbohydrates, healthy fats, lots of vitamins and minerals and a calorie deficit, you are on the right track.

Our tip: Are you wondering how to find the right calorie deficit? It’s easy with our free calorie calculator.

6 tips for your abs workout

You workout the wrong muscles

Bad posture during abdominal exercises often target the wrong muscles. Instead of the abdominal muscles, for example, you train the hip flexor more or, depending on the exercise, even the thighs.

Quality before quantity

As a beginner, concentrate on performing the exercise correctly. In this way you improve your body awareness and the exercise really trains the muscles that it is supposed to train.

A common mistake in ab training: arched back! When doing a classic exercise like sit ups, make sure that your lower back stays on the ground all the time. Tighten your abs properly during the exercise. Your gaze is directed towards the ceiling and a fist would fit between your chin and chest. Don’t forget your breathing! Exhale through your mouth as you come up. Do your abdominal exercises without taking any momentum.

Vary your abs workout

Instead of doing 100 sit ups every day, it is better to vary your training a little. Alternate between static holding exercises like the plank and dynamic exercises like sit ups and leg raises for the straight and Russian twists for the lateral abdominal muscles. This is how you train all areas of your abdominal muscles.

Don’t forget your back

Your abs are part of your core. Your back is one of them. If you exercise your stomach regularly, you should also strengthen your back just as often to avoid imbalance and associated back pain.

Increase difficulty regularly

Regardless of whether you workout your abdominal muscles with weights, your own body weight or on equipment, make sure to increase regularly. Increase the number of reps first, then increase the weight, or switch to a more difficult exercise.

Give your abs time to recover

Muscles do not grow during exercise, even if it looks like it is due to increased blood flow. Instead, they won’t grow until after you exercise, if you give them enough protein and they have time to recover.

How often should you do abs workout for a flat stomach?

Is it good to do Abdominal Exercise every day? No! You should treat your abs like any other muscle in your body and train them 2 to 3 times a week for optimal growth. Give your body regular breaks so that your abdominal training bears fruit and pay attention to your diet.

You can do effective abdominal exercises anywhere, by the way! Abdominal training at home is just as good as in the fitness club. You can also easily add a firm abdominal muscle workout to the end of your other training as a finisher. Now you have no more excuses! Try out our workouts and get your abdominal muscles to burn with our exercises. We hope you enjoy your training!

Summary: Abs Workout

  • The main job of your abdominal muscles is to bend forward and to the side, as well as rotating your torso sideways.
  • Strong abdominal muscles are also a protective shield for your internal organs.
  • Strong abdominal muscles relieve your spine.
  • Training your stomach away is not possible. Without a calorie deficit, no matter how much exercise, your abs won’t be visible.
  • Make sure you do all the abdominal exercises correctly.
  • Also train your back for a balanced core.
  • Increase difficulty regularly.
  • You can do abdominal exercises anywhere.
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