About Us

StriveGymWear is an independent fitness magazine that focuses on the interests of its readers and for more transparency. Discover your love for sport and be inspired by unique tutorials, interesting equipment ideas and detailed information on fitness activities.

How Do We Work

StriveGymWear is a cross-topic informational platform on which the readers can find high-quality information from a variety of fitness activities. Our goal is to thoroughly explain the sport activities in their various aspects and present this content clearly to the readers.

We want to promote a lifestyle change through our informational guides, reviews and buying guides. Our goal is for the readers to be guided through every sport activity that they want to start including the equipment they need. Our working method is structured as follows:

The Selection Of Sport Activities

Our content editors select products or their areas of interest in which they want to guide readers how to start a fitness activity and through their purchases. They determine the best products on the market for the relevant sport.

The goal is to provide readers with accurate information and products that they can find online and to make the best possible purchase.

Dig Deep Into The Subject

In this first phase of the research, the content editors look for high-quality sources.

They also identify professionals or experts who can provide useful information about the activities or products in question.

Relevant Questions

The content editors must analyze in detail what readers really need to know about the sport.

They go through the readers’ most common questions and determine as objectively as possible which questions will be answered as a result of their research.

Thorough Research

In this phase, the content editors read through the vast information guided by the key questions.

They extract the most valuable and precise information from each source to answer the frequently asked questions, select the best products and then write the article.

Selection Of Products

Depending on the type of product or the sport activity, the content editors select certain criteria to identify the best products on the market.

The quality of workmanship, performance, capacity, speed, resistance or the opinions and ratings of the users & professionals are assessed.

They compare them and make a list of the best products or recommendations for readers (completely independent of manufacturers) about the best products available on the internet.

They offer links to online shops where users can find the selected products.

Drafting The Article

The content editors present the results of their research as clearly and concisely as possible. They use lists, tables, and an orderly structure that enables readers to understand what is most interesting & important to them.

In this way, readers get serious, reliable and high quality information. We try to ensure that all data and statements that appear in the various guides are factual. 

Asking Readers For Feedback

We want to provide the best and most thorough information about every sport activity and relevant product that is available on the market. That is why the opinions, ratings and questions of our readers are very important to us.

We always try to resolve all of your doubts in the most complete and efficient way. 

Our Ethical Guidelines

In order to offer you a trustworthy offer, we apply the highest standards to our work. In doing so, we pay particular attention to the principles of independence, transparency, and sustainable financing.


Our top priority is independence because we see ourselves primarily as a informational platform. Therefore, it is not possible that a manufacturer or seller of a product will ever directly influence the ranking of the products in our product reviews. The same applies to the order of the offers.


We make no secret of our comparison process and our financing because transparency is important to us. As a portal for products comparisons, test reports & other information, we build a bridge between online buyers and online retailers. Our goal is to create more price transparency when buying online. This benefits both end-users and retailers.


Like most informational platforms with product comparisons, our website is primarily financed by commissions at no extra costs for you. However, the order of products is based solely on customer reviews and expert tests. It is thus independent of the payments of individual partners.

Our Authors & Experts​

Our authors are nutritionists / personal trainer and fitness experts. Through this expertise, we can guarantee that all articles are well-founded and based on the latest studies and current knowledge. All articles are subject to our editorial guidelines and therefore meet our quality standards of always presenting you with well-researched and relevant topics. We make sure that our authors formulate complex issues clearly and in a helpful manner. You can find information about our authors below.

Anne Jonson

anne jonson 110

Anne is responsible for our Nutrition, Supplement and Diet sections. 

Anne is a real food lover. Every trend is immediately examined carefully. And tried it out. She was able to deepen her passion with her nutritional studies. What did she particularly like about her studies? Applied nutritional sciences – such as dietetics. Here she learned how to develop individual nutritional recommendations and counseling concepts. With this expertise, Anne explains complex concepts super easy!

Manuel Heitmann

manuel heitmann 110

Manuel studied sports science and works as a coach & fitness expert. He not only wants to help his students with his knowledge of athletic performance, but also writes various articles on the subject of sport in his free time.

Heike Rossmann

heike rossmann 110

Heike is a personal trainer and specializes in strength training. She helps her clients to build up their body mass and the targeted training of muscle groups. Heike is also a passionate boxer and always incorporates boxing into her customers’ training programs.

FAQ's About Strive Gym Wear

Does StriveGymWear Sell Products?

No, we do not sell any products. Our mission is to write informative articles so you can make the best possible decision to start a new sport activity.

Do Manufacturers Pay StriveGymWear?

No, we do not work directly with the manufacturers of the recommended products and receive no direct payment of those companies. We provide the recommendations based on our research, the evaluation criteria and our experience.

Is StriveGymWear Objective?

It is true, that affiliation has gained a bad reputation. In certain cases different interests can cause problems. We avoid these problems with clearly defined standards and appropriate methods which are applied to the whole team. We only recommend products that are safe, have a high quality and that correspond to our philosophy as well as our ethical guidelines.

Are The Rated Products On StriveGymWear Really The Best One's?

That is our goal! Yet the variety on the market is so huge that it is almost impossible to declare certain products as truly the best. However, our team strives for quality products and only wants to create articles that will help you.

Is It Safe To Purchase Products Via StriveGymWear?

Yes, we only work with reputable online shops that have fast shipping times, a minimum guarantee / warranty and an easy return process.

How Can I Contact Strive Gym Wear?

You can contact us via social media or send us an email [email protected].